Why I Write and Days of Future Past

The Reasons Why I Write

I write about the places I have been to, people I have met, and things that I have done, recently or farther back in the past. So that later on I will be able to go over and review those written stories, in order to figure out what actually happened, what was really going on, and why, during those past times and any related ongoing situations. I add updates to the stories after any new related events or occurrences. All of this info can be used to figure out what needs to and can be done now, in order to improve upon any unresolved past or ongoing situations, issues, or matters.

Writing About Activities, Sights, and Scenes

A walk in the country with the trees all around, a warm summer breeze in a green meadow found. A hike in the woods with the autumn leaves falling, a springtime run with birds all around calling. A trek on a mountain trail with a rocky stream flowing through it, a cool breeze off a blue lake as we walk along the shore to it, with new sights, scenes, and sounds, all along the way !

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These are things I've done on Days of Future Past and would like to do again

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Why I Write About Other Times and Places

I write about interesting and unusual events, occurrences, and situations in order to keep a record of what I have done and been through on particular and eventful days. I have a desk drawer and PC folder full of these kinds of written stories with titles and dates. Reading those stories from the past later on allows me to go back to those times and places and go over and review the details and facts in any of those written stories. So that I can then try to answer, solve, and resolve any past or ongoing unanswered or unresolved questions, issues, or matters, that are related to the original events, occurrences, and situations.

I can also bring the details and facts from past times and places that I wrote about forward. In order to help answer, solve, and resolve questions, matters, and issues to an unrelated but similar current situation that I'm working on and dealing with today. This can help to better handle and deal with everyday common and uncommon occurrences and situations. I also use those original stories about what I've been through in the past as the basis for writing more fully written stories and articles. I also write about stories that I have read, watched, and listened to, in or on, books, tv, the radio, and the internet.

A Way to Review Written Stories

Sometimes when I'm having a hard time figuring out something related to a current situation, I'll go looking through those stories mentioned above, until I find one about a similar situation to read about. Going through and reading about those similar occurrences and situations helps to figure out how to deal with the current unresolved situation that I was seeking help with. When I meet someone who is interesting or unusual and have a conversation with them, I will usually write about it.

If I meet that same person again and have another conversation with them, afterwards I'll continue writing on the related page where I left off. Reading those stories later on can help to figure out what was the full meaning and lessons to be learned from the conversations that I had with that interesting or unusual person on the days that I met them, that wasn't so obvious or apparent at the time that it was happening.

Keeping Track of Work and Progress

In the mix of my collection of writings there are also a lot of stories about different kinds of jobs that I have done at mine and other peoples homes and businesses. In those kinds of stories I start off with what the job was all about and follow up with how the job went along, with progress reports. Then I'll write about any parts of the job that involved methods and procedures that were either; new to me, difficult to do, or that didn't work out the first time and had to be done over again.

I'll go on to write about the ways, methods, and procedures that I figured out how to do, in order to deal with, solve, and successfully carry out the job, with those kinds of situations solved and resolved. When I'm working on another similar type of job, if I run into any related or similar kinds of situations I can go back and read what I wrote about that previous similar job, and try to use that info to work through any current problems or difficult procedures.

Writing Your Own Words, Messages and Opinions

Another reason why I write about past events, occurrences, and situations, is to get interesting real or similar fiction stories out to other people. Where my messages and opinions related to the stories can be passed along with, within, and throughout the written words and passages. With real stories, as the author and narrator you can give your messages and opinions more directly, readily, and out in the open, as the story line moves along from beginning to end. Even more so if you are one of the characters in the story.

With fiction there are so many different ways that you can get your messages and opinions out to other people. This is done by the way and how you design and create the plot, outline, story line, locations, settings, number and types of characters. When writing fiction stories you are getting your messages and opinions across to other people through a story that you are in charge and control of writing and creating. It's up to you as to how out in the open and obvious or subtle and hidden those messages and opinions will be within the story.

The Challenge and Why I Write

I also write because it is a challenge to get other people to read the stories and articles that I have written. Such as the ones mentioned above that were based on the stories that have helped me keep track of past and ongoing events, occurrences, and situations. But in order for any of those stories or articles to be easily read by other people, they first have to be fully reviewed and edited a few times, and presented in the right way.

I check that the words and sentences flow freely, fully show what the story is all about, and convey the full message and meaning to the reader. The more times that I go through this writing, reviewing, editing, article writing process, it results in better written stories and articles the first time around. With less editing being needed after the first review, in order to finish turning the original written story into an article that is easy to read all the way through from beginning to end.

This is the Challenge and Why I Write about Days of Future Past.

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