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 *[[:Merlin the Wizard]] - Source: Original *[[:Merlin the Wizard]] - Source: Original
 *[[:​Multiple Personalities]] - Source: Original *[[:​Multiple Personalities]] - Source: Original
-*[[:My Experiences with Running a Market Stall at Music Festivals]] - Source: Original 
 *[[:​Mythological Creatures]] - Source: Original *[[:​Mythological Creatures]] - Source: Original
 *[[:​Openness]] - Source: Original *[[:​Openness]] - Source: Original
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 *[[:​Partition Walls]] - Source: Original *[[:​Partition Walls]] - Source: Original
 *[[:Peace Movements]] - Source: Original *[[:Peace Movements]] - Source: Original
-*[[:Pipe Shop Chronicles]] - Source: Original 
 *[[:​Phobias]] - Source: Original *[[:​Phobias]] - Source: Original
 *[[:​Platinum]] - Source: Original *[[:​Platinum]] - Source: Original
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 *[[:Rum]] - Source: Original *[[:Rum]] - Source: Original
 *[[:Self Employment Ideas]] - Source: Original *[[:Self Employment Ideas]] - Source: Original
-*[[:Selling Digital Currency on eBay or by PayPal]] - Source: Original ​ 
 *[[:​Silver]] - Source: Original *[[:​Silver]] - Source: Original
 *[[:​Sleeping Disorders]] - Source: Original *[[:​Sleeping Disorders]] - Source: Original
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 *[[:The Amazing Effects of Listening to Music]] - Source: Original *[[:The Amazing Effects of Listening to Music]] - Source: Original
 *[[:The Bartenders Guide]] - Source: Original *[[:The Bartenders Guide]] - Source: Original
-*[[:The 15000 Kilometre Bus Trip]] - Source: Original 
 *[[:The Dangers of Pesticides]] - Source: Original *[[:The Dangers of Pesticides]] - Source: Original
 *[[:The Healthiest Fruits to Eat]] - Source: Original *[[:The Healthiest Fruits to Eat]] - Source: Original

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