Wounded Minds

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Staggering Figures

I was researching some unrelated material, when I came across some staggering figures about the amount of military suicides caused from the wounded minds and souls of our active duty and veteran soldiers. It is reported that the number of military suicides actually outnumbered the number of combat related deaths in 2012. In 2012, there were 349 military suicides and 295 combat deaths. There are about 22 veteran suicides EVERY DAY. This is completely unacceptable! Those figures should make us pause as a nation and contemplate, “How are we failing the brave men and women with these wounded minds?”

The Wounded Minds of the Wounded Platoon

Not too long ago, I watched the PBS Frontline Documentary The Wounded Platoon. This documentary showed the devastating ability of combat to produce wounded minds. The men of the featured platoon were men with wounded minds and ripped souls. In a time where we should be supporting our returning heroes more than ever, we are losing more to suicides than to the enemy. We owe them more than that. It is a disservice to our military and our society to not ensure that these wounded minds are not healed. History will judge us as a nation based on how we provided for the mental health and wellbeing of our veterans. It appears we are discarding them like used refuse the way we are going and it needs to stop. Godspeed Roughmen.

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