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What On Earth Is Happening 001 - Transcript With Commentary


The show opens with a rock music bit including sound bites. “Freedom man. That's what it's all about.”

Driving instrumentals are kicked off with copious cowbell.

“You've got to grove on Freedom like the Good Book says.”

A raspy narrator then intones, “Welcome… You're listening to What on Earth is Happening. This show will discuss the topics of human consciousness, mind control, natural law, the occult, and all issues that effect freedom of the people of Earth. What on earth is happening will endeavor to shed light on the darkness of our world and offer empowering solutions as humanity enters its critical moment of choice. And now… Here is your host: Mark Passio.”

First Segment

MARK PASSIO: Welcome, it is great to be here. You're listening to What On Earth Is Happening; a new radio show on Revolution Broadcasting. I'm your host Mark Passio.

Before we get into the topic that we're going discuss tonight, I want to make a few announcements about how the show is going to work. I want to send some thanks out to people that made this show happen. I'll give the call-in number; maybe we'll get to some calls a little bit later.

This show is gonna be broadcast live on Tuesday evenings at 8pm Eastern Time. It's going to be two hours. The second hour is going to be picked up by Revolution Broadcasting and aired on Thursday evening at 8pm. So… the show is broadcast live on Tuesdays; two hour show. The second hour is going to be picked up by Revolution Broadcasting on Thursday evening at 8pm. So tune in every Tuesday and Thursday at 8pm on Revolution Broadcasting. My website, you can listen live to both hours there, is whatonearthishappening.com .

I want to send out some thanks to some people for making this show happen.

The first person I want to thank is Bob Tuskan from theylie.com . He was really instrumental in helping me get this show on the air. An incredible amount of thanks goes out to him for all of the stuff in getting everything set up.

I want to also thank Eric G for introducing me to Bob; basically setting the chain of events in motion that lead to me getting this show.


So… with that in mind…

Let me give you the call-in numbers and hopefully we'll get to some callers a little bit later on this evening. The call-in number is (347)884-9417. That's (347)884-9417.

Let me tell you a little bit about what I do and what we're going to be talking about here tonight. I give a presentation. It's a slide-show presentation and lecture. It's called What On Earth Is Happening. In it, I basically try to get to the root causal factors of the problems that humanity is experiencing as a species; to strike at the very root of these problems. And understand enough about the nature of these problems so that we can, basically, go to work on solving them because ultimately that is what this is all really about.

Many of us have recognized a lot of the problems that humanity faces but not many of us really understand the causal nature of those problems; the absolute root core factors that are really contributing to those problems and why we see them manifesting in our shared reality. So, in order to get down to how these problems work, we need enough basic information about the nature of the problem. Once you have that, then you can move on to actually implementing solutions.

So, that's basically what we're going to talk about here tonight. We're going to, basically, get to the heart.. the very heart… of the nature of the problems we face as a species: what's really taking place around us in the world.

The first thing I want to talk about, what this entire radio show is ultimately going to be about is, “what is truth?” We have to get down to the fundamental core of what truth actually is and understand it because truth is intricately related to the problem of why we experience suffering in our world. It's completely inter-meshed with that idea. Truth, in the way that I look at it throughout my presentation, and the way that it's going to be dealt with on this radio show program, is essentially nothing more than that which is. That which has actually undergone the process of actually occurring in our reality. Nothing more than that. Events actually take place: they play out in our three dimensional space-time reality.

That is what I'm calling “truth.”

It isn't understanding the “mind of G_d,” so to say, or anything extremely esoteric. It's simply: events occur. We can understand those events. We can come to an understanding of what is actually taking place both within us and around us. Really… that is the core reason of why we experience suffering in the world. Because we, as a whole, as a collective consciousness have really gone of the path of Truth. We are engaged in illusion. We are engaged in fantasy. We are engaged in fundamental axioms; belief systems that we take as true but which,fundamentally, are not true. When we, basically, stay attached to these ideas and core axioms, we suffer as a result if they're not in alignment with what actually is.

woeih03.jpgSo, let me define what an axiom is, because this is going to be critical as we go forward and talk about concepts like this, to understanding what is really taking place. An axiom is a statement or proposition that is regarded as already having been established. It's taken as true. It is something that is accepted. It is something that is considered self evident to most people. That could be a real problem if what that person thinks is self-evident isn't actually what is. Trying to explain to a lot of people–as I'm sure most people who listen to this network understand–is once you start to take ideas to people that aren't in keeping with what they already consider to be true, it is a very difficult barrier to break down between you and the other person that you are trying to explain information to.

So we're going to address that.

What we're going to, basically, talk about… self knowledge in this program. Because that is what we really need to get down to if we are not to be fooled. If we are not going to take deception and falsehood as truth. In the world we have to understand the self and what's going on in human consciousness. So as the introduction said, a big part of what we're going to talk about in this radio program is human consciousness; how it works. What the qualities of consciousness are. We're going to talk about how consciousness manifests.

We're going to talk about how it has an expression through the physiology. We'll get into the brain in this program. We'll get into some neuroscience in this program to understand how the human brain works. That's fundamentally important to understand what's taking place in the world.

So, to get back to the idea of truth, I want to read a quote by the philosopher Soren Kierkegaard. He said that, really, there are only two ways that people are ever fooled in the world. One is that they believe that which is not true. They accept something that has no basis in actual reality. So they accept ideas and propositions that are not true. The second way that people are fooled is that they refuse to accept that which is true and is actually taking place around them. [10:30]


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