Why Tom Brady's Deflategate Is Important

Written by Devtome contributor Bomac


The Argument

I've heard people comment that it is laughable that so many people are placing importance on the fact that the New England Patriots have a history of taking air pressure out of the footballs to give their quarterback, Tom Brady, better control of his passes.

They will mention various important events that are going on, and say that most of the people who are concerned about deflategate, have virtually zero idea of the implications and ramifications of these truly important things that are happening. They say it's ridiculous to place so much time, energy and emotion into something as relatively meaningless as to whether the footballs in New England Patriots games have the proper amount of air pressure.

On The Surface It Seems To Make Sense

I totally understand and relate to where they are coming from, but I have to say that, overall, they are wrong. The reason is they are missing an important part of the equation. The truth, as I see it, is that sports, in general, are meaningless, but Deflategate, in particular, has meaning.

These commenters would be absolutely correct if their point were that it's embarrassing that scores of millions of American's are utterly obsessed with meaningless sports events. On an international level, it might include billions of people, when you take soccer into consideration. Most of these fans are totally clueless about many things that really have an effect on their lives, and the prospects of preventing a calamitous future for themselves, their children and their grandchildren.

The reality is that governments around the world have been overtaken by a group of so-called “elite” criminal thugs whose level of evil is nothing less than horrifying. And yet it seems that the vast majority of people are like robots, programmed to care about anything and everything void of meaning; be it sports, celebrities, television shows or the ingestion of hard drugs like alcohol. I get it. I totally get it.

A Huge But

But… to say that we should not care about Deflategate, is completely wrong. If they were saying, we should not put any time or energy into watching sports, but instead, we should be educating ourselves about the global shit storm that is happening and that threatens to bring hell on earth to virtually everybody on earth if we continue to ignore it – they would be right, but that is not what they are saying.

They aren't on some campaign to make people aware how inappropriate it is to waste their time with bread and circus diversions. Most of these people talking about the lack of importance to this NFL rules violation are actually sports fans, to some degree or another themselves. (Something, I, unfortunately still share with them, but less so than in previous years.)

No, these people are saying, “It's no big deal. This kind of rule bending is common. Enforcing the rules by punishing Brady and the Pats is unfair since so many other teams and players are involved in similar activity.” Then as an afterthought they might add, “Besides, it's ridiculous that newscasters are spending time on this, when there is so much insanity going on in the world.”

The Real Insanity

The real insanity is that there is so much sports coverage on the media and that it gets high ratings. That said, when there are issues of rules violations, it makes no sense to downplay them and sweep them under the rug.

Can you imagine if the criminal justice system took the attitude that nobody should be held accountable for their actions because so many other people have done the same things and have gotten away with it? Every day would be Purge day.

Besides that, there is no evidence that every team and every quarterback is involved in illegally changing the air pressure to suit their passer's personal preference. There is, however, evidence that the Patriots have been doing this for quite some time and that Brady prefers under inflated balls (but not so much Gisele Bündchen.)


There's A True Lesson Here

This is a teachable moment for all of us blockheads who waste any time at all watching sports, instead of learning about and spreading the news of (and looking for solutions to) the global tyranny that is getting worse, day in and day out. We need to know that rules and fairness are important aspects to life. If we can't have them in something as meaningless as sports, how can we ever expect to have them when it comes to anything that matters?

If other teams or players have gotten away with air pressure manipulation in the past, so be it. It's a new day. Somebody has to be the first to get caught and pay the price. By the evidence that has been collected to date, it appears that the team and the player who is most guilty in this department is Brady and the Patriots, so that's nice. If it's not the case, too freekin' bad, because they are guilty and nothing absolves them of their guilt. If the League is going to get a handle on rules violations, they can't refuse to enforce them since others might have gotten away with them in the past. That should be obvious.

To see the reaction Brady and his fans to this as much ado about nothing, can be maddening. It just further rubs salt into the wound of the Seattle Seahawk's ridiculous play call to pass the ball (leading to the interception and the Patriot victory) at the conclusion of the Superbowl, when it was all but guaranteed that Marshawn Lynch would have been able to run it in.

Is Tom Brady Really The Cowardly Lion?


Who is Tom Brady? What kind of person is he? Some people are saying his choice of Halloween costume, the cowardly lion, was rather appropriate. He doesn't seem to be someone who is willing to accept responsibility for wrong doing. He seems to be the kind of individual who will hang others out to dry if it can prevent him from shouldering blame that he deserves.

Two New England Patriot equipment managers have lost their jobs. Perhaps Brady could have prevented that from happening by being cooperative and truthful in the investigation. Even if he had, and they were still fired, he could then go public and say that blame was on him and appeal to public pressure to get these guys reinstated, but why would someone who thinks the rules don't apply to him, do anything upstanding? The NFL has a responsibility to the integrity of the game. This is bigger than a player or a team. If they were to let the culprits get away with such an obvious rule violation, the fans would be in their right to mistrust any and every decision by the League's commissioner. Roger Goodell.

History And Reputation

And let's not forget, the Patriots, of all teams, have a history of cheating. Their coach, Bill Belichick is nicknamed, Bill Belicheat. The Patriots were caught video taping their opponents practicing, so they could learn how to interpret and intercept the play call signals. Do you think knowing what the other team is going to do before they do it, can give your team an unfair advantage?

Two of the Patriot's four Superbowl wins came against teams who had players say after the game it was obvious they knew what plays were called. For the record, it was 2007 when the Pats were caught, but those Superbowls were 2002 and 2004, so they have been the recipients of the largess of cheating for many years.

Even before the 2015 championship game against the Colts, the game they were caught deflating the balls, they were accused of running illegal plays to win the divisional playoff game against the Ravens.

There have been many other accusations involving various other ways to cheat for quite a long time. The Patriots have a league wide reputation for being the biggest cheaters. My guess is they take pride in being the most successful cheaters. They have an attitude of whatever it takes to win.

Back In The 80s

One of the more famous instances of New England Patriot cheating happened well before the Brady / Belichick era. In 1982, with a few minutes left in a scoreless game, coach Ron Meyer ordered the field's snowplow operator to clear a spot on the snow covered field from which the placekicker could kick a field goal. The kick was successful and the Patriots won, 3 - 0.

The rules were that the officials would call time outs to have the snowplow clear the 10 yard markings. It was not legal to clear a spot so that the field goal kicker could get better traction. The AstroTurf had been soaked overnight from rain before the game. Then the rain water froze over the morning of the game, and then it started snowing shortly after kickoff.

It was a nightmare to try to score, as evidence by the final game score. Miami's coach, Don Shula was incensed. He appealed to the NFL to make the score a scoreless tie. Many Miami fans thought that was too generous and that the game should be forfeited in favor of Miami because of the cheating. The NFL didn't do anything about it.

It should be noted that the Dolphins had a chance to tie the score on a subsequent field goal attempt. The officials, called an audible, so to speak, and offered Shula the option to have the snowplow clear a spot for their field goal kicker, but Shula felt that two wrongs don't make a right, and he also believed that the NFL would do the right thing and take away the cheater 3 points upon his appeal. He declined the offer and the kicker missed the field goal.

Where Things Stand At The Moment

Right now, Brady is suspended for the first four games of next season. The team was fined a million dollars and they will lose two upcoming draft choices, including a first rounder. In this writer's opinion, that is a minimum penalty they should get.

Brady has vowed to appeal. I believe he will get two of the game suspensions lifted, which will be a shame. (Yes, it's not nearly the level of shame as criminal globalists controlling government agencies in the USA funding ISIS / Al Qaeda or having the US military stand guard over poppy (heroin) fields in Afghanistan, or being involved in the inside job of 911, or secret government involvement in the ritual torture and murder of children, etc., etc, but it's still a shame.)

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