When Cancer Treatment And Diagnosis Leads To More Cancer Other Health Issues And More Profits

Written by Devtome wiki contributor: Bomac


When I was a kid I heard someone say, “If you can keep away from lawyers and doctors, you can have a long and happy life.” That seemed like a curious statement in my youthful inexperience and naivete, but later it would make perfect sense.

I thought about that statement when I heard about a lawyer who would send bills to people who had never seen or heard of him, claiming they had done damage to his car. He would then tie them up in court, knowing how to manipulate the system and cost them a lot of money, time, effort and negative emotions, defending his disgusting, bogus claims. Many of his victims would end up paying his extortion fee.1)

As the years passed I found no shortage of examples in both the legal and medical fields that made that statement, which I initially found so curious, to be seen as nothing less than pearls of wisdom to guide our lives. Not that I'm saying I'd never consult an attorney or doctor, but I do find wisdom in the concept of having as little contact with those professions as humanly possible.

Which Is More Important To Avoid?

If you were to tell me I have to pick one profession, doctors or lawyers, in terms of which is more important to keep away from, I'd have to say doctors. (I'm especially speaking of allopathic practitioners, the “normal” kind. Alternative doctors who teach nutrition and prevention are good to have in your life.)

Here's the thing: There are so many laws on the books of most nations, or at least Western, industrialized nations, especially the United States, everybody is committing crimes every day, even though they usually are unaware of that. Governments around the world, again, particularly the USA, at the behest of the criminal global cabal that is taking over the world, are becoming more and more authoritarian.

That combination of more laws than we can keep track of and the trend for authoritarian government means there is much to be said for having good defense lawyers. The one sweeping generalization you can make about good defense lawyers is that they all have at least one good defense lawyer to represent them if and when they are needed.2)

When Doctors Cause Health Problems

When I make statements like, doctors cause health problems, I am speaking of the allopathic pharmaceutical medical establishment in general. The fact of the matter is that allopathic medicine is probably only appropriate about five percent of the time. I believe 95% of the time it makes things worse, often, much worse.

A lot of researchers say that, globally, allopathic medicine kills millions of people annually, who could have lived if they would have sought a different kind of help – or in many cases, if they just would have stayed away from doctors and let nature take its course. Yes, I know, I know: Those kinds of statements can seem outrageous, incredibly ignorant and downright dangerous. They could potentially inspire people who need a doctor to stay away, and possibly even die as a result.

There is no doubt an important place for traditional medicine. There are various surgeries which are nothing less than breathtaking, awe inducing and miraculous.3) There are some drugs which are the only things that will save a life of an individual with certain conditions or in particular, dire situations.

The Undisputed Champion Of Trauma Care


Allopathy is unparalleled in trauma care. If the jaws of life have to be used to pry me out of a mangled mass of automobile, do me a favor and make sure my ambulance driver passes by my colon hydro-therapist, acupuncturist, aroma therapist, reflexologist, past life therapist, chiropractor, herbalist, massage therapist, nutritionist, homeopathist and the like, and gets me straight to an allopathic trauma center,(ER room) stat!

That said, I repeat, it seems likely that at least ninety five percent of the time, we are better off not taking the allopathic approach. So yes, if everybody avoided traditional medicine, there would be needless deaths and people not being helped by appropriate corrective surgeries, and the like, to be sure, but there would also be an overwhelming amount of people living who didn't die due to inappropriate drugs4) and surgeries5) and from outrageous but common medical mistakes6) and from being exposed to deadly viruses and other bugs in hospitals7) they didn't need to be in, in the first place. There would be an overwhelming amount of people who were healed, (simply by not getting in the way of the immune system that was given to them by the Creator, and giving their bodies time to do what they do naturally) instead of suffering with more and more symptoms (stemming from endless side effects from endless drugs and complications from needless surgeries), year after year, decade after decade.

If there were some psychic computer that allowed us to know all the times in our lives when pharmaceutical drugs hindered or outright blocked the natural healing process, while creating more and harsher symptoms (side effects), we would all be in a state of shock, I'm sure. With almost no exceptions, the way drugs “work” is by suppressing symptoms, not addressing causes.

Ultimately, that suppression drives disease deeper into the body and creates more issues, side effects, for which we often end up being given more prescriptions – or self medicating with over the counter pharmaceuticals – to deal with, thus setting into motion a downward spiral that sometimes ends up with the individual needing emergency, life saving surgery.

Then, of course, if the surgery is successful and the patient's life is spared, the medical system takes credit for having saved her life, when the truth is, it's the reason the patient almost died in the first place.8)

The good news, though, is we can have it all. We don't have to give up traditional medicine. We can use it when it's appropriate, and not use it the vast majority of times we have health issues. Furthermore, by taking the alternative, pro active, positive action based, personally responsible approach to our individual health care, we can create the condition of rarely ever having health issues.9)

Traditional Medicine And Cancer

When it comes to chronic health care and diseases, allopathy is almost always the wrong way to go. That is especially true in the case of most cancers.10) In fact, the more I research this topic,11) the more shocked I become at just how bad “modern medicine” is when it comes to helping people heal from cancer.

I mean, cancer treatment hasn't changed in a century, but cancer cases have become epidemic. Everything in the oncologist's toolkit actually is known to cause cancer.

  • The process of surgery can actually bring about cancer, but many times, surgery is necessary to save the patient's life when the cancer has advanced. However that does nothing to stop the cancer. It doesn't deal with the problem.

It's the same thing if you have body parts with severe gangrene. You may need to have them amputated to stop the spread in that area, but that does nothing to address the cause. You can keep cutting more and more body parts off, but that's not the answer. It you don't stop the cause of the gangrene, you'll eventually die, no matter how much of your body you have amputated. Wouldn't it be preferable to find out what is causing the gangrene, and then stop it?

There are reasons people get cancer. Most of the time it's not simply the fate of genetics. There are things you can do that may very well reverse the cancer. Those same things will usually prevent cancer in the first place. Get the right nutrients into your body and take out the toxins. The fact that doctors rarely give this information to the patients make them highly suspect. Are they just making money? Or are they trying to actually help their patients heal?

  • Chemotherapy is proven to cause cancer. It's supposed to work by killing cancer cells, but it kills healthy cells. It kills everything, not just bad stuff. It poisons every cell in the patient's body and even if it doesn't kill her, it often sets her up for more cancer and other problems down the road. Incidentally, multiple surveys of doctors have shown that they would not undergo chemo or subject their family members to it.12)

Perhaps the most disturbing thing about chemo, besides the fact that it kills so many cancer patients compared to how few it saves, is that when patients are done with their session, they are often given ice cream as a “reward.” 13) The medical industry knows full well that cancer patients need to cut out processed sugar, which is rocket fuel for cancer.14) To give them sugar when their immune system is the most compromised. right after a chemo session is the most heinous sign imaginable.15) Shame on them. (If you are employed as a chemotherapist, administering chemo to cancer patients, and you are giving your clients ice cream, you need to stop. You need to confront your supervisor and the owner of your clinic and show them the data, that you need to research as soon as you are done reading this.)

  • Radiation, obviously causes cancer. It boggles the mind to think they are still using radiation, but then, the same can be said of chemo.
  • Mammograms cause cancer due to the radiation of the Xrays and the simultaneous wounding of the breast tissue.

Mammograms: A Perfect Example


If someone were looking for a way to cause health issues, in general, and cancer, in particular, in women's breasts, they would have to think long and hard to come up with something better than mammograms. Take this delicate tissue with blood vessels running through it, put it in a vice and flatten it out as much as humanly (but not, humanely) possible.

There may be breast lesions or cysts that are not a problem in the least for the woman, until the plates, the vice, squeezes them and causes them to burst or become inflamed. As if that isn't bad enough, when the damage is done and the breast is as flat as possible, radiation from the Xray machine is shot directly into the inflamed or burst tissue.

The Perfect Storm


Together, the vice and the radiation are really a perfect storm that often starts the tumor process in women who were tumor free. Even if the mammogram doesn't create a tumor, their are plenty of other problems that can and do come from the screening.

Benign cysts are often found, but in order to prove they are benign, the doctor will order a biopsy. A needle is inserted into the breast, often deep into the breast, and into the lump. This process may be a cancer catalyst as well.

Now, before you doctors tell me I'm making shit up, you could at least ask me, who says? Heidi my neighbor when I was growing up, told her brother off, when he punched her in her ample boob, telling him that he could cause her to get cancer that way. Go ahead and laugh all you want, but Heidi was really smart for her age.

In fact, this European medical study confirmed what she taught her younger brother and me that day. Trauma to the breast can lead to cancer. There is no getting around the fact that womens' breasts are put through an inordinate amount of trauma in the effort to reach the holy grail of early detection.

In this Science News article, cell biologist Anthony Oro of Stanford University School of Medicine also confirms Heidi's pronouncement, when he said about a study he conducted, “This work says that if you have a predisposition to getting cancer, wounding might enhance the chance that it will develop.”

There can be no denying that needle biopsies and lumpectomies (also known as excisional biopsies) are wounds. Virtually all surgical procedures create wounds. Somebody who makes her living performing these procedures probably doesn't want to think about the possibility that she is helping to bring about future cancer or other serious maladies in people who may have avoided it, otherwise, but that doesn't change the fact that it happens.

Bloomberg news recently reported that patients who get prostate needle biopsies done, are increasingly prone to E coli and other anti-biotic resistant infections. Furthermore, two percent of men who have a prostate biopsy develop sepsis. Sepsis is a sometimes lethal blood infection.16) It is the height of irony that doctors, in their use of medicine and medical procedures, often help to bring about the very thing they are trying to prevent. In the case of biopsies, there is evidence to suggest that lumpectomies may be only half as bad as needle biopsies.

We've only discussed the potential harm that can come from biopsies when there is no cancer present. The news gets worse when the lump being biopsied is not benign. The very act of doing the biopsy often leads to spreading the cancer cells to other parts of the body.as they get carried through the bloodstream and can end up anywhere and everywhere. This is knows as the seeding of tumor cells.17) 18)



As you might guess, proponents and opponents of mammography cite different statistics, different studies, or different slants on the same studies. Opponents relish in the biggest study of them all, which showed no difference in mortality rates between women who got mammograms and those who didn't.

It was published in the British Medical Journal, and it covered a whopping 90 thousand women for over the course of a double whopping quarter century. The rate of death between the women in the study who got the mammograms and those who did not, was basically the same.

I've come across so many studies, not just dealing with cancer, that have the same general conclusion. People who forego medical treatment are no worse off than those that get it. Keep in mind, a lot of the women who got the screenings in this study, had to do follow up procedures when they came back positive. That is a lot of unpleasantness, worry and expense, all for nothing.

Most proponents of mammograms cite other studies that conclude with a 30% reduction in mortality. One group has looked at the big study and differed with the interpretation of the numbers, or the methodology which led to the final numbers. They say that the corrected result should show a 20% mortality reduction. The researchers who ran the study, beg to differ, though.

Another factoid from the big study that wasn't questioned by the detractors19) is that 22% of the positives were false. That is a lot of people who went through a lot of anguish and other procedures, that, as we discussed, likely led to a lot of ill health, including future cancers.

Indeed, it has been shown in multiple studies that women who get false positives are much more prone to get breast cancer in the future. Mammogram proponents want that to mean that they really weren't false positives after all. That doesn't really make sense, insomuch as the doctors who incorrectly diagnosed them as having cancer, saw they were wrong and corrected their misdiagnosis. They don't do that lightly. They don't want to admit they were wrong, so when they do, you can believe they were wrong. It's silly to say they actually had cancer, just because they come down with it later.

What is much more logical and more likely is, as discussed earlier, the extra radiation, the various tissue trauma from the vice (aka press) and the biopsies, surgeries, radiation and chemotherapy – as well as the incredibly powerful mind-body connection and the fear factor, all work in tandem to manifest the future cancer. I am saying that these women would have not gotten cancer if they weren't told they cancer, causing them to endure the fear, depression and the medical barbarism known as modern cancer treatment.

As far as the claim of 20% or 30% mortality reduction goes, even if it were true, it's a false statistic in what it leaves out. All it is saying is, up to 30% more women survive breast cancer than many decades ago before mammography screenings were around. On the surface, that sounds pretty good; right?

However, it says nothing about overall numbers of deaths or the percentage of women who are getting breast cancer in the first place. Those numbers are off the freaking chain, (and mammogram abuse opponents say it is obviously due to the massive overuse of mammography.) 20) There is an epidemic of women getting breast cancer that did not exist back in the day before mammograms were all the rage, or were even around. There are many more women dying from breast cancer than ever before, because there are so many more women getting breast cancer. That 20 or 30 percent mortality reduction stat, even if it were true, means nothing when you understand the overall picture. 21)

False Positives

Back on the topic of mammograms, one of the many problems with this diagnostic tool is the sheer number of false positives; that is, when the experts look at the mammograms and tell the women she has cancer, when, in fact, she does not. Women are being told to get annual mammograms. Up to 75% of women will have a false positive within a 10 year time frame.

This has many ramifications and actually takes the perfect storm that is mammography and makes it more perfect. Of course, that is the bad thing. (Don't get thrown off by the, “perfect,” in the term, perfect storm.)

Here are a number of negative ramifications that come with a false positive. The research on the mind-body connection is overwhelming when it comes to the importance of a positive mental attitude. People can heal themselves or make themselves deathly sick, from their own though processes and attitudes.

Being told you have have cancer, the disease that almost everybody dreads and fears the most, is something that can send you into a deep depression. Fear can take over your thoughts. Your body can react to the fear of dying by starting the process of dying.

Again, the irony is palpable. You can cut it with a knife. Here are women who are trying to stay healthy, so they go for a mammogram, and it turns out to be the very act that sabotages their health. Of course, false positives happen in every type of cancer screening and most types of medical evaluations, but nothing can touch the regularity in which false positives happen with mammograms; not even close.

Now guess what happens when a woman gets a false positive. Right. She ends up getting further procedures, including ones that wound breast tissue, that can lead to cancer or other significant health issues. It can lead to more mammograms which can lead to cancer from the ionizing radiation. False positives can lead to mastectomies and double mastectomies when they are not caught in time.22)

Are They Evil Bastards?


The cynic in me says that the medical profession knows what they are doing (creating cancer while acting like they are treating it.) Yet another part of me says that it's impossible that every doctor and nurse and mammogram technician and radiologist and chemo-therapist, et al, are all knowingly involved in this conspiracy. Really, I think there is truth to both arguments.

At the upper tier of the medical establishment, I'm sure they know what they are doing. However, there are tons of good-hearted health care professionals who are mostly doing what they were taught, and they believe in it.



I do have a hard time when it comes trying to figure out why they won't tell patients information that is freely available that would have a profound effect on a lot of lives, though. For instance, take thermography as a way to save women from the perils of mammography. Doctors know that thermography is, in this day and age, vastly superior to mammograms for mass screenings of women. That's especially true since they are recommending women get checked annually. There is no radiation with thermography and there is no harming breast tissue either with that torture vice that mammography uses.

It does a better job, to boot. It's more sensitive and can detect issues up to 10 years earlier than mammograms. (Although, if you keep reading, you'll learn why I'm not so sure that aspect is as great as it sounds on the surface.) Thermography is a more versatile and dynamic tool and it can monitor aspects of health, as opposed to mainly finding pathologies.

Mammograms do some things thermograms can't, and could still have a place in the protocol. They would primarily be used after thermograms found areas of interest that require further exploration. Most women would not get mammograms though, if they got thermograms first.

Don't Worry - Be Happy

If I were a woman, I would not be hypersensitive to breast anomalies. I wouldn't always be checking for lumps. I wouldn't live my life in a constant state of fear, which is basically what the medical industry is inspiring women to do.

If you look for something long enough and hard enough and dwell on it consciously and subconsciously, you shouldn't be surprised if you end up getting it. It does seem to be one of the big secrets to life.

People who create incredible lives, often tell us that is how they did it. They dwell on what the ultimately ended up creating. I have no doubt that the act of worrying, often leads to the creation of what people are worrying about.

My gut tells me that a surprising percentage of women have tiny cancerous tumors in their breasts, that would never become a problem if they never found out about them. They probably come and go at various times in their lives.

Their bodies naturally shrink and dissipate the tumors. They have mini-tumors and they go into spontaneous remission, and they don't even know it.

Over Diagnosing, Over Screening, Over Anxious


Pictured Above: Gilbert Welch; an all too rare doctor, speaking truth to power

The scenario I touched upon in the previous paragraphs on tiny breast tumors either coming and going, or just staying and not being a problem if women didn't know about them, has been documented. It's surely not an original idea that I psychically divine. My intuition, I believe, comes into play in terms of how common this situation is. I don't think that even the doctors who are aware of it, probably realize the extent to which it occurs.

The phenomena has been documented – and eloquently discussed by Dr. Welch, pf the Dartmouth Institute –to be extremely common with thyroid tumors. This rather fearless professor of medicine at the Dartmouth Institute for Health Policy and Clinical Practice, is the author of, “Overdiagnosed: Making People Sick in the Pursuit of Health,“ (among other works.) In a November, 2014 OP-ED piece for the New York Times, titled, An Epidemic Of Thyroid Cancer, he talks about a study he recently completed with some colleagues that was recently published in the New England Journal of Medicine, which dealt with, “identifying and controlling epidemics of medical care.”

It specifically deals with how thyroid cancer seems to have increased fifteen fold over the span of 20 years in South Korea. Certainly, thyroid cancer diagnosis has increased by that much, but Welch says that actual thyroid cancer rate has stayed the same. How is that possible?

This massive increase in diagnosis, gives South Korea the record for rate of cancer growth, by far. The funny thing is, there is no biological or natural cause for it. In case you're wondering, it has nothing to do with the increase in radiation from Fukushima's nightmare that the media loves to pretend isn't happening.23)

So Where Did The South Korean Thyroid Cancers Come From?

Here's the funny part: The cancer rate had always, actually been there, only nobody knew it until relatively recently. Late last century, it became a trend in doctor's offices as well as hospitals, to screen everyone for thyroid cancer. It's a simple matter of doing an ultrasound on the neck, so why not? Early detection is a good thing, right?

Um actually, not so much. At lest, not always, and definitely not for every cancer, especially thyroid cancer. As early as the 1940's, pathologists and coroners had discovered in the process of autopsies, that a lot of people had thyroid cancer, even though it rarely was the cause of death. They were mostly tiny tumors and they didn't cause people problems to the point where they even realized anything was wrong. In this case, what they didn't know, really didn't hurt them.

Early Detection Mind Control


We've all been so brainwashed to bask in the glory of early detection, I wouldn't doubt it if you are saying that surely, an increase of 15 fold in thyroid cancer detection has to mean that people are getting the rich and many benefits of early detection.

Dr. Welch says, absolutely not. The way we can tell is the mortality rate has stayed the same. Less people are not dying from thyroid cancer in South Korea now, than 20 years ago. It's a low rate to begin with, but it hasn't gone any lower.24) The reason there is no evidence that all that massive screening, early detection and (over) diagnosis is reducing thyroid cancer deaths is because it isn't. It just isn't. The evidence isn't lying.

It's Hurting - Not Helping

Not only is it not helping the health of these people, it's hurting them and causing a number of different health problems, not to mention major hassles and expenses, all for no reason, except to generate massive income for the medical industry.

First off, there is the mind-body connection. People get fearful and depressed when they learn they have cancer. This can easily lower their immune system and cause them to be susceptible to illnesses they otherwise would not have gotten.

Most of them have surgery as a result of screening positive. Their thyroid glands are needlessly removed. That inevitably leads to problems, including hormonal issues and metabolism issues as well as vocal cord paralysis. Plus, all surgeries come with the risk of blood clots and strokes. 1 in 500 thyroid removal surgeries result in death.

It's A Crying Shame But Par For The Modern Medicine Course

Think about that for a minute. They had the surgery to remove their thyroid because they got a screening that they didn't need, which told them they had a tiny tumor, that wouldn't have been a problem and they didn't even need to know about it… And for 1 in every 500 of them, they die.

Even the 499 who don't die, usually have to get thyroid replacement therapy, and that can be problematic and not much fun. and rather costly. to boot. Are you still loving early detection?

Welch says this doesn't just apply to thyroid cancer, although it's most pronounced for thyroid and prostate cancer. Other cancers this phenomenon pertains to include; lung, breast, skin and kidney. I would not be surprised if he finds his list expanding as time goes on. It's such a breath of fresh air to see a doctor and a researcher whose focus isn't on protecting the medical cartel paradigm.

Who's Going To Kill The Goose That Lays The Golden Egg?


Doctors like Welch are the exception, and they often get in trouble for speaking truth to power. Even with the great work of Welch and other doctors of conscience like him, the medical establishment is not going to turn off its money faucet. We are going to have to turn it off for them by being smart and taking action.

Let's quit being naive. We can't expect the elites who make untold billions of dollars off our illnesses to kill the golden goose by giving us the keys to health. These people don't want to cure cancer or anything else. They don't want us healthy. You know what? It's understandable, and it's even OK.

We don't need them to give us anything. We just have to change the way we think about our health and then act accordingly. Instead of always being on the lookout of signs of illness, how about always doing what is proven to be healthy? The saying, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure is an understatement. That should be a ton, not a pound.

We can't eat crap every day and expect to be healthy. We can't shirk off exercise,25) clean air,26) clean water,27) crucial nutritional supplements,28) sunlight,29) a positive attitude,30) and service to others.31)

It doesn't matter how bad Obamacare is. We just need to walk away from what those people are offering. This is how we will fix our health care system. We'll do without them 95% of the time.

Unfortunately, it was probably the most practical option; similar to people who are railroaded for crimes they didn't commit, but accept plea deals to avoid and reduce prison time.
Word to your mother.
I realize the medical industry, generally doesn't think anything is miraculous, but I'm sorry. Some surgeries have to be described with the M word, at least in my book.
On a geopolitical level, it reminds me of Republicans saying the current turmoil in Iraq is because the Democrats pulled the US out, when the actual problem that set everything into motion is the Republican administration lied us into war in Iraq and created the chaos that allowed what is happening in Iraq to come to fruition. I detest the Obama Presidency, but facts are facts. Of course, that's the checker level perspective. The chess level viewpoint is aware that Islamic radicals are funded by the West, so the powers that be can have bad guys to use as excuses for global military interventions and usurping of domestic freedoms.
Obviously, there are some people that is likely and sadly not to apply to, but it's possible for the vast majority of us. And, even for those whose fate seems to be a lifetime of maladies, there is almost always significant room for improvement and reduction in their suffering.
There are exceptions, including times when the cancer was undetected, and then suddenly accelerates to the point of needing surgery just to stave off death.
OK, if you're one of those people who question my use of the word, research – No, I'm not in a laboratory, wearing a white coat, looking into electron microscopes at cancer cells. I call veracious reading, and studying documentaries, research. A lot of my reading is written by people who are in the labs looking through the microscopes, though. I read the research of people who have dedicated their lives to studying these topics. And I learn from people who have had cancer and who have been healed. I'm always learning more, so there you go. That's what I mean by research. Sorry if I don't have a degree and/or years in a medical laboratory. The truth is, relying only on people who have the letters behind their names has not seen any real advancement in dealing with cancer. In fact, more people than ever have cancer. It's getting much worse, not better. With all the billions of dollars spent on allopathic “research”, traditional medicine has been shooting blanks for a century now.
Suzanne Somers had publicized research that shows that chemotherapy often works in testicular cancer, childhood leukemias, and some lymphomas. Personally, I wouldn't automatically opt for chemo in those situations, without first trying nutrition and detoxification, etc.
I was shocked to learn this. Not only because sugar makes cancer worse, but just the fact it's part of the culture. I remember when childhood dentist had a chest of little toys. After each visit I got to pick one. Is that really how the cancer industry treats adults? Lord help us. (Of course, unlike ice cream for cancer patients, those toys didn't hurt us. In that spirit, dentists should all give their patients, boxes of JuJuBes and a Super Double Big Gulp of cola on their way out.
Actually, cancer patients should cut out all processed food, not just processed sugar. They should eat mostly raw organic veggies and fruits, as well as juice several pounds of the same daily. Frankly, that is how all of us should be eating, in the first place.
By sign, a mean a signal that they know what they are doing and they are shoving our faces in it. I'm not saying the therapists all know, although they should.
The article I got those stats from also said, that about 1 in 10,000 men who test negative for cancer, end up dead within a month of their prostate biopsy. I'm not sure what to think of that statistic. I'd have to find out the mortality rate of 10,000 random men in a month to have an opinion on it.
At least, that I am aware of…
Of the opponents, there are two main camps. One group believes that mammography abuse is merely negligence, even stupidity. The camp I am in proposed that those individuals at the top of the cancer industry hierarchy know exactly what they are doing. Negligence and stupidity have nothing to do with this. It is conscious, planned and executed to perfection.
When armed with understanding, the medical statistics the cancer industry bandies about suddenly don't look so good. I can't imagine how the cancer industry can spin this as something positive. Let's give a numeric example based on 100 since it's easy to do the math. If 100 women a year used to get breast cancer and half of them died within five years (Five years is the standard median in cancer survivability statistics), that would be a 50% mortality rate. If mammograms came along, and suddenly, only 40 women died, that would be a 20% reduction in the mortality (death) rate. That sounds good, but what if you weren't factoring in other numbers. For instance, what if, after mammograms came along, it wasn't just 100 women getting cancer. What if, every year, more and more women got breast cancer? So when the cancer industry claimed a 20% improvement in survivability, what they weren't saying was that 1000 women a year, instead of 100 women a year, were getting cancer? With the decreased mortality rate that mammogram proponents dubiously claim, that would mean that 400 women were dying, as opposed to the 50 women who died before everyone and their sister were getting mammograms. So, in this example, the cancer industry would take the fact that there was an increase from 50 deaths to 400 deaths a year, and tout that as some kind of victory for women, because the mortality rate had been reduced by 20%. Who's zooming who, here? It would be like some corporation claiming that, overall, their work force was making 20% more money this year than last year, when the reality is the executives all got more millions in bonuses, due to the fact that all the other employees were making 50% less than the previous year, except for the 25% of the work force that was laid off, due to downsizing, which increased the workload of the remaining 75% who are now working for half the money they made the year before. Don't be fooled by meaningless statistics. Dig for the big picture, always.
Talk about depression. Imagine finding out your cancer test was a false positive after your doctor cut your breasts off your body.
From what I've observed with how these things work, I”m actually surprised the rate hasn't INCREASED.
The best exercise is rebounding. Read about it here and do it daily.
Indoor air is many times worse than outdoor air. If you don't have air purifiers going in your home, there's a problem. You can use three large plants in every room, and/or get some ionic air purifiers.
You should be filtering your water. Those machines at the grocery store aren't good because one of their processes is reverse osmosis, which, contrary to popular opinion is quite bad, as is distilled water. They both are dead water and interact with your cells in a detrimental manner. I defer to Blake Sawyer of the Homeostasis Protocol, who says that ionized, alkalized water is the only way to go. You can get a gravity fed pitcher filter from Alka Viva for not too much money. Use SAWYER when they ask who sent you.
Virgin coconut oil on your food and to cook with will do wonders. Beyond Tangy Tangerine will give you 100+ organic vitamins and minerals
Obviously, don't bake in direct sunlight for hours each day. Use an umbrella at the beach, etc., but not sunscreen, which is, ironically, carcinogenic. “They” tell us to be afraid of the sun, but the truth is, a lack of sunlight can bring about all kinds of cancer, including skin cancer. Thirty minutes of sunlight daily is one of the greatest things you can do for your health.
If anything is more vital than sunshine, it's a positive attitude (which means loving, positive emotions, letting go of grudges and hatred),
You don't have to be Mother Theresa to be healthy, but you can't expect a healthy and fulfilling life if everything is about you. Caring for others (and backing it with some action) is crucial.

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