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 ==collated== ==collated==
 ==original== ==original==
-An Encounter With An Angel +*[[:an angel with one wing ]] - Source: Original ​
- +
-He woke up with a start. Sweating profusely from the dream he had been through just a few minutes ago. Was it really a dream? He looked at his bedside clock and it read one o’clock. Mike was a saved Christian who had devoted all his time to serving the Almighty. He was also a manager with the capital bank of mugiko. Being 25 years of age, mike was overwhelmed with the thoughts of having a family. In his prayers, he never forgot to incorporate the subject of having a good lenient wife not forgetting that her beauty should be that to behold. Mike had spent the previous day at work and enjoyed much of the time with his colleagues. He was a manager, a leader and a mentor to his fellow workmates, with a difference from the other managers from other institutions. Mike had a loving, caring and genuine heart and lent a listening ear to those who wanted to have his help. In the afternoon, some well groomed men had visited mikes office, where they spent close to two hours. On coming out escorted by mike, he was not the same again. He looked stressed and drained. His good facial expressions had flown away. Anyone who knew mike could tell. Everyone in the bank wondered what had happened inside the manager’s chamber no one dared to approach Mike as he resembled a maimed buffalo. He swathe men to their car and they drove off after a short conversation which seemed to have been concurred upon by the three of them. Mike walked back undoing his tie and taking off his blazer. He was sweating whatever he had been told had made an impact on him. Was it a threat placed on his life? Had Mike involved himself in an act that would cost him now? John, the security guard approached Mike  +
-“Excuse me sir, may I……” and then it happened! His sentence if not request was left hanging…  +
-“ Arrgh!!! Not now! I have something to take care of!” was Mike’s midsentence response to the security guard. He whizzed past him as wind does past trees in the equatorial forests. He in big strides walked headed for his secretary who was almost running away from her sit to at least avoid the acquired wrath of her boss but remained glued to her comfortable sit that seemed to have grown thorns by the moment. By the time he got to the secretary, her eyes were almost popping out as she hallucinated fire coming out of mikes mouth due to his furry.  +
-“Cancel all my appointments for this afternoon and for the remaining part of the week!” … “But sir…” the secretary regretted having thought of talking back to the boss.  +
-“ You got me right madam??​….. better do as I said otherwise…” ​ the rest of the words were not heard as Mike banged the door to his office. +
-Everyone in the office knew that something was amiss, and the only way to go past it would be to work efficiently until his mood was back.+
-  Mike completed his high school education at the age of 18 years. After that he decided to take a course in business management where he learned and acquired skills to manage and run businesses. After completion, he got a job with middles, a company in Los Angeles, where he was to give some accounting and also had to be the head of the tendering committee. ​ 
-A year later, he was seated in his office working on some tender applications that he had received during the week as the company had advertised some on their website, when the intercom buzzed. He answered and on the other end was his secretary. ​ 
-“Excuse me sir, you have a visitor.” 
-“Show him in” 
-After a few seconds, his secretary came in followed by a middle aged man.  
-“Please have a sit.” Mike requested his visitor after having shaken hands. “ upon the Thank you sir”. The man replied to mike after having thanked the secretary and made himself comfortable. 
-“ How may I help you?” mike initiated the conversation. The man was the owner of a building and construction company in Los Angeles, that mainly dealt with roads constructions,​ and had come upon tenders posted by middles company. ​ 
-“I am the owner of Micros group of companies and I am here to present my application upon the tenders posted by your company on the website.” The man said this in such a way that even mike enjoyed looking at the facial expressions the man was portraying. Mike could sense the confidence in the man from the way he spoke. By the time he was through with speaking, he had placed an envelope on mikes desk.  
-“It’s a good idea, but if I remember very well, we had some specifications that the applications were to be sent back to us through the network and not personally after which we would call the companies representatives for an interview, having gone through their papers.” Mike said this in such  a way trying not to touch the envelope on his desk as to him, touching the envelope would mean interest in the deal with the man, and also going against the companies ethics act. 
-“I totally am aware of that and also, the fact that your company ethics do not allow you to by any chance receive documents as the ones I have there in the envelope. However, by going through the documents, we would both gain from the tender, and it could mean a start of a new friendship.” 
-Had mike heard that right, a new friendship? And that both would gain ?, he thought for a moment. ​ 
-“This man must be trying to bribe me. That would cost me my job”  ​ 
-He was awoken from the reverie by the voice of the man. 
-“How do you think about it mike?​”  ​ 
-This was becoming funny if not enjoyable. How came that the man knew his name, it was evident that whoever he was, the man had had a thorough investigation into Mike and was not ready to stop at that until he got what he wanted. ​ 
-“I am sorry it’s impossible. It’s not only against my companies ethics act, but it’s also not morally right to forego the other applications and pick yours. I will follow the right procedure to get the most qualified company for this job.” ​ 
-Mike said this trying in as much as possible not to show any remourse feelings as pertains the topic. Whichever way, he was sure that the man was not to stop pushing at that. 
-“Just think about Mike..” Mike could feel that the man was becoming too much. Did he not understand what it is that he was saying, or had he been sent by the devil to ruin his peace? 
-Before he could come up with some words to tell him, the man was on his feet and headed for the door. Mike felt some sense of relief, but before he got out, the man turned and said to Mike “I will check in to know of your decision.” Mike could not hide the feeling of being infringed of his rights. It was evident in his expressions. He resembled a startled rattle snake. He could not bear it anymore, he felt like going after the man and punching him right into the face. 
-Mike was a man who never took anything for granted. He had to leave office early to go and think about the impression created by the man earlier in the day. He left his office by around 1700 hrs and headed to a hotel where he would have a cup of steaming coffee and try refreshing his mind. 
-It was at around 1900 hours when he finished preparing supper at his house. He was just about to start eating when the phone rang the feeling he had had earlier in the day grasped him yet again and even more stronger, when he saw that the number on the phone was alien to him. He answered the phone while panicking. ​ 
-“Hello Mike?  I visited your office earlier today, and I wish to check on you to know how you are fairing.” 
-“I am doing fine. And I would be glad if u don’t call me anymore .” he ended the conversation at that and he hang up. 
-Mike was unable to take his supper and throughout the night, he had the feeling of being stalked. He woke up at two. He was sure he heard something in his compound. He was in a dilemma of whether to call the police for something he was even not sure of or not. He resolved to wait till morning. It was then that his fears were confirmed. He saw footsteps on the footpath leading to his doorstep. Then he saw something he had not seen. Just under the front door was an envelope that he had not seen on his way out. He hesitated then resolved that whoever had put it there intended him to read. He took the envelope, went inside dressed up and walked to his Peugeot 504 that was parked a few meters from the house. He could feel it. He was not safe. 
-He was in his works premises one hour before reporting time. He made his way to his office where he made himself comfortable ready to open the envelope. He did it with shaky hands and some perspiration on his forehead. 
-His eyes almost fell off their sockets. What he saw there was enough to conform to the demands of whoever sent this envelope. ​ 

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