Why Not Having Health Insurance Is A Blessing In Disguise 95 Percent Of The Time

If it strikes you as an extreme statement – that the nightmare that is the state of health care, is so bad that simply not having any health care is a much better alternative – stick around, because I have more shocking revelations for you.

It's the truth!

Western (allopathic) health care is worse than no health care at all 95% of the time. That is to say, if there were no hospitals, no drug stores, no over-the-counter or prescription medications, no doctors, no surgeons, no psychiatrists – so that everybody would simply do the best they could coping with whatever ailments they are facing – on average, everyone would be better off, 95% of the time.

I am in no way suggesting to throw the proverbial baby out with the metaphorical bath water. Five percent of the time, nothing can even come close to the effectiveness of the modern medical system. In those instances, allopathic medicine is a real Godsend that not only saves and prolongs millions of lives, but also improves the quality of those lives.

NOTE: This article will be using the following terms interchangeably: western, allopathic, contemporary, traditional and modern. Those are different terms for the “normal” standard of care provided today in industrialized nations.

So, the problem is, 95% of time, the medical system is not only ineffective, it actually makes you worse off than if you had not sought the aid of a doctor in the first place. Did you know that most people who die with cancer, don't actually die from the cancer? How is that even possible?

They die from the cancer treatment. For instance, the chemo attacks their immune system causing vital organs to break down that would not have broken down if the cancer had been left untreated. If not the chemo, then it's the radiation that does them in. Or perhaps they die on an operating room table from a needless surgery.

I'm not saying all surgeries are needless. I am saying about 95% of them are. Radiation and chemo therapies, though, should definitely be banned in Boston, and every other city of the world. They are ludicrous propositions in terms of healing. They are quite sound propositions in terms of making money.

It has been noted that whenever there has been a doctor's strike in any part of the world, the mortality rate went down. The reason is people were not dying from unnecessarily surgeries. I imagine it's partially because they weren't overdosing on medications that really didn't need, as well.

According to a published report in a peer reviewed medical journal, pharmaceutical drugs are the fourth leading cause of death in the United States. Many researchers say it's a lot higher, possibly even the leading cause of death. It is hard to pin a number down because most deaths diagnosis don't tell the real story. For instance, organ failure is often reported as the cause of death, but in a vast number of those deaths, the organs failed because of long term use of pharmaceuticals.

When you widen the statistic to include iatrogenesis, the medical industry can easily be the number one cause of death in the United States. By definition, iatrogenic deaths and illnesses are caused by the medical profession. So you would add to the tally, most of the cancer deaths, because, as stated earlier, most cancer patients who die, do so due to complications from their treatment; not from the cancer, per se.

For that matter, Alzheimer's deaths, by some accounts, is now the third leading cause of death in the USA. A number of researchers believe that a large portion of Alzheimer sufferers got the disease from the annual accumulation of mercury in flu shots and various vaccinations.

How did we come to this; where the very thing that is supposed to be healing us, is killing us off, decades before our times? The truth is that we got here on purpose. The people at the top of the medical industry pyramid know exactly what they are doing.

They don't just put mercury in our medicine, they put cancer viruses in vaccinations as well, and then act like it's a giant mystery that one in three people are getting cancer. Every single drug they make is toxic and comes with a litany of side effects, for which they want to give you more drugs, in a never ending viscous cycle. None of this is an accident. Doctors may not be aware of what they are doing, but the folks are the top of the medical industry food chain have made sure to almost brainwash doctors into being willfully ignorant of the greater picture.

There is a ruling cabal who are in charge of virtually all major institutions around the world. They are genetically related to royal family lineage that goes back thousands of years. They have been pursuing the inter-generational goal, to one day, be in control of everyone and to own everything.

Their goals also include reducing the population by 90%, and enslaving the remaining 10%. They have stooges, who do their bidding in think tanks, openly publish reports detailing their plan to kill most of us, “useless eaters,” off. They've even anonymously erected the Georgia Guidestones, sometimes referred to as the American Stonehenge with a plaque calling for a population of a half a billion people.

The royal bloodline families include the Rockefellers and the Roshchilds, among others. Occasionally, individuals outside of their bloodline will accrue immense wealth and power, and they will be allowed in the club. People like Oprah, Bill Gates, Ted Turner and Warren Buffet are examples of that. All of these people are population reduction evangelists.

Western medicine is not designed to prolong your life. It is just the opposite. It's supposed to reduce your life span while taking whatever relative wealth you may have accumulated in the process.

If there is anything good about Obamacare, it is that as insurance rates continue to double and triple, large numbers of people are going to opt to pay the $5000 annual fine and not have health insurance, and will therefore not expose themselves to the deadly medical profession.

They will learn about alternative health protocols where cancer and other nasty diseases go into remission, and where prevention nutrition stops them from getting sick in the first place. That is my hope for everyone reading this.

You don't have to cancel your health insurance. Just realize that in most instances, you do not need it. There are natural treatments for what ails you, that are better than the toxic and deadly treatments you'll get from modern medicine.

They may take longer to work. That's not always the case, but when it is, it's a trade off worth making, every time. I take that back. It's a trade off worth making 95% of the time. Here's an example: Someone having a severe asthma attack does not have time for an all organic diet to cure her asthma. She should use the inhaler, in the meantime.

With rare exceptions, drugs that traditional doctors give you, unlike natural treatments, do not address the problem. Drugs mask symptoms, so you think they are working, when, in fact, they are only manipulating your body with their powerful chemicals, driving disease and illness further down into your body, where illness will manifest later, even worse.

If you keep treating each new symptom you get with more drugs, it is only a matter of time for most people, before they contract a deadly illness. The vicious cycle where drugs create side effects, and more drugs with more side effects keep being prescribed, will often lead to the patient needing life saving surgery.

Then the patient and her family thank the doctors and God for the miracle of modern medicine, not even realizing it was modern medicine that almost killed her to begin with. If she continues taking meds and not providing her body with the nutrients she needs to have a fully functional immune system, the whole process is likely to occur over again.

It's so ironic that such educated, intelligent people as doctors can't seem to grasp that health problems need to be addressed for patients to truly heal, and become healthy. If you go to a doctor with complaints of pain, most of the time you are going to leave the office with a prescription for pain medicine.

The pills you start taking as a result of the doctor visit do not do one thing to address the cause of the pain. They simply get in the way of the proper functioning of your nervous system, so that you do not feel the pain.

Virtually every pill a doctor will ever sell you works with that basic principle. It uses toxic chemicals to interfere with the functioning of your body, so that symptoms are masked. Almost never do the chemicals deal with the actual problem. They mask your symptoms making you believe for a while that they worked and that you are all better.

Unfortunately, if you have not changed your eating habits to the point where most everything at a normal grocery store (or restaurant) is off limits for you… And if you continue to take the toxic medicines that are sold in drug stores – whether they are over the counter drugs or prescription – you can pretty much bet your bottom dollar that your dis-ease is going to return with a vengeance, at some point down the line.

You may or may not be able to deal with this ongoing cycle of getting sick and having toxic chemicals mask your symptoms when you are young, but if you are like most people who go their lives like this, you are going to die way before your time. Moreover, the last several years, or maybe longer could be a bit of hell on earth.

NOTE: For the sake of simplicity, I have only mentioned nutrition, but we also need to drink purified water, and to get daily exercise and sunlight, while doing detoxification protocols and avoiding toxins (including electronic smog) as much as possible.

If anything you have just read seems over the top, use the CIA tracking tool (Google) to research it yourself. Approach it as best you can with an open mind. Just don't ever forget that to solve a problem, health related or not, you must find and deal with the cause of that problem.

Even better, if you can prevent a problem, do so.


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