Summary of the story

A deer was chased by a hunter. So the dear asked a woodcutter to hide him and do not tell the hunter. While hunter passed by, the deer came out and told him about Taoist fairies at the waterfall. The woodcutter went to the waterfall, and he found Taoist fairies. So, he hid one of the fairies’ cloth, so the fairy that did not have a cloth, was not able to go back to her land. So, woodcutter and the fairy got married, and had children. Woodcutter felt guilty so, he gave the cloth to the fairy. So the fairy took her children and went away.



Theft and dishonesty. Although he was honest in the end, he lost everything because what he had done, stealing and lying.


By sharing and understanding the story, people would form an identity between people who knew the story and did not know.


By sharing the story between young one and old one, the horizontal relationship had been formed. Therefore, a bond was formed between old and young people, and the young one gained moral lesson from hearing it.

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