WikiHouse is a not-for-profit project to create a complete open source construction set, including both the architectural hardware plans for building a small ecologically friendly domestic property, and the software needed to customize and develop new designs.

The WikiHouse project is based in the United Kingdom, where prototypes of various designs are built and tested for structural integrity. Various design groups and individual contributors now also exist in a wide range of other countries.

All design plans are published on the WikiHouse website under a creative commons license. Anybody who wants to is free to download and use the design files, and can draw upon the experience of an active online community for support. New designs are developed collaboratively by volunteers, and new contributors are always welcome.

Designs are completed in, and can be modified using, the free 3D modelling and architectural design software 'Sketchup'.

The aim of WikiHouse is to develop a set of easily customizable building design plans, which anybody can use to construct a low-cost home using sustainable materials, without needing any specialist construction knowledge or training. The build process is often compared to putting together a piece of Ikea furniture, just on a larger scale.

WikiHouse buildings are constructed out of plywood sheets cut to shape using a CNC router. The innovative 'jigsaw piece' connection method to snap plywood pieces together means that few additional materials are required to build a complete home. The construction time for a small dwelling is estimated to be a single day or less.

WikiHouse History and Accomplishments

The project was started by Alastair Parvin and Nick Ierodiaconou from the London based design practice '00' in 2011.

Various designs have already been completed and tested. These include:

  • WikiHouse v2.1: The basic components of a house
  • The Ascot House: The prototype for an open plan office and meeting room
  • The Milan Pop-Up: A proof of concept building for the 'zero bolts' design, exhibited at Hacked Milan
  • Sketchup Makerfaire Pavilion: Dispayed at the New York Makerfaire

A range of other projects are still under development by teams around the world.

There are not yet any inhabited WikiHouses.

Contributing to The WikiHouse Project

Community contributions to the WikiHouse project are organized around three main Google groups.

Group A is the general project group where members discuss project organization and future development goals.

Group B is the hardware group, for developers working on the physical designs, or seeking support to plan and complete their own build.

Group C is the software developer group, working on an open source plug-in for Sketchup and other collaboration tools.

Financial Contributions

Anybody who donates to the WikiHouse project will receive photographs of ongoing projects. If you donate £20 or more (around $32 at the time of writing) you will also get your name carved into the structure of the first prototype of the final house design.

You can also choose to donate to support individual parts of the project. Donors can choose for their cash to go towards the development of the Sketchup plugin, towards the construction of the complete prototype home, or towards the further development of the web-based platform for collaboration.




Open Source Ecology – Creating all of the tools needed to build an entire open source town, including a 'microhouse'.


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