Where Does The Time Go?

Actually “Time” does not go anywhere. Time is a perception in our thinking that appears to have significant meaning in our day to day lives, but in and of itself is nothing more than an illusion we have created to measure our own existence. However, most of us function within the parameters established that entails a twenty four hour day and continue its usage throughout our lives. Time is an elusive creature; in terms that it may seem to be working for us, or it may disintegrate as if to wreak havoc depending on the circumstance or situation. One moment we may praise its value when it is plentiful, the next we may curse its existence when there is too much. We tend to use it for our scapegoat when not accomplishing what is expected, but we will embrace it on a luxurious vacation as if it was always our friend. Whatever value we place in a given moment of time, you can rest assured the clock within our perception has no limitation.

A lot of effort and intentions have been devoted to understanding how to utilize time more efficiently, or in equalizing a more meaningful or constructive usage. Businesses devote enormous resources towards managing time. I have even seen “Time Calculator’s” used by Universities to help students understand their time usage for studying. Everyone relies on it for scheduled events. Time marks our History that no longer exists, and plans our Future that is yet to happen, thus it is counted, manipulated, and expected. Reflections of memory are documented in time, and imagination can produce the expectancy of time, but time will not penetrate the moment at hand. Time is a creation in our thoughts, but it is a thought without form. It is mysterious, intimidating, elusive, and most of all, questionable as to the influence time has in our lives.

When I think of moments in my life, I rarely think precisely of the time frame it occurred. I may relate to a memory in the time frame of which it happened, but the memory exists without the necessity of its time of occurrence as a reference. It is hard to argue that time does not play a role in healing ourselves from an unwanted circumstance, but it can also be debated that one’s consciousness was not adequately developed or properly armed at the moment the event took place.

Time does appear to play some vital roles in our lives; I do not wish to abandon its value at this moment, but I would like to evaluate the relevant usage of time in my life. I am going to examine the moments in time I take for granted, or the moments in time which I never truly take into account. I am wondering why, if there are periods in our lives that don’t seem to be relevant to the usage of our time, how much of it (in time measurement) we spend not thinking about it. To me this may shed some light on a thought I have accredited so much importance to. So, “Where did the Time go”?

There is one frame of time that most of us take for granted, which I estimate in my life to amount to one third of my entire life. I spend on average of eight hours sleeping in every twenty four hour period. I have never gone into much study of the dream state or the significance of why I spend so much of my time doing this, although I am aware if I don’t, I won’t live very long. Normally each morning when I wake up, and when I am not abruptly brought to a state of consciousness, as would be the case of an alarm clock going off, I am generally incoherent of what transpired the previous eight hours during sleep. Often I have cherished this moment because of the blissful feeling of peace and comfort I experience. This is a natural feeling we can all get from the replenishment of vital energy to which we may understand to be necessary for our well-being. So far I can log eight hours of my 24 hour cycle, where time has very little accountability of importance other than I have lost eight hours of my time. This leaves me with sixteen hours of time to live my conscious life.

I can now look at the moments I am totally aware of, but still deem little importance to the loss of time due to necessity. On a conservative note, I utilize approximately one and one half hours waking up, drinking my coffee, and meditation I feel is vital to begin my day. Many People will spend two hours commuting to and from work or school, I don’t work outside my home so I utilize my time differently. Next, I consider lunch and Dinner, add one hour for that. Overall trips to the bathroom, grooming, bathing, all put together generally probably amounts to about one more hour. Now with the added three and one half hours deducted, it leaves me with twelve and one half hours I am aware of to manage. I’m going to round it off to twelve hours even, in case the cat gets out and I have to chase him down. Wow, I just realized that in half of my life, I am not concerned with the time I spend at all! This does not imply, I don’t think about time within those four hours, but it does suggest that time has no bearing on what I do. The actual time I am ever concerned with only amounts to half my time in existence. Now that I know half of my life has never been concerned with time, I have to ask myself what percentage of importance is that? I would think fifty percent is relatively mediocre, and I should state “time really has no significant value at all in my life!”

When we are young it seems time lasts forever, the good stuff never seems to come quick enough. When we get older it seems time is too short and tends to vanish at ever increasing speed, and we are amazed how fast we appear to have aged. The child will say, “ I can’t wait till I am a grown-up”, The adult will say, “If only I had more time”. This explains that it is not that time is different, but that our perception of time has changed. This tells me also, that it is very possible that our perception of time can be changed, therefore time is not permanent or fixed.

We have words that describe a meaning devoid of time, eternal, infinite, forever, non-existent, never, and endless. Timeless correspondence is an expanding thought that is limitless in creation. When we place a time on anything, we are actually limiting or restricting something. Perhaps if time did not exist, everything would have unbound potential. What a concept! So, next time someone asks me “Where did the time go?”, I’ll just simply say “ I have no use for “Time” anymore, it restricts my potential.“


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