why the myth of effortless internet income should be debunked

A few years ago i got hooked by the online craze to earn money working online from home, with all the flashy adverts of earn this amount or that amount by pressing a button or two it was and still is a very tempting proposition when you have bills driving your head crazy. Unfortunately what many people fail to realize is the online world is so different from things in the real world, whereas it is true that tremendous amounts of money are being made by entrepreneurs online each minute that may not be the case for the average person just starting out online simply because the odds are greatly stacked against them.

Today I will show you why it may not be such a nice idea to believe those numerous adverts you have seen online promising to make you instant money with minimal effort.

The information out there is so huge it takes time to pick out what works

The level at which information keeps changing is so fast that someone new online will have a challenge processing all this data into a meaningful business model that can be turned into a regular income source. Remember you are competing against people who have spent a considerable amount of time testing, tweaking and harnessing particular models of earning income even when they know what is working no one will want to invite competition to themselves in the form of new entrant’s competiting for the same opportunities

Assets needed to run online business cost money

To generate any income online you need to control certain assets these may range from web hosting for storing your files online to costs of internet access, financial charges in credit card transactions, auto responders to manage your emails, software that automate certain repetitive tasks such as keyword research through analyzing vast volumes of data to determine commercial intent all the way to payment processing, all these assets cost money to have and most times the blueprints you see people selling online will never explicitly talk about the real costs of making a method successful, for example you may land on a sales page outlining a blueprint that earns a significant income the report may cost only $7 which to the average person is an impulse buy, when you go through the report you realize that the assets needed to implement it are a hundred times the cost of the blueprint, what many people do not realize is the fact that the seller has skillfully convinced you to part with a small fee and will do so to many others so in the end the only person that is really getting rich is the seller of the ‘blueprint’ whereas the buyer despite knowledge acquired has to now think about the hidden costs that were not declared. The next step is another date with the search engines researching endless options for the assets needed to operationalise the blueprint

Time is a crucial factor many fail to manage

We all get 24 hours in a day in my experience one of the most difficult things to manage is time which gets wasted on tasks that have almost no bearing on the blueprint you have chosen, people find it easier spending time going round the problem to be solved yet they would spend a shorter time is they went straight to the tasks to be done for the day.

Not everything will be revealed

Savvy marketers will only show you the tip of the iceberg to keep you wanting more and more one thing I discovered rather late is the tendency by people selling “magic courses and guides” to only give you the tip of the iceberg, just when you thought you had been given the entire package you are then directed to another paid resource to make the previous method complete, it is a cleverly concealed ploy to get you to spend more ultimately what happens is it leaves so many half dry not knowing how to link idea A to Idea B and so on, it is said that on the internet for every 1000 people that know something another 10,000 are at a lower level struggling to know what the 1000 know, and as you get lower down the chain the numbers get staggering.

Patience is a virtue many do not have

Let us assume one had all the Assets, the right information and mentors to learn from, in a world where instant gratification is a trend many do not have the patience to go through tones of information and training and so end up adding to the myth that earning income online is not for everyone.

Financial desperation clouds judgment

Most people that come online seeking an extra buck are already financially desperate often with no stable job, they come with their last savings hoping that somehow they will get that magic bullet that will solve their financial woes instantly, the challenge with having that mindset is you are entering a world where genuine actors are few and far between so getting someone who will teach you the right thing without taking your last savings will be downright difficult.

Successful online entrepreneurs sweat it out at work

Sales pages constantly promise you thirty minutes work clicking this and that and the money pours in, many are lured by this incredible opportunity yet the truth is behind all the earnings you see being flaunted are lots of man hours often in the form of outsourced work, the ability to leverage the work of others for a profit is a skill that takes time to learn and doesn’t come to you at ago. If you think about it do you think that brilliant sales letter you just read took a few minutes to put together, most likely not days or even weeks will have gone into it as well as many behind the scenes tasks required to get it online.

Final advice

Methods that work require real work, you must know what you are doing and I find that the best way to see what works is to put yourself in the position of the person buying something what are their real intentions of buying a product, does the product provide value to the buyer, it is only by genuinely answering these questions that one can be rewarded financially for their hard work online. If you have an idea that works and solves problems for someone it is much easier to find skilled joint venture partners that can help you deliver it to the market, the myth that you can just wake up click a few buttons and become rich should be kicked out I rest my case.

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