Common People Get The Chance To See One Of My Emails To My Mother

Hi Mother

There is no teaching work here. Businesses are failing all the time (as in Britain). Over here it's because there's a collapse in the economy. Sure, there are loads of people driving around in $100,000 cars, but they get their money by stealing it (they work in local/national government or the big oligarch-owned businesses, and steal money from there).

With regard to Ruth, what was her actual (real) reason for quitting the district council? I told Vicky that it was probably a) because without a car she couldn't visit, and therefore serve, constituents effectively, or b) other council members would have mocked her/over-powered her because she's a simpleton.

I would keep away from Ruth … but of course you must do what you want and believe is right.

Alya's OK … a village girl who just wants money occasionally, but that situation will come to an end when Alex leaves full-time education. After that I see no need to be in contact with either of them, other than to leave money/property in trust for Alex (and Katie).

You say you would like to get out of Kiddy! No kidding! I can imagine living in the countryside in Britain (mustn't discriminate against Wales and Scotland) and London (culture/brains/money) and a warm country (I still have a slight bias in favor of North Cyprus … officially TRNC, The Republic of Northern Cyprus). Loads of Brits there, and, I believe, a good bridge-playing community. Plus, of course, people like us are allowed to go into Southern Cyprus whenever we want.

With regard to the Harley, if the owner comes back to you, get it. I wasn't joking about it being a work of art. It's something (a little like the green car) that costs almost nothing, but should stay in the family (Katie, Alex, their children) for decades.

Now, if I may, to business. Being on the dole will not get me the millions (and I am not joking … a million is no longer a special amount of money) we need. Having a job will not get me the millions we need. There is no choice … I would say to you … other than for me to attempt commerce/business … with the back-up/protection that you clearly have no connection to whatever I am doing, so that if I fail, there is no way creditors can come after you.

Vicky has been waking up all week at 05.30 all week to get up for her job working with autistic children. Last night the pussycat slept on a shelf in the wardrobe near our bed.

Absolutely first rate film on television last night - 'Prestige' - it's a play on the word 'prestidigitation' , which means 'sleight of hand' - about magicians, starring Hugh Jackman, Christian Bale, and [Sir] Michael Caine. If you have the chance, watch it. Superb.

Love you lots.

Thinking about Morocco or the Algarve for January.


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