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 +=Analyzation on "To Kill a Mocking Bird"=
 +==Chapter 1==
 +“Maycomb was an old town, but it was a tired old town when I first knew it.” - page 6.\\
 +They’re saying that not only Maycomb had been around for a while, but it was also boring, dull and bland the entirety that Scout could’ve known ever since she was born. It seems that during the great depression, small towns did bad and there was minimal entertainment,​ even knowing that movie theatres came out in 1902. It also meant that the people in there was boring and dull too. Later in the story, Boo was locked up in his house. This could also mean that some people were abusive and mean, hence the south in 1930’s. I picked this one because I wanted to say the above about Maycomb.
 +“I never knew how old Mr. Radley made his living-Jem said he ‘bought cotton,’ a polite term for doing nothing.” - page 11.\\
 +This stood out because in the setting of this book, the great depression was happening, and anyone without a job would become poor and homeless. If Mr. Radley were to have a house and carry grocery bags without a job, how is he making his money? For all I know, they’re referring to a ‘cotton trader’ which you can buy cotton low, and sell higher, so he could’ve dealt with the market for a living. I know for fact that people dealt with the stock market and loss a lot due to the great depression, but that just seems way too risky.
 +“There were other ways of making people into ghosts.” - page 14.\\
 +This is an interesting line.What other ways was to chain a person up to a bed? It’s pretty obvious that they’re talking about imprisoning Boo and keeping him locked up in a place, but what does this line means. I like to think that ghosts exist on our dimensional plane, because they can’t go to neither heaven nor hell. Basically referring people locked up is to ghosts, meaning that they’re stuck in a place. This stood out because it’s a good metaphor, and people who have been abused, victims or essentially depressed tend to lock themselves in, they’re ghosts per se.
 +“There goes the meanest man that god ever blew breath into.” - page 15\\
 +    This quote made by Calpurnia confirms her negative opinion of Nathan Radley. This surprises the kids, because she ’does not usually meddle in the affairs of white people’. Mr. Nathan Radley is legitimately disliked by most of the neighborhood,​ which is obvious.
 +==Chapter 2==
 +==Chapter 3==
 +“He ain’t company, Cal, he’s just a cunningham” - Page 33\\
 +    Scout says this when Calpurnia is telling her that some people can’t eat like that, and you have to treat to guests. Calpurnia is saying that some people are simply poorer than others, but that doesn’t means you should be prejudice.
 +==Chapter 4==
 +“I could not help but receiving the impression that I was being cheated out of something.” - Page 44\\
 +This interested me a bit because she’s probably talking about school. I guess that after she started school, Scout thought that it’s a huge waste of time for her and everyone else. She thought she was being ‘cheated’ out of her precious life years in this case. The way the narrator says it though seems like she is foreshadowing something that’s going to later happen in the story though.
 +“For some reason, my first year of school had wrought a great change in our relationship.” - page 45.\\
 +After school started, Jem specifically told Scout not to bother him or talk about him during the school year, probably so she won’t embarrass him. Jem in the book seems to be more aggressive after the school year, seeing as how now that his sister is in school. ​
 +==Chapter 5==
 +“My nagging got the better of Jem eventually, as I knew it would, and to my relief we slowed down the game for a while.” - Page 55\\
 +    Scout was talking about Jem’s game, about that how Atticus told them not to mock other people. I can guess that their games involve pretending to be other people, making fun of them or some sort. Jem says he found a work around, saying that he doesn’t have to use the names of the people/​person he is making fun of, thus he couldn’t be accused of anything.
 +==Chapter 6==
 +“Jem and I relaxed. The neighbors seemed satisfied: they all stiffened. But what was strip poker?” - Page 73\\
 +    When Jem, Dill and reluctant Scout tried to contact Boo Radley, Mr. Radley thought that there had been trespassers on his property.The trio escaped from Mr. Radley’s shotgun, when Atticus told them where is Jem's pants, Dill had said that Jem lost his pants from a game of strip-poker,​ in which he didn’t know what it was. Jem than later told Scout that he was going to get his pants back.
 +==Chapter 7==
 +“Mr. Radley, ah—did you put cement in that hole in that tree down yonder?” - Page 83\\
 +    Scout and Jem was finding things inside the hole of a tree in front of the Radleys place. After finding out that someone had filled the hole with cement, Scout was stricken with sadness, and asked Mr. Radley if he had filled the hole. He admitted to the deed, and said he had done it because the tree is dying. The kids asked Atticus to verify if what had Mr. Radley said was correct, and he said that the tree is perfectly healthy. Why would Mr. Radley lie to the kids about the tree dying? Maybe it’s because that Boo had been giving them stuff through the tree, and Mr. Radley didn’t want Boo to have contact.
 +==Chapter 8==
 +“For reasons unfathomable to the most experienced prophets in Maycomb County, autumn turned to winter that year.” - Page 85\\
 +    Usually, this is weird because in the South, winter probably almost didn’t exist with it being so hot. The students in the school were confused on what snow was, since it probably never had snowed before. This tells us that the kids in the South really were inexperienced,​ and didn’t know much as we did.
 +==Chapter 9==
 +“Scout, simply by the nature of the work, every lawyer gets at least one case in his lifetime that affects him personally. This one’s mine, I guess.” - Page 101\\
 +    After Scout tells Atticus that he shouldn’t be defending a colored person, he tells her that he simply just has to for his own pride. Atticus says that if he doesn’t defend his client, he wouldn’t be able to hold his own head up. This tells us that Atticus has a fair amount of respect for himself, and others.
 +==Chapter 10==
 +“He did not do the things our schoolmates’ fathers did: he never went hunting, he did not play poker or fish or drink or smoke. He sat in the living room and read.” - Page 118\\
 +    This shows that Atticus was very much different than the others. Firstly, he is not racist nor discriminative,​ but he also seems to be very educative and respective in his own work. However, Scout doesn’t think that she has a good father, and wants him to do more. Since ‘Atticus was feeble’, Jem couldn’t really play his favorite sport with him, football.
 +==Chapter 11==
 +“We could do nothing to please her. If I said as sunnily as I could, “Hey, Mrs. Dubose,” I would receive for an answer, “Don’t you say hey to me, you ugly girl! You say good afternoon, Mrs. Dubose!”” - Page 133\\
 +    Scout is talking about an old lady named ‘Mrs. Dubose’ in which she describes as the ‘sassiest,​ most disrespectful mutts who ever passed her way’. It was clear that the kids hated her, as saying that she cannot be pleased at all. Mrs. Dubose even accused Jem and Scout of playing hooky (skipping school), and said that she was going to report it, even though it was saturday.
 +==Chapter 12==
 +“Jem was twelve. He was difficult to live with, inconsistent,​ moody.” - Page 153
 +    It’s true that during the teen years, things start to get harder and worser. Scout didn’t understand, and thought it could be solved with physical force, but Atticus said it’s normal and that she should leave it alone. Scout says that Jem tells her that she should be more like a woman or feminine. She questioned his diet, asking if he had tapeworm, but Atticus said he’s just growing.

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