Wuthering Heights: A Poetic Summary

By chance a man come visit, A tenant of the Grange.

He happened upon a story, Whose tale was all so strange.

It started that night he visited, His landlord he came to see.

How strange and dark a household, Menacing as it may be.

A ghost in the window, Someone long past dead.

Haunting the master’s memories, Her presence the master doth dread.

Upon his return to the Grange, An inquiry he did make.

Bestowed by a mere servant, This story he did partake.

It started with a father, A boy he did adopt.

His love the boy did receive, To his other two it did stop.

Overcome with jealousy and rage, His son did foresee revenge.

When he was in control of the household, This wrongdoing he would avenge.

The father finally did die, He swiftly went to his grave.

After much grief and sorrow, The sadness finally did cave.

Make merry did the boy and daughter, Their mischief was their delight.

They happened to spy upon the Grange, And were troubled henceforth from that night.

Their presence did disturb the dogs, Arousing them into a fit.

One did happen to bite the girl, Only in December was she acquit.

Prim and proper was she from that day, Her boy no longer enough.

Asked to marry by another from the Grange, Her boy’s reaction was gruff.

He did acquit himself the Heights, His location was unknown.

Off to win the lady back, The coop he had finally flown.

Married was she to the man, Who resided at the Grange.

Upon the return of the boy, Things had so greatly changed.

Taking advantage at every turn, Every move was planned.

Seeing each other anytime, As much as one person can.

But the husband said nay, This shall not do.

He banned them from convening, They broke this rule too.

The boy so heartbroken, These events made him sad.

He married the man’s sister, For he was ever so mad.

The purpose of his marriage, It was equally unjust.

To obtain revenge he married, For revenge he did lust.

After running away, Getting married abroad.

All life was now tainted, For everyone’s reasons were flawed.

So distressed was the girl, The daughter gone mad.

She died upon giving birth, Her husband and boy were so sad.

Not long after, Six months would do;

The boy’s own son was born, Only to die early in life too.

While he was around, The boy did bid his son.

He was to marry the daughter’s daughter, To be the ruin of everyone.

They did marry, And the son did cry.

Not long after, The son did die.

The daughter’s daughter’s husband dead, Her father dead too.

She now belonged to the boy, Who’s revenge was yet to be through.

The visitor arrives, The story circled round.

Back to the present, The story is bound.

So broken is the boy, Who never became a man.

His revenge led to his own suffering, A conscience he could not stand.

He dies so happy, Allowing peace to ensue.

He gives up all hatred, As we all must do.

The daughter’s brother’s son, So neglected was he.

The daughter’s daughter come round, She doth marry the.

The story now over, The curtains are closed.

Happiness had won, Peace had finally been exposed.

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