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-==About Me== 
-Hello world! I've been a crypto user since around April 2013. I found out about bitcoin via facebook from two scammers who were posting on a group about how much fun they were having stealing btc seeing as it was before the $260 peak so the prices kept rising. I enjoy alts as well as bitcoins (that'​s why im here :P) and hope to be part of the new millionaire elite, or at least be able to pay off my student loans, whichever comes first! (Although it would be fun buying something on bitpremier) 
-*[[:a response to arianna simpson|A response to Arianna Simpson]] 
-*[[:to the future parents here|To the future parents here]] 
-*[[:sex ed|Sexual Education]] 
-*[[:being tall|Being a tall woman]] 
-*[[:​vionell|Vionell the wonder product]] 
-*[[:​alcoholic stepdad|Having an alcoholic stepdad]] 
-'''​Me and Dan'''​ 
-This section is for me to share with you guys some of my more cherished memories with my boyfriend Daniel. I never want to forget these and as all our memories get fuzzy over time, I still want to be able to recall all of these little details in the future. Sure I could do the corny thing and keep them in a diary but knowing my tendency to lose things I don't want to risk it. (Plus, I type way faster.) 
-*[[:first love letter|My first love letter]] 
-*[[:how we first met|How we first met]] 
-*[[:being the one that pays|Being the one that pays]] 
-*[[:little confidence relationships|How having little confidence affects a relationship]] 
-*[[:lady black|Lady in Black]] 
-Coin Address: 1H3hhmQxp2eqpScyubM65HuJZ9dMnPSzqY 

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