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-[[:How To Start And Profit From A Blog]] - Source:​[[http://​www.wikihow.com/​Start-a-Blog|Wikihow Start A Blog]] and [[http://​www.ehow.com/​how_2100793_paid-blog-paid-blogging-networks.html| Ehow Paid Blogging]] - Improvement:​ Combined Wikihow with ehow articles 
-[[:How To Manage Stress]] - Source:​[[http://​en.wikibooks.org/​wiki/​Ethnomedicine/​Ethnomedicine_by_Illness#​Stress|Ethnomedicine by Illness, Stress]] and [[http://​en.wikipedia.org/​wiki/​Stress_management| Wikipedia Stress Management]] - Improvement:​ Combined wikibooks with wikipedia articles 
 ==Original== ==Original==

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