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Where Were You When You Discovered That Earth Is Actually Flat?

Written by Devtome contributor Bomac

If you were alive at the time of 911 (and more than a very few years old), you, no doubt remember where you were when you heard the news about the attacks. The same holds true for people who were alive at the time of President John Kennedy's assassination.

I was in first grade and got the news from the elderly school crossing guard, Mr. Gibson. “The President is dead,” he told the group of kids I was in as we were crossing the street to start the walk home.

“What happened?,” I asked.

“He was shot in the head,” Mr. Gibson, excitedly told us. (I remember, even at 6 years old, wondering if he wasn't a little too into telling everyone he possibly could, including children my age.)

I quickly walked the mile and a half home, 1) to find my mom crying, in front of our black and white television, the only TV in our home, back in the day.

“It's true?,” I asked. “President Kennedy is dead?” Wiping away tears, she let me know that it was the awful truth.

There are earth shattering events that you never forget, where you were, what you were doing, and who you were with, when and how you found out about them. Discovering that the flat-earthers may actually be right, is one of those events. I'll always remember, I was home alone, in the morning time, in my kitchen, on May 20, 2015.

Doesn't Come All At Once


Of course, it doesn't come all at once, because the process of accepting its reality takes time. I can't tell you I fully believe it, but after hours of reading about it and watching videos and listening to interviews and reading comment debates, I have reached that moment, where I have to admit to myself that I find it a distinct possibility. 2) That alone, is a JFK/911 type of game changer for me, that I will never forget. I'd of called you crazy if you had told me that I would ever arrive at such a position. It's been quite a ride, so far, and it's only just begun.

It started for me when a friend emailed her list, with the subject line to the effect of, “Could we really be deceived THIS much? Earth is flat?”

I should tell you, this online friend has brought me a ton of amazing information over the years, but she has also alerted me to data that she accepted, that I'm convinced is disinformation. Almost always, when that happens, it's the variety of information that talks about some behind the scene modern day cavalry coming to save us from the globalist tyranny, when, in fact, those are almost always disseminated by the tyrants themselves, (or their stooges) in an effort to lull awakening people back to sleep.

I Was Frustrated With My Friend, To Put It Mildly

My initial reaction was that this is disinformation put out by the stooges of those controlling tyrants so that some of the awakening people will fall for it, and thus lose all credibility among the still slumbering souls in their social circles (offline as well as online.) I have to admit I was saddened and maybe even disgusted that my friend got suckered into such a foolish notion. (I mean, talk about having egg on your face.)

Little did I realize I would soon have the same perceived egg all over my face. In fact, there's a good chance that you may have clicked on this story to get a good laugh at my messy-egged face. I get it. Believe me, I get it.

Warning - Don't Be So Damn Sure Of Yourself Just Yet

It is a sign of both maturity and intelligence to be able to open-mindedly entertain a notion or argument that you vehemently disagree with. I'm wondering how mature and intelligent you are.

Now mind you, at the time I'm writing this, I can't say I know for sure that the earth is flat, but it sure seems to me like it very well may be the case. Intellectually, I'm leaning towards it, and emotionally, I'm closer. At the very least, I have to admit that the flat plane theory is feeling more logical to me at this time than is the round globe theory.

See What I Did There?

I mixed feelings and logic. While playing online, turned-based backgammon with a lifelong friend, the night before I got the flat earth email, we were carrying on a conversation in the field where you can communicate with your opponent, before sending the game back to him or her.

The gist of it was that it is really hard to know anything. Before you say how fitting that is for two gullible, air headed conspiracy theorists, you should know, he's not huge on conspiracies and we often disagree on such matters. He's also a genius. We wrote about how we rely on our senses for so much information, but that our senses can all be fooled. We discussed how science always changes, through the centuries or even decades. Yesterday's scientific fact is today's scientific embarrassment. I mentioned how the controllers are deliberately hoaxing us and suppressing cutting edge information and technology as a way to keep their control over the masses. My friend posed the question, “How can we really know anything is true?”

Replicating Brain Cells

Maybe as few as two decades ago, science was telling us that none of the cells of the brain replicated themselves. Like all cells, though, brain cells die off. The accepted scientific fact was that we were born with whatever number of brain cells we have, and the number continuously dwindles, never to be replaced.

That felt wrong to me. I'm no genius or scientist, but I didn't believe it. I had no evidence with which to refute it. Hell, I barely made it out of high school. I probably would have had trouble reading the scientific papers that reported that brain cells don't reproduce.

Nonetheless, I took my stand. I was unwavering. Several years went by and I started hearing that there was debate among scientists. Some renegades were saying that brain cells do indeed reproduce. More years went by, and the evidence was so compelling that the scientific fact was changed to agree with me.

So, in my discussion with my genius friend –(who beats the hell out of me in backgammon, the only game I will play him, because the dice, at least gives me a shot of winning sometimes) – I said, that science does not care about feelings, but that is a mistake. I mentioned how my strong feeling regarding brain cells, backed up by zero data, ended up trumping the scientists.

So, I said, while it's good to realize how we really can't know anything, we should utilize our feelings in our efforts to ascertain what is true. Therefore, I'm asking you to check in with your feelings as you open-mindedly entertain this notion that you vehemently disagree with.

Your Feeling Right Now

For most people, I”m confidant to say that your feeling on this matter at this point in the conversation, is probably even more vehement than your analytic mind, which is likely saying there is not a snowball's chance in Haiti, that the earth is a plane, as opposed to a planet.

That's perfectly fine. Honor that feeling and communicate it. When some of data and questions I'm about to lay on you is presented to you, please continue to monitor your feelings. There may come a time, either today or in the days and weeks ahead, when your analytical mind is going to still be defending the ball theory, but your feeling is going to admit to the existence of chinks in the armor. When that happens, please have the intellectual honesty to admit it. If we can't be honest with ourselves, and if we refuse to utilize intellect and intuition together, it can be quite impossible to have any idea of what is real.

Do You Want To Know The Truth Or Do You Want To Believe You're Right?

My motivation is ultimately to know the truth. No doubt, a part of my psyche is uncomfortable with admitting I'm wrong, but it pales in comparison to the part of me that just wants to get to the bottom of things.

If truth is your pursuit, then, by all means, dance where the evidence takes you, and enjoy yourself while you're at it. If where it takes you is where you already are, so be it, bully for you. Just don't be motivated by winning arguments, looking good, or by avoiding looking foolish in the eyes of others who are not motivated by the pursuit of truth.

How Many People Would Have To Be In On This Hoax?

I do wonder how many people living today are part of this, which, if true, might be the greatest of all possible hoaxes. One of the great impediments for many people when it comes to being able to admit that 911 was either a total inside job, or at least allowed to happen,3) is that they find it beyond credulity that so many people would have to had been in on it, and they have never come forward.

I believe they are overestimating how many people would need to have been in on it at the time, due to compartmentalization protocols, as well as chain of command. Beyond that, these people don't seem to realize that the Manhattan project, which created the first atom bombs that were used in World War 2 had a massive amount of people working on it. Everyone was sworn to secrecy, quite successfully throughout its duration.

I believe in the days and weeks after 911, many people in the government were able to connect the dots. They refrained from going to the authorities, because they realized that high ranking members of the authority are in on it, and they would not only be shut down, but have their lives placed in jeopardy.

I also don't think these detractors know about (or are even willing to look at the evidence of) the vast numbers of unfortunate, mind controlled Manchurian candidates the dark forces have at their beck and call. These mind control victims have had their psyches split up in a scientific manner so that they have a form of DID, formerly called MPD (Dissociative Disorder / Multiple Personality Disorder.) They have alter personalities that are trained with special skills and abilities, whose memories are separate from their natural identity. They don't know what their other identities have done, so they have no chance to feel the need to confess their wrong doings. The other identities only come out, so to speak, when their handlers give them their trained cues, and then, per instructions or further cues, they go away until called again.4)

They also don't understand the extent of which mainstream media is controlled and is a integral part of 911. That is why mainstream media should never be expected to give whistleblowers any type of traction. Furthermore, even if such whistleblowers got their messages out, perhaps by viral online video, those very people who are skeptical that so many people would keep the secret would be the first to try to shut them up, discredit them and drown out their voices.

And the truth is, people who were a part of it, would realize that they would be extremely likely to be killed, disappeared, and/or have their family members subjected to said treatment. In fact, we have no idea how many people tried to confess about 911 and were quickly taken care of.

Mind you, I'm not just referring to 911. A lot of this can be applied here. Don't close your mind to the evidence presented by flat earth proponents, simply because you can't fathom how somebody who is in the know has not blown the whistle by now.

Here's The Problem

The flaw with such arguments or disbelief is they prevent you from giving purported evidence its due. They stop your open minded pursuit of truth. Just because you don't understand exactly how something was done, that should never blind you to the various anomalies, red flags and smoking guns that may otherwise be observable in an event or situation.

If you say, “Well, I don't believe it because I think some of the people involved would have come forward by now,” all you are doing is giving yourself an easy way out of avoiding bumping into your cognitive dissonance, which happens when evidence threatens your personal paradigm. People hate to change their world view, especially when it comes to admitting that reality has darker aspects than they would care to admit.

The intellectually honest tack to take is to hold both notions while you are sorting things out. You admit that there appears to be various types of evidence that is causing you to question certain things, even though you just can't fathom how they could possibly be true. See? It's really isn't that difficult.

If your pursuit is discovering truth, rather than merely trying to prove that you are right, this method allows you to continue looking at evidence without having changed your primary position. However, if you take the other route, the one where you say, “I can't believe it because I don't see how it's possible,” you are subconsciously choosing to not pursue the truth, because it might make you more uncomfortable than you wish to be.

Some Of My Questions

I don't have answers to all my questions, and, for that matter, I don't have as many great questions on this topic that a more learned, formally trained individual might have. Nonetheless, I've come across enough evidence to put the globe theory on extremely shaky ground in my current paradigm.

A question that goes through my mind pertains to commercial pilots and cruise ships captains. Would they all need to be in on the round earth hoax? I also wonder how did it come about? Who decided on it, and what is the purpose?

Since I'm nowhere near an authority on this topic I love soaking up information on it. I find one of the best ways is to listen to and read debates by proponents of both earth models. Unfortunately such debates often tend to be short lived, with the globe model proponents quick to resort to ad hominem attacks that are off topic, personal, negative, and which lead to abrupt endings. 5)


So What About Ships Falling Off The Edge?

From the image directly above of the flat earth model map, the Earth is presented as a flat disc. The ocean is contained by arctic walls, which are part of the 360 degree Antarctica. It is unknown how far in each direction the Antarctica ice extends. I heard someone say the walls could be 100 or 200 feet high, but if the flat earth model is real, it wouldn't surprise me if they were higher, much higher.

Some people speculate that the ice shelves around the oceans could be infinite, which might sound crazy to you, but if you've long accepted that space is infinite, do you really have no business calling shenanigans on the concept of an arctic Earth plane potentially being infinite? I mean infinity is a mind fuck no matter how you slice it. Right? Globe Earth scientists never pretended to know all the mysteries of space. You surely can't hold flat Earth scientists to a double standard. Can you?

The United Nations Emblem

Interestingly, (but hardly coincidentally) the United Nations emblem is none other than the flat earth map. Wow. Golly gee, Wally. Go figure. It is divided into 33 sections. 33 is a huge thing in Freemasonry. (Freemasonry is huge in the world of conspiracy research. Going back centuries, many of the scientists, movers and shakers who are responsible for much of the status quo world view today were members of this secret – now, more like, secretive – society.)

I need to find the source where I read that the flat earth map is from the 1800s and that the creator of it has a moon crater named after him by NASA. NASA, of course, the largest and most prestigious round Earth institution, is historically steeped in Freemasons. Not that we know anywhere near all of the NASA freemasons, but we know some of them.

I wouldn't be surprised if you have to be one to go (or pretend to go, as the case may be) into space. The following paragraph is from the Atlantean Conspiracy website:

“John Glenn, two-time US senator and one of the first men in space was a known Mason. The number of astronauts known to be Masons is astonishing: Buzz Aldrin Jr. (Apollo 11), Gordon Cooper Jr., (Mercury 9, Gemini 5), Donn Eisele (Apollo 7), John Glenn Jr., (Mercury 6), Virgil Grissom (Apollo 1 & 15, Mercury 5, Gemini 3), James Irwin (Apollo 15), Edgar Mitchell (Apollo 14), Walter Schirra Jr. (Apollo 7, Sigma 7, Gemini 6, Mercury 8), Thomas Stafford (Apollo 10 & 18, Gemini 7 & 9), and Paul Weitz (Skylab 2, Challenger). This list is by no means comprehensive and there are likely scores upon scores of Masons within the ranks of NASA. Werner Von Braun, the first director of NASA was one of many top Nazi rocket-scientists the OSS/CIA brought to America during Operation Paperclip. So to begin with, NASA is full of Masons and Nazis - not the most historically honest folks.”

For those who question the authenticity of the Apollo moon missions, it's not comforting that so much of the evidence of a spherical Earth comes to us from NASA. They ask how can any organization that tells us they lost several hundred cartons filled with 13,000 reels of higher definition video from the moon missions, as well as all the telemetry data and the biomedical data of the astronauts and also does not know what happened to the blueprints of most of the technology that was used, could possibly be trusted. 6)

After the agency got a lot of flak for losing the data, they later came out with a statement saying that after further review they figured out that all the reels were erased by accident. You see, those 13,000 reels got put in with about 200,000 other reels (which they didn't mention what those were of), so they didn't get lost after all. They were simply erased. 7)

Whew, for a second there it seemed like NASA was either unfathomably incompetent or lying through their teeth. Oh wait. That hasn't changed at all. Erasing the reels is easily as unthinkable as “losing” them somewhere. So, if they were incompetent enough to erase them, it's hard to imagine they'd of been competent enough to send people to the moon and back 6 times without a single loss of life or even an injury. That would leave us only with the possibility they are lying through their teeth.

If erasing 13,000 reels of moon mission recordings of all manner of data isn't enough to give you a hint of the truth about the Apollo project, then probably nothing will ever break the spell for you. Although, any intellectually honest individual should wonder why the US has not gone back since 1972 or even more shocking, why the Soviet Union/Russia never went once, (or China or any other nation, for that matter.) It simply beggars belief to believe that since the USA got there first, nobody else wants to get the silver medal – especially Russia, since they had been way, way, way ahead of us for the first half of the space race – that is, at least if the entire space race was not an international hoax.

If you are a film student with a working knowledge of the pre green screen studio effect, called, front screen projection, you should be able to discern that the moon videos and photos usually show a background that is an image being projected on a huge screen. Go here as well as here to learn more.

As I've been saying throughout this article, I am not completely assured that Earth is a plane. I wish I could defer to the scientifically intelligent people who tell us that anyone who seriously entertains the plane Earth model is embarrassingly wrong and stupid, but these are generally the same people who say the same thing, arguing against other conspiracies 8) of which I'm completely confident that the official narratives are lies, including, but not limited to; 911, 9) the John & Robert Kennedy murders, 10) Sandy Hook, 11) the Boston Marathon bombing, 12), the ritual murder of children, 13) the Stay family slaughter, 14) vaccines, 15) the war on drugs, 16) AIDS, 17) cancer 18) voting, 19) the Apollo missions, 20) and chemtrails. 21) If somebody tells me that the official narratives are correct regarding those events, then I can't simply presume they are right about the Earth being a sphere, just because they seem to me to have a keen grasp of geometry, science & astronomy.

Gravity Matters (Or Does It?)

By the way, in the flat earth model, weight and mass, naturally are attracted downward simply due to the laws of physics which may not include gravity. The water in the ocean finds it own level naturally and without mystery. In the globe model, water is magically held in place by mysterious gravity, even when it is sideways and upside down.


It seems that many flat-Earthers question gravity, and I have to admit, they have gotten me wondering. They ask how can this one mysterious force be responsible for so many phenomena. It holds everything down to the ground, even when we are actually sideways – or even mostly upside down, like the people in New Zealand & Australia – (and how does it keep us from even recognizing that we are sideways or upside down?) How does it hold the ocean water in that perfect big ball curve? How does it not prevent birds and flying insects from flying, if it's powerful enough to hold everything in place that needs to be held in place?

How in tarnation does this same force also cause bodies in outer space to orbit around planets? Gravity is also said to play into the Earth spinning, as well as the direction that it spins. How do you prove that all of these phenomena are the same force that Newton postulated when he saw the apple fall?

Scientists don't question it. As far as I can see, they rarely question anything that has been established by science. Scientific “truths” will change over time, but usually it takes a lot of time, and it comes very reluctantly.

Many scientific truths are simply theories that have been repeated so much, scientists accept them as facts. Darwinism, for instance, is no more provable than the biblical account of the 7 day creation. (Frankly, I find them both whack.)

Check out this scientific summation of why the Earth spins:

“The Earth spins because it formed in the accretion disk of a cloud of hydrogen that collapsed down from mutual gravity and needed to conserve its angular momentum. It continues to spin because of inertia.” 22)

How can anyone say with certainty that is 100% undeniable fact and 0% theory?

The Byrd Is The Word

Admiral Richard Byrd who explored both poles from the 1920s through the 1950s for the US Navy, wrote about fantastic experiences in the hollow earth, where he traveled down 4000 miles. People chalked it up to drug use, but perhaps it's time to revisit Byrd's journeys.23) The truth is, nobody involved with the flat earth model pretends to have any idea how deep the earth plane is. 4000 miles might be merely scratching the surface.

In the 1950s, Byrd led a 14 ship, nearly 5,000 men military mission to Antarctica. Shortly thereafter, the United Nations voted to keep people off Antarctica. There is an extreme tourist type island area destination that is open to the public for photo ops, but anyone with their own sea or air vehicle looking to go beyond that, gets shut down by military units rather swiftly and in no uncertain terms.


Before Byrd led that mission, he appeared on a TV talk show24) and stated that he discovered an area of land the size of the United States in the Antarctica area. It was believed to have massive stores of uranium and other minerals, as well as oil & other resources. He said it had no indigenous population. It was ripe for the proverbial picking there was no environmental movement to even protest the possibilities. Byrd was excited about the promise this area held on many levels, not to mention his personal desire to continue to explore it for the rest of his life. Byrd died 3 years later, shortly after Antarctica was voted off-limits by the United Nations. Many people believe he was killed to ensure his silence regarding what he went on to discover. We can only imagine how nations and corporations would be chomping at the bit to stake their claims and divvy up the booty. Right?

Next thing you know, he's leading 5,000 troops on a mission and then global, I mean world, governments vote to keep all of humanity away from the area, at least until 2041, when the matter is scheduled to be discussed again in the United Nations.

What in this world could stop international market forces and industrial complexes from even talking about this huge, (size of the US) untapped swath of pristine land, let alone prevent them from actually exploiting it? Why has its very existence been assigned to the memory hole?

Flat-earth proponents tend to believe it is obvious. They discovered the edge (at that part of the world), and ultimately figured it out. It is absolutely mind boggling that, decades before environmentalism became any kind of a force to be reckoned with, governments, in unison, would suddenly stop showing any interest in taking advantage of the totally untapped wealth that was (and remains) ripe for the pickin'.

Rather Par For The Course

The controllers, fairly routinely, cover things up that they don't want the masses to know. If you read on the topic of forbidden archeology,25) you will come across stories of archeological finds that get shut down, all around the world, by military and para military forces. Sometimes it's the discovery of the skeletal remains of giants. Other times it's evidence that puts modern man in era going back millions of years, thus obliterating the notion the humans evolved from apes. All kinds of earth shattering data is suppressed and memory-holed.

Other than the 360 degree Antarctica, in the flat earth model, the land masses are laid out as you might expect, sans the ball, that is. I've heard it said that someone in a ship could sail around the world by circling the land masses, and if they believe in earth globe theory, bully for them. Their perception will be their reality. They will believe they have been right-side up, upside down and sideways in the magic ocean on the magic globe, when, in fact, they were always right-side up.

That doesn't answer for me what happens when someone who is going around the world, goes East, for instance, with the intention to end up in the West. They must get a shocking interruption when they inexplicably find themselves at the “South Pole”. I imagine it doesn't happen a lot because most people aren't thrill seekers, with intent to circumnavigate the globe. Most captains simply go from point A to point B. (Come to think of it, I'm pretty sure that even the daredevils who purport to having, “sailed around the world,” also simply go from one point to another to another, without actually visiting all the continents, let alone claiming to have taken a Westward route to arrive in the East, or viceversa.) Besides, who is somebody going to report to if they find themselves in an Arctic sea when they should be thousands of miles away? The media and everyone else would chalk it up to simple human error.

The Earth Photos From Space


In case you are going to offer the photos of earth from space, showing earth to be round, as some kind of evidence, then I've done a shoddy job presenting this entire equation, and for that, I apologize. I'm saying the flat earth model says that humanity has been manipulated and controlled by a relatively very small group of people in each generation, going back thousands of years. A large part of the manipulation is done with secrets and hoaxes. The globe model, which started gaining traction 500 years ago, and which was taken to a whole other level starting in the late 1950s with the space program, is one of many hoaxes – perhaps the biggest of them all.

There is a common theme in so much of the conspiracy research that has been becoming more and more known with each and every passing year. Bloodline families have been in control of earth since recorded human history. They believed (and still believe to this day) they have, “the Divine right to rule.”

These people have created a matrix reality, so successfully manipulating the minds of the masses that much of what we think of as real, is actually not real at all. Thus, the photos from space are fraudulently controlled by these people, and their support personnel within government, academia, media and corporations.

Interestingly, they even tell us that the photos of the earth from space aren't actual photos in the traditional sense of the word. We are told they are composites. Hmmm. Why? Perhaps because it may be possible (now or in the future) to tell they are altered creations, and therefore, the composite explanation gives them cover? Why not just show us the thousands of regular photos that all the space missions undoubtedly must have taken? And if they weren't taken, why not? Why did the lunar astronauts, from the surface of the moon, never pan their video cameras 180 degrees and show the earth from the moon? Why are there composite images of a spinning earth with the cloud cover remaining constant?

Obviously there are no pictures from space from independent people outside of this group of controllers. Flat earth proponents assert there are simply no pictures from space, period. A growing number of conspiracy researchers and buffs have been saying since 1969, that the Apollo moon missions were hoaxed. (By far, the best series of explanations and evidence to support this supposition that I have ever come across is by researcher David McGowan, and can be found here, in the 14 installment Wagging The Moon Doggie, (so be sure to keep clicking NEXT to get to the next installment. Trust me; you don't want to miss a word of that literary gold.)26)

WARNING: If you don't enjoy laughing your ass off, please do not read it. The man is a genius and a pisser, a great combination if there ever was one.

(Another worthwhile source of data on the topic is

Many flat-earthers have upped the ante, and are saying, the entire space narrative is a hoax, and that humanity doesn't even have the ability to produce low earth orbit. Do a search engine query for, “International Space Station hoax,” and be prepared to have your eyes opened. You will see, among other things, what appears to be obvious bulges under shirts from braces where harnesses help create the illusion of weightlessness.


You'll also see bubbles coming from space suits that then float out into space on astronaut space walks, which are almost certainly done under water in a big pool (which is how they admittedly train, allegedly to prepare for the “real” space walks.) What seems to be the case, though, is they prepare in a pool so they can perfect the technique when they do it on the pool set of the ISS studios. There is even what appears to be the back of a scuba tank on someone who evidently didn't realize s/he was in the picture. There is at least one instance of an astro-not kicking his feet, apparently due to the natural inclination to do that when you are in water.

Space Perms


The women have their hair permed in ridiculous fashion to feign weightlessness. It's truly hilarious. The truth is, there are videos taken from the weightlessness training sessions inside zero gravity jets – upon which a great portion of the Ron Howard movie, Apollo 13, was filmed and upon which many of the ISS scenes are also evidently filmed – in which you can clearly see women with long hair that does not appear permed like Phyliss Diller meets punk rocker meets Cosmo Kramer. The hair may stand out in various directions, but it is not frozen stiff. It moves around. The women on the ISS, on the other hand, look like they are going to a Misfits concert at CBGBs circa 1980.

I must say, I did see one interview with a woman astronaut where hair that looked permed and in the up position, had hair at the top that fanned out and would move around, unlike that other women astronauts pictured in the photo montage below. Perhaps they are getting wise and making efforts to not be so obvious. They might be using a fan to make that part of the hair move.

The scene was longer than a minute on a single shot, so it could not have been one of the segments that are probably shot on a zero gravity plane set. For longer scenes they appear to use harnesses, wires and green screens. If you don't think they can build space craft interior sets in zero gravity planes, you must not have seen the movie Apollo 13.

By the way, the longer ISS scenes, done with wires, the space station experience is much smoother than the scenes in the zero gravity planes. In the latter, the astro actors have to utilize stabilization bars on the floor, with their feet, and they often find themselves holding onto to something with their hands to maintain control of their body.

In the harness scenes they tend to only make contact with the set in order to push off and propel themselves. It makes no senses that sometimes they strain for control and other times everything is smooth and mellow. Are we to believe the ISS sometimes needs to be steered around meteors or something?

There's a great video clip of one of the ISS members in front of what has to be a green screen ISS mock up. There is a long wire behind here (part of the green screen fakery) that is supposed to be dangling. It is quite long, having curled around on itself. The problem is it is frozen stiff, as if it's a photo.

The real thing would be moving. The actors are always going out of their way to show how everything that isn't secured to the structure is constantly moving. You would think they have only one microphone on the entire ISS. It's such a good shot, to show the microphone float and spin over to the next actor when it is her time to field questions. Somebody decided to only use a single mic.

Everything floats except for the long wire, that is. There's nothing strange about that at all. Is there?

Safety Schmafety

The total disregard for safety on the ISS is utterly shocking… (or at least it would be if it were not just a TV show production.) They will have more astronauts on the station than they have the ability to evacuate in case of emergencies. Nobody seems to have a care in the world up there as evidenced by all the nonstop smiles. They keep adding sections to station, like it's easier than building Lego houses.

The sections are not separately air locked, so if there is ever an air leak in one area, the whole station will be doomed. They are constantly going out, doing space walks, to make repairs with 100% success rates, not acting like their lives are on the line. It's like their version of the Clooney / Bullock movie, Gravity, (at least before shit got real in that flick.)

It seems obvious to many of us that it's not real, yet it seems shocking to many others that there are so many who perceive the space program with disdain and suspicion. I'm not sure if the ISS fakery is the only reason why so many flat earth proponents are adamant that even low earth orbit is not possible. Perhaps they are making an assumption that since the ISS is fake, low earth space orbiting isn't possible. If that's their thinking, I wonder why they would not have entertained the possibility that it's simply easier to fake a space station than to do it for real.

When I come across more information regarding many flat-earthers belief that even satellites are not real, I will update this here. My hunch is that even if there is some reason why known human rocketry isn't viable, the controllers have access to cutting edge and/or other worldly technology tech that is capable of a hell of a lot more than orbiting earth.

Speaking of satellites, if they are out there, let alone ubiquitous, as we've been led to believe,27) there is no need to have them actually orbit the earth plane, (i.e., loop under it and back around.) They would simply need to fly around in patterns similar to how the earth and moon actually circle the area above earth.

Why Don't Rockets Go Straight Up Into Space?


Actually, I do understand another reason why many proponents of the flat earth theory have trouble believing in the inability of humans to go into space. When you look at rockets that successfully lift off as planned – as opposed to the ones that either explode or spin out of control and crash – they never go straight up and out of sight into space. They always turn and level out before going out of sight.

We never see the rockets actually go into space. After being lied to about so many other things, I can't say that I blame anyone for not believing NASA when they tell us to trust them, and that the rockets simply need to change direction for a while in order to get up the necessary speed to be successful in piercing space, conveniently out of eyesight and camera coverage.

There are many web pages that explain the alleged science. I can't say I know they are bogus, but I certainly have my suspicions for such explanations. I'm also wary of the slingshot explanations of how ships can get more speed by orbiting a planet or the moon before taking off for another location.

I suppose flat-earthers are dubious about the existence of any planets, since earth is not a planet, but a plane. One can understand their trouble believing the ships need to orbit around planets in order to build up the requisite speed, since they probably don't believe in planets in general.

I don't know if we can make the leap that since NASA lies incessantly, they never utter a single word of truth, though. I do not believe that this aspect of the so many flat earth proponent's beliefs, need to true in order for the flat earth model to be real.

Beyond that, I believe there is top secret technology, that the controllers harnessed, probably well before the Apollo missions, that allowed them to go into space and visit the moon. Nonetheless, flat-earthers are calling into question the entire space narrative that we have been given.

The Sun And The Moon Are The Same Size And Distance???

They don't accept that there are billions of planets or that stars are trillions of miles away. In fact, they tend to agree that the sun, is not only not larger than the moon, but that it's not further away than the moon. That, they say, is why the moon can perfectly eclipse the sun, not because of some ridiculously random chance that the sun is the exact size needed to make that happen, based on its purported location, 93 million miles away.

The concept of the sun being so small and nearby, blew my mind, probably as much as the concept of the earth being flat. I believe there are probably a lot of people out there who may be able to accept that the earth is a plane, rather than a planet, but they draw the line at the sun being small and local. It's a deal breaker for them.

I've got to admit, a tiny, nearby sun may end up being the thing that keeps me from fully embracing this. The problem is, there are too may problems with the globe model for me to embrace that. Will I be a man without an earth model?

Let's Go Further

Flat earth theory says the earth obviously does not spin on its axis, as it's not a ball and there is no axis. Moreover, the earth does not orbit the sun and the moon does not orbit the earth. They both orbit (or at least, go in circles) above the earth plane in a pattern around it, that certainly can appear to look like the earth traverses the sun and the moon traverses the earth, if you believe they do.

Geometrically and mathematically it works out. It can not be disproved by math or by appearance. The earth evidently, not only does move through space or orbit anything, but it does not spin as a way to create 24 hour days. That is all done by the pattern of the motion of the sun above the earth.

The fiction of the earth spinning 1000 MPH needed to be created to explain the 24 hour cycle that we are taught is part of the earth orbiting the sun. Humanity was told, “Yes, it very much appears that the sun is moving in relation to us, but appearances are deceptive. What is actually happening is the earth spins around one time every 24 hours, providing the hourly passage of time and the whole, night/day cycle.”

The problem for the controllers is that the earth is close to 25,000 in circumference. That means that at the equator, the rate of spin needs to be about 1000 miles per hour, and that is way too fast to escape the scrutiny of common sense, once people start getting confronted with it. No doubt, the programming, and the discomfort of the cognitive dissonance experience will inspire a good percentage of humanity to continue to live in denial, just as they are about the realities of 911, for instance, but I expect this will be the wake up call for untold millions of people.

Do you remember ever learning that the earth was spinning as fast as 1000 miles per hour? I surely don't recall anyone ever putting a number on it. I wonder if the controllers discourage the actual numbers being taught.

But You Can Get To Antarctica From Everywhere

It seems to my uneducated mind that it should be fairly simple to verify or debunk if no matter where you are, you can hit what appears to be Antarctica, even though you are not going south. According to flat earth theory, someone flying West from Los Angeles to Hawaii, could simply not land in Hawaii, but kept going West in a straight line, and at some point, they would see what appears to be Antarctica.

Obviously we can't rely on the controller's mapping technologies for this confirmation, but someone with a ship or jet should be able to set out from anywhere, and take what the flat earth map shows as the nearest way to the Arctic barrier. If they end up in such a place, even though it's thousands of miles from where Antarctica is supposed to be, it would certainly be a case of, winner winner, chicken dinner. Don't you think? If the 360 degree arctic barrier can not be found, then perhaps flat-earthers will need to go back to believing in atmosphere that spins with the land and prevents airplanes from flying the way they logically should – as well as the wonders of gravity that holds water upside down and sideways and prevents people from realizing they are sideways or upside down.

Seriously. It seems to me that finding the 360 degree arctic bowl walls is something flat-earthers could manage to do if it really exists. What do you think?

Sailor Reckoning Mysteries Explained

This brings up the question, Don't you think that ships have lost their bearing and ended up at a portion of the Arctic barrier, while the captain and the ship mates were totally freaked out that they were able to travel to the South Pole in such a short amount of time? Actually, flat earth proponents cite many examples of just that happening. The captains simply scratch their heads about it, and put it into their personal WTF files of their brain. They actually write logs detailing their experience and their surprise.

Bringing Back Common Sense

So much of the evidence for the earth plane model is common sense. When you first learned in school about how people all over the world feel like they are right side up, even when they are upside down on the globe, it probably didn't make sense to you. Yes, you learned about gravity being the invisible force that holds everyone to the surface, regardless of whether they are right side up, standing sideways or standing upside down, but you probably found it hard to imagine.

Of course, you figure you are just a kid and your teacher is older and went to school for a lot more years than you have gone, so she must know what she is talking about. The same applies for when she told you that the entire earth is spinning around and around, as it also flies through space and orbits the sun.

You probably thought it was weird how you can't feel any of that, but what the heck, she's your teacher so it has to be true. As you advanced through years and grades, every subsequent “fact” you were taught, added to the foundation you were given, and was accepted in the exact same manner.

You could have ended up in college and graduate school, filled with all kinds of fantastic and complicated scenarios, backed up with mathematical formulas. It all seems to be true, because it was based on the foundational lies. Once you accepted the initial lie, you set yourself up for believing all the other myriad lies to come.

Do They Want Us To Talk About This?

On the one hand, I feel like this lie is so huge, the controllers may not be concerned, because individuals who discuss this discredit themselves prima facie. The type of person who would bring this up, present company included, is the type of person to be putting out the warning that a relative handful of people have extremely dark plans for humanity, including the wholesale death of the vast majority of us.

It seems like that message may never be taken seriously when the same guy spreading it, also is saying, “Oh yeah, and I just found out, the world is flat.” That is why I wonder if the controllers want us to spread this data, even though it evidently is true. Ironically, I recently contributed a post here to the Devtome wiki about vaccines. I mentioned how people like me who call attention to the fact that vaccines are not safe or effective, are often labeled as nut jobs. I included a line that detractors of anti vaccine messengers probably believe that we also believe in the flat earth theory.

That was just a few weeks ago and at that time, that was my definition of a nut job. Oh, the irony. Now I actually believe there may be something to the flat earth model, and I realize that can be used to discredit me to many people who might otherwise have listened to my vaccine message. (I'd be lying if I were to say that a part of me doesn't wonder if I should perhaps just sit this one out. It's not like I'm required to share all my beliefs, let alone, all my beliefs regarding what may be possible.)

Ultimately though, I thinks it's crucial to pretty much question everything. Don't take anything for granted in terms of believing something just because we are all taught that it's true.

The House Of Cards

Yet, on the other hand, a part of me feels that the common sense evidence of the earth plane model is so overwhelmingly compelling, that it actually threatens to topple the entire house of cards that is the false matrix that comprises our collective bogus world view. I think it's entirely possible, that despite the fact that it's arguably the biggest of all the hoaxes, by far, it can be explained to people in a way that, in time, may become undeniable.

If you start searching the Internet, you will find extremely intelligent people telling how they initially laughed at this, and made fun of the people who were spreading it. However, when they actually looked at it, for the purpose of debunking it, sometimes with plans of eviscerating the messengers, they realized they were unable to deny it, even if they don't have it all figured out.

There is something about the way this appeals to the common sense part of our mind that we have been trained (brainwashed) to ignore and shut down, that makes me think that the controllers are actually frightened about this hoax being discussed, more so than all the others combined.

Add to that, the fact that since it is so big, so fundamental, that once it is grasped, the person is automatically primed and ready to understand how so many other things they believed to be true are also pure hoaxes. I mean, if you can understand you've been lied to about the the big ball earth, then coming to terms with who killed JFK or who did 911, is an utter piece of cake.

Airplane Travel

One of the best common sense evidence matters pertains to airplane travel and the rotation of the earth. Perhaps I never realized that earth is said to be spinning at about 1000 miles per hour. Wow. How is it possible we can't notice, measure or validate that?

To be precise, it's 1000 MPH at the equator, but if you were 100 feet from the north pole, you'd only be moving at about a quarter mile per hour. It's like being a kid on a packed merry go round. The ones on the outside are covering an impressive amount of ground and holding on for dear life while their psychopathic uncle keeps spinning them faster and faster. The ones right at the middle are not moving nearly so much or with as much reckless abandon.

So, say you are making a 2500 mile round trip flight near the equator. On the way there, traveling against the rotation of the earth. It takes you about five hours, or 500 miles per hour. Hmmm. That's strange, because passenger planes tend to average 500 miles per hour.

If the earth were not spinning at all, you would expect a 5 hour flight. However, we all know that the “planet” spins 1000 MPH. For this flight, spinning towards you, as you were flying against its rotation, it should have barely taken you any time at all.

I mean, if you were in a helicopter, for Pete's sake, you should have been able to simply hover in place and watch your destination city come into view in 2 and a half hours. However, you were in a plane, adding another 500 MPH to the combined speed of the earth and your jumbo jet, so that makes 1500 MPH to get 2500 miles. It should be well under 2 hours total flying time.

I guess we'll just have to file that in the WTF department. Let's look at the trip back. You will be going in the same direction as the spinning earth. As soon as you take off, you'll be able to watch the ground beneath you pass you up. After all, it's going 1000 MPH and the most you will ever go is 500 MPH.

Interestingly, the only way you're going to be able to arrive is for the entire earth to lap you, as if you're a slower driver in the Indy 500. You get this, right? You can never catch up to something going twice as fast as you are.

It would take so damn long, the only way to fly that would make sense, is to always fly in the same direction, going against the direction of the earth's natural spin because that way, you can always get a combined 1500 MPH, even though you will have to cover most of the earth's surface at that longitude over which you are flying.

In reality though, the return flight only takes you 5 hours. Wow. Imagine that. Another one for the WTF file – (Or for those who don't appreciate such colloquiallisms, the Twilight Zone file.)

Of course, the fact that planes don't fly only in one direction, and there is no massive discrepancy between going and returning flight times, shows us that the earth does not spin, despite the cool CGI composites on Google that show it spinning. If it's not spinning, it must be because it's not a big round ball. It's flat, just like people always used to believe before various scientists in secret societies like Freemasonry corrected us and enlightened us, being the sweethearts they were.

Can you imagine trying to land a plane if the earth really were spinning at 1000 MPH and your plane topped out of 500? That wouldn't be a problem at all. It would be incredibly safe. Ad if there were any safety issues, I have no doubt the geniuses at the TSA could be called in to figure it out for us. They could start with a search of the bowels of the plane, for starters.

All I can fathom is the landing runways would have to be perpendicular to the direction of the spin if there were to be any chance of not crashing. They would also need to be huge, like maybe the size of cities.

Of course, it would be a different set of complex equations for the pilots to be working with, depending on where the airport is. Remember, it is 1000 MPH at the equator, but less as you move toward either of the earth's poles. Man, it would be a mess.

Of course, due to scientific bias, which is based on the human condition of not admitting you are wrong, you could ask anybody steeped in science to explain what is going on here. You will end up getting various explanations with extraneous data thrown in to try to explain why none of what you just read matters.

Get Your BS Detectors Ready

You are probably going to hear that the ground is not the only thing that moves. You'll be told the atmosphere moves along with it at exactly the same speed as the ground, so not to worry, that just makes it all a wash. Enough said.

[Note from the controllers:] Quit asking dumb questions, and don't worry your pretty little head, because the people in the white coats have taken care of everything for us.

Let's see… Atmosphere. The air space and the wind? Air space and wind moves with the moving earth, exactly at the same speed as the moving earth? Really? How does air space move? Since when does the wind blow 1000 MPH? (Sounds like 2 more entries for the Twilight Zone file.)

[For giggles and grins, let's just pretend like moving atmosphere is really science. Yeah, it's a thing (for the sake of this argument. OK?) Whatever effect a “moving atmosphere” would have on the plane, would not and could not in any way whatsoever, be the same effect on the return trip as the departure trip. No matter how you slice it, whether you have an imaginary-scientific 1000 mile per hour tailwind, or an imaginary-scientific 1000 mile per hour headwind, or an imaginary-scientific air space moving with you or an imaginary-scientific air space moving against you, there has got to be discrepancy in the two flight times, if the earth really is moving.]

At this point, your scientific steeped debater might bring up some irrelevant purported analogies about you and your little brother being in the backseat of your parent's car on your family vacation. You were able to pass a ball back and forth, even though your father was driving like a maniac, trying to get to Monkey Island before the Orangutan band took the stage.

The ball did not get tossed through the back windshield, but instead, landed in your hands, despite the fact that car was going 90 MPH. That is supposed to explain why land, going up to 1000 miles per hour underneath your airplane, has no effect on plane travel, plane safety or flight time.

[Note from the controllers:] Now please, I told you not to worry your pretty little head. If you ask one more question, I'm going to have to bust out the calculus that you won't understand, and make you feel like the dumbass you are.

Why Didn't Pilots Figure This Out?

Another thing to consider about flying is that pilots are never taught to compensate for the curvature of the earth. They get up to their elevation level as dictated in their flight plan, and then it's a matter of staying the course. Talk to pilots if you don't believe me. Ask them how often they have to lower their elevation to stay true to the elevation in their flight plan, and for that matter, to keep from bumping into whatever atmospheric, stratospheric (etc.) barriers that prevent them from going into outer space.

After all, if they don't compensate for the curvature of the big ball earth, the longer they fly, the higher they will be and the further away from the “planet” they will get. At some point, they would either go into outer space, or more likely, crash the plane, since they don't have rocket engines and heat shields that are needed to venture into space.

In this day and age of automatic pilots, we could be told that the plans take all that into account via the computer, but surely, pilots would need to be trained in case of computer malfunction. And the senior, old school pilots never had that benefit back in the day. So please, have those conversations and let me know how they go.

Of course, as spoken about elsewhere in this article, quite a few pilots would have to be in on the flat Earth. This is especially true for pilots who fly long distances in the Southern hemisphere. On the surface it seems unlikely, but if they are Freemason members (or some other secret/secretive organization) who take blood oaths to keep secrets (which a lot of people do), I can't rule it out.

Chink In The Armor?

It is very likely that the 1000 MPH rate of spin is going to be the vehicle that gets most people to discover the truth. If we could be led to believe that it is spinning much slower, perhaps we could believe the lie indefinitely, but 1000 MPH just does not hold up to the scrutiny of common sense, when we start thinking about airplane flights.

Who knows? If the airplane had never been invented, perhaps the hoax could have be maintained forever. I'm guessing it is the whole airplane thing that was the chink in most flat-earther's big blue ball earth brainwashing, and it is probably the best way to initially go about nudging others to awaken from the spell. SHAZAM! (Perhaps the second most powerful wake up call is the data regarding what individuals on ships can see many miles off shore. There are several infographics to that effect at the close of this article.)

Once you get it, you really shake your head and wonder how we all could have believed it for so long. We have allowed our minds to become so programmed, we have been able to go throughout our lives in a waking stupor. You really have to take your hat off to the controllers. Respect, as they say.

I don't respect them for being so deceptive, per se, or for their heinous crimes against humanity, but my goodness, these people got massive skills. They are good at what they do. How did they get all of us to swallow the whole 1000 MPH thing? Or how about the 60,000 MPH the Earth is said to be flying around the sun? Or how about not being able to tell you're standing sideways or upside down?

How did pilots not start talking among themselves, asking why they don't need to compensate constantly throughout every flight for the curvature of the earth, or any number of other clues? (I've read passages from a book written in the latter 19th century that spoke of the amused conversations from railroad engineers and designers that no allowances for the alleged curvature of the Earth were ever made when designing or building railroad tracks. Designers and builders of canals, tunnels and mines were also said to concur.)

If the spherical model of Earth is the ultimate hoax, it will go to show the power of authority and the power of indoctrination and the worldwide mandatory schooling laws. Get us while we're young, teach us what to think, rather than how to think, and we won't ever question what we've been taught.

The Words Of An Imbecile

I do understand that scientists provide what is considered to be undeniable empirical evidence that everything I have said regarding the spinning ground and its effects on plane and jet travel as the words of an imbecile. If I tried to debate them, it wouldn't be pretty.

They would cite various laws of science and use geometry and math. They'd have me admit that what they were saying was over my head. I'd be left with saying things like, I really can't believe that I'm standing sideways, and the ground I'm on is spinning several hundred miles an hour, and that the Earth is also, simultaneously flying through space, orbiting the sun at over 60,000 miles per hour, and that solar system is simultaneously orbiting the galaxy much faster, yet, because I can't feel or notice any of it.

It would provide great entertainment value for them, no doubt. When it comes to various conspiracies, those who “debunk” (or believe they debunk) them have their own take on virtually every point the conspiracy believers present. The debunkers take the attitude that every argument has been proven wrong, countless times.

My usual take is that they have been counter argued, but not debunked (proven wrong.) When it comes to this, what would seem to be the grandest of all the conspiracies, I have less confidence due to lack of scientific education. If there was some way I could simply know for sure, one way or the other, there would be a surprise element, either way.

Yes, I'm leaning toward the possibility of plane (rather than, planet) Earth, but let's say that God (or a god in charge of this) personal told me the answer, I'd be like… “For real? Wow!,” regardless whatever the answer is. The reason for that is there are issues with both models that make me doubt them.

I Just Want To Know The Truth

It seems to me that the defenders of the status quo world view are all about proving that everything is exactly as they believe. In other words, their motivation is in proving they are right. They don't seem to be able to accept the possibility that they may not know everything. To me, they seem, on average, far more biased than me.

It's true that my bias is toward a conspiratorial option, but I don't simply assume something is a conspiracy, and then try to make the data fit it. I do feel that those who defend the status quo do that, in terms of propping up their beliefs.

On 9/11/2001, I held opened the possibility of parts of the government being in on it, but I did not assume it. I was very much buying the cover story at the very beginning. When aspects of the official 911 narrative started not making sense, I would discuss those with people, and I took a lot of flak from the vast majority of individuals I communicated with.

They clearly didn't want to even consider my issues and questions. They were staunch defenders of the official narrative, as opposed to being staunch seekers of what really happened.

I would say, “It makes zero sense that the Secret Service would allow the President to stay in the school room where everybody knew exactly where he was at, while we were under multiple attacks. It is established protocol to whisk the President away to safety, without even getting permission… just like Cheney said they did to him at his office in the White House. Either whoever was calling their shots was in on it, or it was the most epic Secret Service fail in our nation's history.”

They would retort, “Absolutely not. The White House said they didn't want to worry the kids. It might give the children nightmares if the President had left before My Pet Goat was finished. That makes perfect sense. They weighed the risk to reward ratio and decided it was worth the risk. They're the experts. Who are you to pretend to know more about protecting the President than they do? The person calling the shots for the Secret Service was in no way in on it, nor did he make a massive mistake in judgement regarding protecting the President. You are wrong. You couldn't be more wrong. If it happened again tomorrow, they would and should do the exact same damn thing. It makes perfect sense. It's unbelievable that you think you are smarter than the experts who protect the President of the United States of America!”

They would consider that, “debunking,” the huge clue that something was horribly wrong there. I can laugh at that and realize they are desperately programmed to not see reality. However, when dealing with defenders of the spherical Earth status quo, I often don't have such clear cut advantages due to my lack of education in science. Or in the case of Sandy Hook, I can point out clues such as videos of Robbie Parker and while I'm at it, Gene Rosen. I can ask, “Can't you admit that something is really off about these guys?” If people respond that absolutely nothing seems off with either or them, and nothing about them gives them pause to wonder, even for a second, then I can realize they are hopelessly in denial.

In the case of the Boston Marathon bombing, I can point to the clue of this video where emergency room nurses talk about law enforcement officials being with the victims and bossing the medical staff around, with orders to not wash off the wounds – or ordering them which patients to amputate which limbs without allowing them to undergo the triage assessment protocols of CT Scans or MRIs. I can ask people if that is a serious red flag. If they won't admit that, I can easily understand they aren't interested in figuring out the truth of the matter. 28)

I'm sure thee is a lot of that going on in the round Earth/sphere Earth debate, but I have a disadvantage in this one. When I'm being blinded by science, I have trouble seeing the blind spots of these status quo defenders.

Flat Earth Clues

While there are various clues that leave me feeling and believing that there are holes in the globe Earth model, it would be nice if the globe Earth crowd would acknowledge that some of these clues have given them occasion to scratch their heads in wonder, but I can't find anyone to admit that. (That, of course, is not surprising.) But since I'm basically, scientifically clueless, I'm left wondering how much basis I may actually have for my stance on the possibility of the plane Earth model.

Some of the best flat earth clues can be found in the video, Flat Earth Clues, by Mark Sergeant. I higly recommend watching it.

Flights In The Southern "Hemisphere"


I find this to be one of the best clues.

The biggest discrepancies in the land masses between the globe model and the flat Earth map are found in the Southern Hemisphere. Flat-Earthers say that the logistics brought about by these differences cause flight patterns choices that would make zero sense whatsoever if the globe model were actually correct.

Instead of staying in the Southern Hemisphere, flights are usually routed to the Northern hemisphere without – what would be in the globe model – any rhyme or reason whatsoever.

If the globe is for real, then these flight patterns constitute some of the most bizarre choices imaginable. They make no sense. However, if the flat Earth model is accurate, then they make all the sense in the world.

Take a look at the bottom half of the graphic below. That shows the globe map that we are all indoctrinated to believe is accurate. The green line extends from Chile to New Zealand. It's virtually the same longitude that the cities o Santiago and Christchurch are on.

However, if you want to get to Christchurch from Santiago, you will take the route shown by the red line. It goes way up north to Atlanta, USA and then over to Los Angeles, USA. From there it goes back down to the Southern hemisphere to Sydney, Australia, and then onto New Zealand.

It's insane. Right? There should be 2 separate lights. One is for passengers going to New Zealand and Australia, and the other is for those going to Atlanta and Los Angeles. (…Unless you believe there's a severe shortage of planes, that is.)

Now look at the top part of the image below, the flat earth map. Australia and New Zealand are not in the Southern “hemisphere.” They are still far to the west, but they are way up in what would be the Northern hemisphere, if the Earth were a sphere.

So, on this model, the United States is between South America and Australia/New Zealand. Therefore it is quite logical to first make stops on both coasts of the United States. If Earth is a sphere, such routing is inexcusable, unfathomable and downright crazy.


Let's look at another image. Below, the map on the left is the sphere Earth. The map on the right is the flat Earth. On the sphere/globe Earth map, Sydney, Australia is on a close longitude to Capetown, South Africa. Yet, to get from one city to the other, you must fly north, well over the equator to Dubai, United Arab Emirates. It's ridiculous.

However, when viewed on the flat Earth map, it's only logical. It's a straight line across, with Dubai, one of many possible logical stops that could be made in between them.

What I very very telling is that these ridiculous seeming flight patterns are not ridiculous at all from the flat Earth perspective. If that was not the case – for instance, if there were stops that were equally ridiculous for the flat Earth model as for the globe Earth model, it would certainly be a mystery that needed to be investigated.

However, that's not the case. All the ridiculousnes vanishes when you look at the flights via the plane Earth perspective. There is still a mystery, that needs to be investigated, though. It's a tiny percentage of purported direct flights that seem to contradict this explanation. We'll get to that in a minute.


In Mark Sargeant's Flat Earth Clues, clue #7, The Long Haul, deals with this topic, including his alarming discovery that as a matter of course, all Southern hemisphere flights quit being tracked not long after take off until the flight is almost at its destination.

This is not the case with flights in the Northern hemisphere. It's further evidence that something is really off about Southern hemisphere travel. If you are Lieutenant Columbo, you may not be ready to make your arrest yet, but you have enough clues to let you know you are getting close.

Occasional Exceptions

A most curious aspect about this clue is that a there are flight bookings that are exceptions. They are quite rare, but a few flights are shown to be available where you don't have to make the nonsensical connection flights thousands of miles out of the way.

The people who argue that you have to be crazy or stupid to even entertain the possibility of a plane Earth say that the occasional exceptions debunk this clue entirely, and shows it to be moot. This is where I find the status quo-ers to be disingenuous, because it should at least give them some pause to wonder why about 95% of the flight patterns make no sense if the Earth is globular, and that maybe 5% (or so) are logical.

We are not talking about going a few hundred miles out of the way. We are speaking about several thousand miles. Moreover, when you add to this, the fact that the Southern flights, inexplicably are not tracked but for the very first and last parts of the flight, this is a huge red flag.

If you are a truth detective, you can't just sweep that under the rug. You have to deal with it. You have to admit it raises questions and has potential profound implications. It certainly casts doubts on the 5% of the flights?

I wonder if those flights are real. Do you book it and have it get canceled? Are there some planes capable of going faster than most?

This definitely needs to be investigated. I saw that somebody put up a crowdsourcing project to try to get the money up to book some of these flights.

The Curved Horizon

Some people report seeing a curved horizon when looking through a plane window. Others report not seeing any curvature. Could it be because some flights are higher elevation than others?

Well, no, because some of the people who report not seeing the curve are in those higher elevated flights than some of the people who report seeing it. It turns out that some plane windows are curved, giving the appearance of a curved horizon to the untrained eye. There is said to also be in some plane windows a fish eye type lens material, which really makes the horizon look curved.

It has also been noted that some people's brains create their own optical illusion with curved horizons, that other people, right next to them, do not experience. What is undeniable is that a camera without a fisheye lens was brought up in a private balloon, well over 100,000 feet. No curvature was detected.

The Dude Who Jumped From The Balloon From The Edge Of Space

If you saw the product promotion that had a daredevil going up in a balloon more than 100,000 feet, to jump out with a parachute, you may have noticed the GoPro camera showed a curvature effect. That was definitely a fish eye lens, but if it weren't lens effect, the level of curvature from that height was so slight that the actual size of the space ball earth would be many times larger than what science tells us it is. Either way you slice it, science has a lot of 'splainin' to do, Lucy. Other people have taken balloons up with and without fisheye GoPro camera lens, and when there is no fisheye lens, and the camera is steady, there is no curvature. When the camera is moving, there is curvature, but it alternates between convex and concave. You aren't suggesting that the curvature of the earth is moving in such cases; are you?

Ships Going Out To Sea

Big round ball spaceship earth proponents will tell you that if you watch a ship going out to sea, you can notice the curvature of the earth at the point you can still see the ship, but you are unable to see the bottom part where it meets the water. It is said to be so far out, the water, curving to align with the round ball shape thanks to the magic of the theory of gravity, is lower at that point.

It sounds feasible, at least if you still believe all the crap you learned in high school. The problem is, it's an optical illusion. If you look at the ship through a telescope, you will be able to see where the ship meets the water. Surely you aren't suggesting that the act of looking through the telescope has the effect of reversing the magic of gravity; are you?

Ships Out To Sea Coming To Shore

Another phenomena is how ships that are many miles out to see are able to see structures far away on land, like lighthouses, and the Statue of Liberty, that they should not be able to see, if the earth were a ball. Following the mathematical calculations based upon what science teaches us regarding the curvature of the big ball earth, the ships in question are too far out for its passengers to be able to see what they are seeing. Go figure.

Find more data on this topic in the infographics at the close of this article.


Gravitiy is said to hold everyone and everything to the surface of the earth, even though earth spins up to 1000 MPH. Yet there is no explanation for how gravity does its job so uniformly, for everybody, no matter where they are on the big ball. The force of gravity it takes to hold you to the equator, would make you weigh hundreds of thousands of pounds if you were by the North or South Pole. There is no rhyme or reason as to how it effects water in the ocean, preventing it from spilling and creating tsunamis where the ball curves… or from spilling into the atmospere, creating constant rainstorms over the ocean. How is the water not efffected by the curvature? Wow, that gravity thing that Freemason Issac Newton “discovered” when he may or may not have seen an apple fall one day, really is amazing. Don't you agree? Scientists accuse religious people of copping out when they say that they God is making things work the way they do, yet they show a Godlike faith in gravity. Anything they can't really explain when it comes to the round earth theory, is simply chalked up to gravity.

Upside Down And Sideways People

Gravity, somehow, not only is responsible for helping people to walk upside down, like the roach on your kitchen ceiling. It also makes them feel exactly as if they are walking right side up. Of course, most individuals on the earth ball, aren't right side up or upside down. We are varying degrees of sideways, but it's all the same deal. Gravity allows us to go about our lives sideways, yet with the precise orientation of someone who is right-side up.

Other Planets And Aliens

Many flat earth researchers are speculating that, in all likelihood, the stream of information we have been given in recent years and decades about the numbers of stars of planets is virtually certain to be bogus, so the trend is to wipe the slate clean, which is not a bad idea. That is, don't accept something as fact simply because it was taught to us as such.

Now add to the equation that the earth is not orbiting the sun, but the sun takes a circle around the upside of the earth plane. Many people interpret that to mean that earth is indeed the center of the universe, as humans used to think before Freemasons Galileo and Copernacus said otherwise.

Some people are going as far as to say there are no other sentient beings and that makes us special. I find that faulty reasoning on a number of levels. I'm not alone in this, by any stretch. Morgile, on YouTube says that if anything, the flat earth model makes the likelihood of aliens more feasible, in that they would probably be much closer neighbors, instead of having to travel from trillions of light years away, as the current earth model tells us the closest stars are at. I also believe in extra-dimensional realities. There is plenty of metaphysical information that talks about how parallel universes share the same space, but are simply vibrating at different frequencies. Even if the earth plane is the center of the universe, or the whole of the universe, there would be no reason to rule out that there are infinite other planes sharing the same space with us, vibrating at different rates. I believe we are special, but not because we are the only sentient creations. We don't need to be exclusive to be special.

Obama's Flat Earth References

In recent times, Obama has made at least two references to people who believe in the flat earth model. In at least one of those references, he was promoting the idea of global warming/climate change. He was basically saying, if you don't believe in climate change brought on by human activity of increased carbon dioxide, then you must be stupid enough to believe in the flat earth theory.

The thing to remember about global warming is that none of the myriad of dire predictions have ever come close to come true. The scientists who predicted them, instead of feeling foolish, have, to a person, doubled down. They say, they got the time frame wrong, but all the other data is correct.

They had to create climate change, because global warming basically became unprovable. Overall, this is just another way to control and tax humanity and move toward covert global government, taking the assets of the people and giving them to the controllers.

The truth is that their are cutting edge programs including HAARP, GWEN, chemtrails and more, that are creating climate change, earth catastrophes and even global warming in certain areas and years. It is being done so that they can blame it on carbon dioxide. Please do online searches to discover more information.

Do not be fooled by those who say that chemtrailing is a program designed to stop global warming. To the contrary, it is designed to usher it in, among other extremely negative earth changes.

Arctic Midnight Sun

One of the videos I've seen talks about the flat-earth evidence of the Arctic midnight sun. It goes like this:

During the summer solstice every year from the 65th parallel and up. It is possible to see the sun never set for days, simply rising and falling every 12 hours. If the earth were actually a spinning globe revolving around the Sun, the only place such a phenomenon could be seen would be at the poles.

Any other vantage point from 89 degrees latitude downward could never, regardless of any tilt or inclination, see the sun for 24 hours straight. To see the sun for an entire revolution on a spinning globe at a point other than the poles, you would have to be looking through miles and miles of land and sea for part of the revolution.

The Midnight Sun is visible in the Northern latitudes during Arctic summer because the sun, at its inner-most cycle, is circling tightly enough around the polar center that it remains visible above the horizon for someone at such a vantage point. Likewise, during extreme Southern latitudes during Arctic summer, the sun completely disappears from view for 2 months, because there at the Northern Tropic, at the inner-most part of its boomerang journey, the sun is circling the Northern center too tightly to be seen from its Southern circumference.

“If the earth were actually a ball, spinning daily with uniform speed around the sun, there should be equal 12 hour days and 12 hour nights everywhere, all year round. The great variety in length of days and nights throughout the year at differing latitudes on earth, testifies to the fact that we do not live on a spinning ball-planet,” the video concludes.

Night And Day Should "Swap"

The video goes on to say that night and day should swap if earth really orbited around the sun. As the earth spins, the dark side is night and the light side is day. It says, therefore, as the earth orbits around the sun annually, there should come a point, every six months when night and day swap with each other.

Start at 12 noon at the beginning of September. Go six months into the future, or 182, full 360 degree revolutions of night and day, light and dark periods. At this point, due to the earth purportedly being on the exact opposite side of the sun, it should be dark, or 12 midnight, rather than light at 12 noon.

Moon Phases And New Moon Anomalies?

Also, the phases of the moon are constant, consistent, unwavering. Some flat-earthers say that could not be the case if the moon were really orbiting around the earth while the earth is orbiting around the sun. When the moon is 180 degrees opposite, on the other side of the sun, the phases would have to swap.

Every month, at the new moon, when the moon is said to be between the earth and the sun, we see no evidence of the moon being in our field of view. During the day time, shouldn't we be able to see a dark spot in the sky where the moon is in the way?

The Southern Cross Vs Polaris Argument

In parts of the Southern hemisphere, you will see the southern cross constellation all year round. And in the Northern hemisphere, you will see Polaris, the north star, above the north pole. With the tilt of the earth as it orbits the sun, it should be impossible that people in the North and the South could still maintain the same visual angle of the stars.

After a 180 degree orbit, the earth would be millions of miles out of line with Polaris. The angle of the earth would have to be changing continually to keep the north star always above the north pole. So, if people in the north observe Polaris above the north pole, people in the south should not be able to observe the southern cross above the south pole at the same time.

Time Lapse Star Photo Arguments

Pictured below is a time lapse photo taken of the stars, somewhere in the mid latitudes of earth. There are circles within circles. Standard science tells us that is from the effect of the spinning earth, that is to say, the stars do not move, but the spin of the earth gives the appearance of such.

Flat earth theorists tend to ascribe to the geocentric, pre Copericus/Galileo popular astronomical opinion that it is the stars that move, but not the earth. It is stipulated that if earth were really a ball, the only place on earth such a picture could be taken would be the north pole. (I'm not sure why the alleged south pole is not included.) It's said that such a time lapse photo from the mid latitudes would only show horizontal lines.

Notice in the photo below, how the stars revolve in perfect circles around Polaris the north star, positioned above the sky dome, right above the north pole, the immovable, magnetic center of the universe, around which everything revolves. NASA says Polaris is 2 quadrillion miles away, and earth is orbiting around the sun at 67,000 MPH, which is spiraling around the outer arms of the Milky Way at 500,000 MPH, while shooting through the universe at 670,000,000 MPH.

How is it even conceptually possible that Polaris, 2 quadrillion miles away, day after day, year after year, always maintains its alignment straight above the north pole? That would mean from 2 quadrillion miles away, Polaris would have to be perfectly mirroring earth's several simultaneous wobbling, spinning, spiraling and shooting motions.

On the other hand, it could mean that the earth is fixed, and it is the stars that are over and around us, just as they appear to be doing.

How can a photographer take a long exposure photo of the night sky if she is standing on a spinning ball, so as all the stars are at different distances from your perspective? As you move through the universe, it would all continually change. The problem is, that doesn't happen. All the stars remain in their relative positions to one another, day after day, year after year.

The only way the stars can retain a relative position to each other is if you are not moving, and the universe is a fixed shere around you.

Why This Hoax?

Many people won't even entertain a flat earth discussion because it makes zero sense to them it terms of why the powers that be would even initiate, let alone perpetuate such a massive hoax for hundreds of years. It's important to remember that just because you can't fathom why people would do something, it doesn't mean that they didn't do it. Can you imagine police detectives refusing to arrest people because the can't understand why they committed their crimes? If nobody can answer the question of why, that doesn't give you permission to intellectually put your head in the sand or turn a blind eye to all the red flags and smoking guns that are before you.

I may never attain the definitive answer at to why this massive hoax upon humankind was chosen and enacted, but I can say that evidence seems to indicate that throughout all of recorded human history, a select few bloodline families have maintained control of most of the earth. They have seized more control today than ever, but they have always maintained secret groups where they meet to help them run their crimes and scams and discuss their secrets.

One of the ways they control us is by fooling us regarding who we really are and what we are capable of achieving. I can only assume that this hoax plays into that, but at this time, I am uncertain of the specifics.

I'm finding that a number of flat-earthers are feeling less significant with their new found belief that earth is not just one of billions of planets. A geocentric model that says the world they live on is the center of the universe seems to give some people more of a spiritual connection to whoever or whatever may have created the world. Perhaps at least part of the reason for the hoax is to cut people off from feeling a connection with God.

I'm sorry if that's not a satisfying enough, but it's all I have at the moment, and again, it makes no sense refuse to look at evidence and discuss possibilities, simply because we don't know why. In fact, it's intellectually dishonest to do that.

Furthermore, regardless of what you may believe about the flat earth theory, there is overwhelming evidence that humanity is in trouble if we don't wake up. There is a small group of people who have massive control of so much of our world and they have openly published their plans to decimate the human population so that only half a billion people are living at any time.

They've funded despots who have killed hundreds of millions of people since the beginning of the 20th century. They fund wars. They make sure that tens of millions of people starve annually. They are militarizing police departments the world over. They are behind almost all the terrorism in one way or another, and then they use the terror to usurp our civil liberties.

They run the drugs, launder the drug money, and then imprison millions of people and turn them into slave laborers for buying their drugs. They run child sex rings, human trafficking and the snuff film industry. Flat earth, round earth, square earth or parallelogram earth, we have our work cut out for us.

Our first step is discerning the truth and helping others to do so. It often involves having people think we are batshit bonkers, because the reality these people have created is so over the top that people who are not awake (or who have yet to begin their awakening process) can't help but be extremely skeptical of the world view we are telling them about.

These controllers are apparently doing the bidding of demonic entities that feed off negative energy, so part of the lesson is to quit giving them what they want. I appreciate Alex Jones of, but he is missing the boat with so much negative emotion.

Yes, it makes sense to want to hate such controlling, manipulative, deceptive people who ritually torture and murder children and others, but it does not help change the situation. When enough people are able to awaken to love and forgiveness (not that I would know from experience yet), that is when the world will change.29)

So, as you begin to realize the depth and breadth of the deception, please don't be negative. (Easier said than done.) Hating the deceivers does not help us. If you can't love them (and I don't blame you), at least try to see the perspective that we've been reincarnating, playing this game for a long time, and they are helping us to learn the lessons we need to learn.

Nothing is happening without reason. We are not here by mistake. We are here to learn. We can't learn without admitting mistakes and without admitting we've been massively duped, and for that matter, without allowing ourselves to make more mistakes as we attempt to learn our lessons. We must forgive ourselves and others. We need to quit acting like we know everything and that anyone who disagrees with us is an idiot. We need a safe space to be able to be wrong and we need to give that safe space to others.

We all have much to learn and to teach. Keep in mind, the controllers, who are helping us learn our lessons, will have major consequences for their actions and choices. We should respect that even as take back our control.

The energetic frequency secret seems to be that what we focus on tends to manifest. So the key is not to focus on what we want to avoid, but upon what we want to create. Do we want to get revenge or do we want to create the world that is possible?

We can't have it both ways.

Infographics From The Atlantean Conspiracy

For Further Research

For more information you can start with this documentary and follow it up with this interview and this video as well as this website .

This link will take you to the IFERS (International Flat Earth Research Society – not to be confused with the parody organization, the Flat Earth Society, started in 1970) forum thread which argues against a lot of the various purported debunkings of the flat Earth model.

This one is the thread that lists some of the best videos arguing for the plane Earth theory.

A lot of impressive engineering and building had already been done by the time the 20th century came around. It seems that engineers in that era didn't have a problem admitting they didn't plan or build canals and railways in a manner to compensate for the curvature of the Earth, since that were convinced there was no curvature for which to compensate. Click here.

Last but not least, below are 3 ebooks from 19th century scholars:

Zetetic Cosmogeny: Conclusive Evidence that the World is Not a Rotating, Revolving Globe

100 Proofs the Earth is Not a Globe

Terra Firma: The Earth Not A Planet

Earth Sciences | Issues

Of course, today, my mom would have been arrested for child endangerment for letting me walk home with my friends, and I would have been adopted out to a pedophile, for my own protection, of course.
So yeah, the title of this post, if it were to mirror my position, would be, Where Were You When You First Found It A Distinct Possibility That The Earth May Be Flat?“
To be fair, I should say there is name calling in both directions, but it seems to usually start when a rounder tells a flatter something to the effect that she can't believe how “retarded” she is, or that the flatter's stupidity causes the rounder to weep for humanity, etc. It only degenerates from there into a pit of ridicule and disrespect. So many of the rounders feel an intrinsic need to let the flatters know how much they are being laughed at by not only them, but their friends, family and coworkers.
Yes, I hear the thoughts of some readers screaming at me that there are hundreds or thousands of satellites constantly orbiting the earth, as well as simply hovering in geosynchronous patterns over many areas. Perhaps, and perhaps not. I'm keeping an open mind. Remember the conversation I had with my genius friend? He questions how we can really know anything is true. One thing that is undeniable is that the powers that be have been caught in countless lies. They are experts in lying and hoaxing. If we are going to remain vigilant in the pursuit of truth, we have to keep our minds open to possibilities.
I'm now hitting myself on the head, ala Crazy Eyes, in, Orange Is The New Black. YouTube terminated the account that had that video. I should have downloaded it. Those interviews were in the hospitals, and the nurses were identified by name. Grrrrr.
If I seem to be preaching, I'm preaching to myself, first and foremost.

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