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In here I am going to comparing the xbox one to the Playstation 4 in this comparison. I am going to start out by saying either if you pick xbox one or playstation 4 they are both amazing choices and you will be happy with your investment. They are both up to do, fast, stylish, and both really fun to play. I am first going to start out with the design of them. Both of them are built very compact and have nice designs but the Playstation is a little bit thinner and lighter. The design and shape of the Playstation is more stylish and look nicer but when it comes to real gamers, all that matters is how the gaming is. The next big difference in the 2 is the price. The Playstation is only starting at $399 while the Xbox is starting at $499.

This is a major difference I'm pricing and will impact people's choices depending on price. Now something that they both have in common is they both have blue-ray players which Is really good to get the best quality picture possible. Another huge thing is that both of them both have a total of 500 Gb of storage. This is a key thing for gaming counsels to have as much storage as possible and both company made the great choice to put plenty of storage in both counsels. After that, having both companies competing after each other is a huge thing so they both added in amazing features of second screen play just like they do on the Wii U. On the Xbox, you can play all the games you want on an Windows 8 device as long as you set it up and have a connector for the Xbox controller. As for the Playstation, you're in luck because if you own a PS vita or will get a ps vita with it you are able to use the PS vita to control your Playstation. Having both of these features in both is an amazing idea and really makes the product better.

Another feature that the Xbox has but the Playstation doesn't is Dual-Band WIFI. Having dual band WIFI is a great feature because that means there are 2 antennas For getting internet as apposed to the Playstation who only has one band. Dual-band is a new feature in electronics and was also introduced to the iPad mini with retina display and iPad Air. But another feature that the Playstation has but the Xbox doesn't is Bluetooth. They both also share features such as USB port and voice commands. Having voice commands for both of them is a great feature that really tests out how good the products are. Another great thing that they both have it motion control. Now with both of them you can control your hand gestures with the Xbox and with remote for the Playstation. On the Xbox with Kinect 2 you are even able to be sensed in the complete dark which is a great feature for those people that like to play in the dark. They are both big gaming devices but one big thing about the Xbox one is that it is mr used just for gaming. There's so much more that you can do on the Xbox besides gaming. You can even multitask on the Xbox which is a great feature.

There are many cool features on the Playstation but not as great as on the Xbox. Both of the counsels are great and really fun to play but it just depends on what kind of gamer you are when you pick which one that you want to get. For example, if you love playing Halo 4 then you should get the Xbox because the Xbox is the only one that has it because it's a Microsoft game and they did not share it. But there are also many games on the Playstation that aren't going to be on the Xbox. Also, there are different remotes used to and each of the remotes are better in there own ways. Like the Xbox one controller has a microphone in it this is a great feature that help the xbox better detect what you're saying. Another big this is that they have their subscriptions that you can sign up for which will cost you money too. So this could also affect what you are going to want to get because you you should see what's in the subscription and how much it cost depending on the price for if you should get it or not.

After that there aren't many big differences between the Xbox one and the Playstation. They are both amazing devices that preform greatly. Their RAM is also pretty close so there won't be that big of a difference for when it comes to that and their release dates are only 7 days apart. So that isn't a big difference at really when it comes to when the were released. And also finally one of the biggest things is the graphics. If you put the graphics to the text you honestly won't see that big of a difference. The Playstation does seem a little sharper but not much at all. So you shouldn't be letting the sharpness and graphics be changing your decision because there is that much of a difference really. So you just have to choose what you think is best for you and see what you would end up favoring the most.

But for either way that you go, they are both amazing gaming devices. It just depends on your kind of gaming and what your used to using most Playstation people seems to be staying with the Playstation 4 as opposing the Xbox fans will most likely stick to the Xbox one. So you just have to choose what's right. There aren't that many major differences besides the price difference so you should choose what you think is best and thank you for reading my article.

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