You CAN Handle The Truth

With apologies to Jack Nicholson's character in A Few Good Men, I'm here today to tell you that despite what you may think, you CAN handle the truth. More people are awake today than ever before to the reality of what is really going on in the world and how the world works. That's the good news. The bad news is that what is going on is often horrific, in ways and on levels that seem like the overworked imagination of a brilliant, but depraved science fiction writer.

You first reaction to that may be something along the lines of, “I know things are bad. I even have a gnawing feeling deep in my psyche, they are as bad as that, but even if I can handle truth, I don't know that I want to know.”

It's an understandable reaction. I think almost everyone who has chosen to awaken has gone through that. I mean, there are things that are beyond our control, so what good does it do to dwell on them? Right?

Well, think about it like this. If you have the choice to prepare for a massive hurricane, isn't it better to know as much about it, and have as much warning as possible? Even if it's an unimaginably large and strong storm… No; make that, especially if it's an unimaginably large and strong storm, it is in your favor (and the favor of those you love), that you find out as much as you need to, so you can be as ready as you possibly can.

Notice I didn't say, as much as you can. That's because it's possible to get lost in the vastness of the storm data to the point of not doing anything to get prepared for it. A balance between research and action is key.

“Ignorance is bliss,” if ever valid, is only valid to a point. Then it goes from bliss to folly in the blink of an eye. You may be thinking that if the storm is so big, like a giant tsunami that is going to drown everyone in its path, and you have no way to avoid it, perhaps you are better off not having any forewarning. I'll grant you that if a giant meteor is going to collide with our planet and end humanity, you might have a point. However it's a bad bet to make. Most people who are awake and who are tracking the coming changes are not saying that the situation is hopeless for all of humanity.

Indeed, many of us who are waking up and smelling the coffee, are coming at this from a spiritual angle. We are realizing that we chose to incarnate exactly in this time and place because this is possibly the most important era in human history, and we have one of the greatest and most exciting jobs to do.

Besides, it makes no sense to assume the worse and choose not to do the preparation work with the goal of coming through the other side of the storm, with your family intact. If you don't wake up and realize what is happening and prepare as best you can, you are choosing to put your family and loved ones at a distinct disadvantage.

By now, you may be wondering; so what is this metaphorical storm that I'm referring to? What fear based dogma am I trying to sell you? Maybe even more to the point, why do you keep running across more and more gloom and doom, conspiracy theorist, prepper blog posts, wiki articles and websites? What is wrong with these people? Have we really reached the point of mass hysteria?

I know how the mind works when you are just coming into this information. You think that everyone just needs to chill. Right? You've probably been reading the workings of the overactive imaginings of gloom and doomers since the 1970s, and you're asking, when will this tripe get played out?

“Enough already. If bad things were going to happen on a massive scale, they would have happened already. This is a sickness that gets a hold of otherwise intelligent people and takes over their minds. It's really pitiful.”

Sure, the economy is taking forever to recover, but it's not as if the cities are like domestic war zones with hoards of people going house to house to take all the food and anything of value. Yes, you may know quite a few people whose lifestyles have gone downhill. Maybe quite a few people have lost their homes and moved in with parents, or into a trailer park.

Maybe it's true that people are getting sick at rates that seem a lot higher than you can recall, and more friends are dying before their times, than ever before. And you might admit that in the past, you would watch the network news and just assume what they are saying is true; or listen to someone in congress and take it as Gospel. Now, however, you may be getting skeptical. Right?

You might admit the level of lying from our leaders is worse than ever. The revelations about the government spying on everybody and invading our privacy by activating the cameras in our phones and computers is downright creepy.

And you will admit that it's ridiculous if you have to fly somewhere, that you're gong to either have a naked picture taken through your clothes that is going to give you a dose of radiation, or you're going to have your private parts felt up in public, or sometimes both. You may already realize that's totally bogus, it's not stopping terrorism, and somebody needs to do something about that.

You might even be seeing those videos of cops treating people in ways you never even dreamed would happen in America. You see defenseless people being beaten to death, trying to cover their heads from billy club flash lights, being told to stop resisting.

You aren't going to try to deny that it's becoming quite common for cops to kill people simply because they didn't appease their egos. For instance, instead of complying with the order to show ID, they ask why. Then the next thing they know, they are tased, handcuffed and beaten up, in that order.

Maybe you've even noticed the trend in various states where cops claim they smell marijuana in motorists cars, and when they can't find any weed in the vehicle, they give cavity searches on the side of the rode. They don't even change their latex gloves when going from one person to the next.

Or you could be concerned when you hear about cops making people they pull over go to the hospital because they say they have a suspicion, supposedly, by the way the guy is standing, that he's puckering his butt cheeks together, as if to prevent drugs he may have stuffed up his anus from falling out.

You might even have gotten mad when you heard how these people are forced to undergo close to a dozen medical procedures done to their hind end area during an all day affair, in the presence of the arresting officers, in an effort to get those non-existent drugs out of their butt.

You will likely admit to hearing a lot more stories of injustice than you ever did before. You probably don't like it one bit, either – like the story of the Marissa Alexander, mother of 3, who was trying to protect herself from her ex husband who had a history of beating her. When he was threatening to beat her again like old times, and refusing to leave her house, she got her weapon and shot a warning shot into a wall to get him to leave.

But then when the neighbor called the cops, she not only got arrested, she was sentenced to 20 years in prison for aggravated assault, in Florida, a state with the stand-your-ground law, that allows people to NOT have to try to get away, but instead, use deadly force if they feel they are being bodily threatened. Then, of course, there are all kinds of true stories you may be aware of about children in first grade being handcuffed and arrested for the crime of sassing the teacher, or for making a finger gun in school. In at least one case, two boys who played with toy Nerf guns in their own yard, got expelled from school.

You may have even mentioned to friends that things are just getting weird, if not downright scarey. Like those young, male, minority (mostly black, but sometime Hispanic) thugs who look for unsuspecting white women and older, slightly built men to try to knock out sucker punch them, playing the “knock out game”?

That's probably affected how you are around young male minorities, out in public. Right? You probably can't stand it the way they sometimes video record their crimes and post them on YouTube. You might have heard that some of their victims died because they fell with their full weight on their head.

And when it comes to your own health, maybe it's not what it used to be. Maybe you are almost always tired. You don't have the energy or even the desire to go out and do the things you used to do. You pass it off as aging. None of us are getting any younger. Besides, you don't have the time any more to go out and do things. You have to work longer for less money. You're lucky if you have time to get in a few good hours of TV in before going to bed and start the grind all over again.

OK, sure, you say. Things may be different. Not everything is rosy, but that doesn't mean the stuff is going to hit the fan. There is no reason to turn into a paranoid conspiracy theorist. After all, so far, all I've mentioned is a hodge-podge of unrelated events. What happened to the storm we are all supposed to be preparing for?

Well, the truth is, all these events may seem to be unrelated, but that is not the case. What I am submitting to you for your perusal is the premise that society is under a scientific attack designed to break down our cultural norms, the ways we interact with each, our trust in government, our belief in the intrinsic goodness of our fellow men and women, our feeling secure in our own homes as well as our own skin, and to ultimately take away our freedoms and whatever financial security we have.

The goal is to make everyone dependent on government, and to bring forth a one world government that is dictatorial in nature. We are in the midst of a complete reprogramming, a large scale brainwashing operation, to take part in our own demise and enslavement.

There is an elite cabal that wants total power of nation states and all their citizens. The cabal wants to control all the nations, all the wealth and all the inhabitants of the planet.

These people want to turn everything in your life, topsy turvey. The goal includes the deconstruction of liberty, sovereignty, security, wealth, health, the ability to think clearly, and live life to your potential.

The reason so many people are getting cancer and other diseases that are killing them, en masse, well before their time, is we are purposefully being exposed to the very elements that create these diseases.

The information to become healthy and overcome these illnesses is being suppressed. There are herculean efforts coming from every direction to prevent us from knowing about as well as acquiring the nutrition, supplements and protocols that can prevent us from succumbing to these diseases.

This ruling cabal, also known as the New World Order, that more or less runs the show on planet earth, does not even hide its goals to kill off the majority of the world's population. In various NWO run organizations, they publish their population goals for all the world to see.

In a giant monument known as The Georgia Guidestones, a sort of hybrid of a giant Ten Commandments and Stonehenge, a number of 19 foot blocks of granite, weighing hundreds of thousands of pounds, announce ten “guidelines” in eight languages.

Some of them sound reasonable, like, # 5, “Protect people and nations with fair laws and just courts.” Others, like # 1, “Maintain humanity under 500,000,000 in perpetual balance with nature,” show their true colors. Considering that there are 6.5 billion people on earth, six billion humans have to die to reach the goal, and of course, that doesn't even include the new people being born.

Mass starvation is allowed to happen to help reach such a goal. We find the world in a constant series of wars, in which all sides are financed by the same global bankers. This is by design, and part of it is to reduce the population. They have plans to reduce it even more, with nuclear bombs.

The New World Order goal of population reduction explains why GMOs, genetically modified organisms are spliced into our food, even though they proven to kill humans, often slowly, sometimes fairly quickly, depending on how they interact with ones body chemistry.

Population reduction is a big part of why the water is poisoned with deadly chemicals. It is also why toxic chemicals are placed in our drinking and food containers.

We have been bombarded with aerial chemtrails, for at least 15 years, aka geoforming. Jets spray chemicals that form white lines in the sky, somewhat similar to condensation trials, but instead of dissipating within seconds, or a few minutes, the white trails spread out to form a thin cloud cover.

Barium and aluminum particles fall to the ground. We all inhale them. They bring sickness, specifically upper respiratory disease to us. The media pretends it doesn't happen and the governments deny it as well. This tends to occur in NATO countries, but the jets are often regular commercial aircraft. Other times they are tankers that fly much higher than commercial planes.

We are being bombarded with death and sickness from the medical industry. The very things they say they are using to help us are actually designed to make us sick and to die early. Of course, they are also designed to extrapolate wealth from their victims, or from their victims insurance and government coffers like Medicaid and Medicare.

Vaccines are among the biggest of all the con jobs foisted upon us. When you read the inserts that the companies are legally required to publish, you will discover that they say that they actually bring about all kinds of illnesses, including the very illnesses they are supposedly designed to help prevent, and they often state that they have never been proven to be effective.

Bill Gates is on a mission to reduce global population by forced vaccinations. He comes out and admits it. If there was ever a time when vaccinations were a worthwhile risk, those days are long gone. Thanks to Gates, 47,500 children in India, so far, have become paralyzed, when the vaccine actually gave them a form of polio that also brings the extra gift of paralysis. Gates is doubling down, nonetheless. It won't be long before the number of paralyzed kids is in the seven figure range. He is such a philanthropist. Isn't he?

Meanwhile, it has come out that almost 100 million Americans have taken vaccines filled with cancer viruses. Gee, I wonder why cancer rates have blown up to the point of 1 in 3 people are expected to get cancer now. The rate is expected to rise to 1 in 2 people in the not too distant future.

Insurance companies will not cover vaccine companies, because they know they would go out of business paying out to lawsuit winners. So the government waives the requirement for the vaccine industry to have insurance, and it also creates laws to prevent victims from suing them.

The same thing happens with nuclear power plants. If governments treated them equally with other businesses, in terms of requiring them to have insurance to pay for potential damages, the nuclear power industry would never have gotten off the ground. No insurance company in the world will insure a nuclear power plant, for good reason. They would go out of business.

So governments do the same thing for the nuclear power industry that they do for the vaccine industry. They waive the insurance requirement, and drastically curtail the right of victims to sue for compensation. Virtually every nuclear power plant in the United States is dangerously leaking radiation. The nuclear power industry responded by turning off the alarms that used to be set to go off when the radiation reached unsafe levels. If the alarms were still on, they would be going non stop. It's like if your car engine is making a terrible noise, just turn up the radio. Problem solved.

The Fukushima disaster in Japan is perilous. It has already sent so much radiation in the air and water that levels are unsafe in various areas around the world including the west coast of the United States. Governments have responded by merely increasing the set amounts that are deemed unsafe.

The attempted clean up and the aftermath of Fukushima is ongoing and could be even more catastrophic. People are already dying in Japan from the radiation that is constantly being released in that ongoing disaster. Many men stationed on the USS Ronald Reagan that was near the power plant at the time, are currently in the dying process, brought on from radiation sickness. Of course, future nuclear disasters could happen, Indeed another disaster could happen at Fukushima for any number of reasons.

The workers (homeless people whom I imagine realize they will die soon) could touch the spent fuel rods together, to bring about the wrath of nuclear hell. Plus another earthquake, and/or tsunami could bring about the sequel to the first event.

The stated goal of the New World Order institutions like Council On Foreign Relations (CFR) is one world government. All you have to do is read what they publicly publish. They openly admit it. CFR members are advisers to United States government leaders. In fact, they pretty much run the State department. Hillary Clinton once said that she didn't have far to walk to get her orders because the CFR office was so close to the White House.

One of the ways global governance is happening is with global trade agreements. If you recall the 1992 Presidential debates, Ross Perot said there would be a giant sucking sound if the NAFTA agreement was ratified. It would be the sound of industry leaving the United States. He was proven correct by not only NAFTA, but GAFTA and other agreements that came after them.

These so-called, “free trade” agreements take away the sovereignty of nations and their citizens. They supersede our laws and our lawmakers and even our courts, including the Supreme Court.

By far the worst of all the disastrous agreements, the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) is being negotiated in secret, and unless it can be stopped, which doesn't look likely, it's going to drastically curtail the freedoms of every citizen of the United States and other nations. This is the face of global government.

It is patently illegal and unconstitutional, but like so many other unconstitutional actions that have taken place in Washington in recent decades, nobody seems to give a damn. In fact, Obama is trying to put it on a fast track, so we are under it sooner than was originally planned. This is just one of many reasons he should be impeached.

Our political leaders are mere puppets. If they have a free, liberty loving mind of their own, they get JFK'd or Paul Wellstone'd. Our elections are rigged. It's one big dog and pony show. The networks have been in on it, ever since there were networks.

Remember Walter Cronkite? He was one of the biggest proponents of the one world government. There's a video of him on YouTube, speaking at an event with Hilary Clinton. He said he would gladly sit at the right hand of Satan and usher in the one world government.

That sounds extreme, but it's not unusual. Satanist celebrities and politicians are a dime a dozen. You may not want to believe this, but many of the celiebrities and politicians you love have taken part in horrific Satanic sacrifices to get where they are. Some continue to do it, voluntarily. Some are addicted to drinking the blood of sacrifice victims.

A lot of them are victims of Satanic ritual abuse themselves. Their minds have been manipulated by being forced to watch and participate in the murderous rituals. The way the human mind copes with such unspeakable acts is to branch off into separate personalities (or identities) that operate independently from the persons normal identity.

The term for this phenomena was originally called, multiple personality syndrome (MPS). Movies like Three Faces Of Eve and Sybil dealt with it. Today it is known as disassociative identity disorder (DID). The Nazis became masters at how to do this to create mind control slaves who could be programmed to do things and not even remember they are doing them.

When such unfortunate individuals are then put into the political realm, they are known as Manchurian candidates. Many of the most powerful politicians around the world, for decades, have been Manchurian candidates.

This ability to create mind control slaves is one of the main reasons the United States government saved many hundreds of Nazi scientists. They protected them and sent into a prototype sort of witness relocation program, known as Operation Paperclip.

When mainstream news covers this program (which is rarely), they downplay it, not telling the true scope. They don't tell how many were saved from prosecution, and they would have us believe it was only scientists who dealt with rockets.

In fact, there were a few rocket propulsion scientists that became part of NASA, but most of Operation Paperclip Nazi's worked in mind control. They not only taught what they knew to the US government. They were allowed to continue their work with a constant supply of victims, the government gave them.

Many celebrities are mind control slaves. Others are often their handlers. There are some rather well known, CIA mind control programs, such as MK Ultra and Monarch that use these techniques. Just go to the CIA asset, Google, and look this stuff up.

There are books written by surviving mind control slaves who have gotten out of their programming and recalled many, if not most of the events they have repressed. It is some of the most shocking information you will come across.

Two of the most well known recovering mind control slaves are Sue Ford (who originally went by a pseudonym, Brice Taylor), and Cathy O'Brien. They didn't know each other at the time they were assets for the government, but their stories corroborate each other's, sometimes specifically, regarding the people they dealt with, and other times, generally, when the people may not be the same, but the events were similar.

Cathy O'Brien wrote about her experiences in her book, Trance Formation Of America. Brice Taylor's memories are archived in her book, Thanks For The Memories. Taylor (Ford) was used by globalist administrator Henry Kissinger as a human super computer. It seems that the human mind can do so much more when it is broken down into compartments.

Because Taylor worked with Kissinger, her book has a bigger picture of the New World Order than does O'Brien's. They are both extremely compelling. Detractors like to say that the information they contain is so over the top, they just can't be true, but here is some food for thought:

Many of the people they dealt with are the same individuals. What are the odds that two people who didn't know each other would write the same outrageous lies about certain people. Even more telling. they both name names in their books. In other words, they are daring these politicians and celebrities to sue them for libel, if they take exception to what they wrote.

Interestingly, not a single lawsuit has been filed. What would you do if someone wrote a book that said you murdered and tortured children. Would you not sue them because you would not want to give the lies more publicity? Or would you sue them for everything they are worth so you can vindicate your good name?

I remember when I first read Cathy O'Brien's book which included accounts of how Dick Cheney was especially cruel to her. She said he would strip her naked, outdoors, and hunt her down, before beating and raping her. She said that his penis was monstrously large. I didn't want any of what she was saying to be true. I wanted it to be disinformation.

I hoped that I would come across information that Cheney was hung like a hamster. Then I would be able to not believe a word she said. Unfortunately, the word got out that Cheney is hung like a GD race horse. Photographs of Cheney have been the subject of reports in the press, because you could see the outline of his package in his trousers.

While that, in and of itself, doesn't prove O'Brien's accounts are real, it did make me realize that I had to take her seriously. It opened my mind.

Then when Cheney shot that lawyer, Harry M. Whittington, on a hunting trip, it shed light on what probably really happened. O'Brien said that Cheney often kills people on those hunts, that he calls, The Most Dangerous Game.

The lawyer held a press conference when he got out of the hospital. If you recall, he curiously apologized to Cheney for Cheney shooting him. Didn't you find that weird at the time? Although he hasn't said much since that time, Whittington did let it be known he was never friends with Cheney and he went hunting with him because he felt he had no choice.

Hunting experts say the Cheney's statement of how far away he was when he accidentally shot Whittington belies of evidence of the shotgun pellet grouping on the attorneys face. Of course, the mainstream media did not investigate it, because they are controlled and owned by New World Order corporations.

That is the whole point of how the masses can not have any idea of what is going on. They are programmed to believe that if something is important, the talking heads on the television will tell them. Yet, the more you research this kind of information regarding how a relative handful of people are largely controlling humanity, and what their plans are for humanity, the more you realize that it is valid.

That is why people today are divided into two camps; those who are awake and those who are still sleeping. The people who are sleeping love to feel superior to and make fun of the people who are awakening, but like I said earlier; the blissfulness of ignorance has its limits.

If humanity is going to be able to wrest control of their fate back from this controlling cabal, it is crucial that the sleepers are forced to snap out of their childish sleep state. If you are among those who are awake, you can no longer only keep this conversation within those you know who are awake.

It is imperative to take this to the sleepers, the pajama people. The outcome of the storm that has already begun, depends on all of us to wake the sleepers up. If you are starting to awaken, but you'd rather stay asleep, please realize that is not the reason you are here on earth at this time is history.

You are here to make a difference. Do not shirk from your responsibility. We need you. Don't believe any of this information just because someone tells you. Start researching it yourself. Read the data and also read the data that the other side puts out to try to make you believe its not true.

Use you mind to decipher what is really going on. Please be aware that ignoring this information is not in your best interest or the best interest of those you love. If a giant storm is coming, find out what you can do to best prepare yourself and your family. Trust me: You are up to the challenge. You CAN handle the truth.


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