What If Cosby Confessed?


Anyone who hasn't become aware the many sexual assault accusations against Bill Cosby is a bit of a personal hero of mine. You've managed to insulate yourself from media to a degree I only have dreamed about.

To recap, dozens of women, going back one to five decades have accused him of various crimes, including vaginal rape, oral rape, forced groping & fondling & kissing, digital penetration, and not so veiled threats – not to mention eerily consistent stories of drugging his alleged victims into states of incapacity to know what was happening and/or inability to defend themselves or secure their safety.

Any individuals, who need to get up to speed on the sordid details can do so by reading this story in the Washington Post. The rest of us will be waiting for you at the next paragraph.


It's been nothing less than breathtaking, from one week to the next, and sometimes from one day to the next, to witness more and more women coming out and sharing their purported experiences. About the only saving grace for the Cos is the youngest alleged victims are 15 years old. Actually, that's not much of a saving grace at all. Now is it? 1)

In the midst of this, he just appeared in Melbourne, Florida, to opening and closing standing ovations. 2) It seems that he will always have a core audience who will stand and cheer for him, directly proportionate to the number of women who come out with accusations.


At this point, it appears to be around two dozen accusers. Should that turn into four dozen, one can just imagine the deafening applause he will receive. He may not have time to actually speak, as the swelling crowds may wildly cheer his arrival for hours. When the hero worship subsides, he may thank his sycophants for coming, and receive another long ovation celebration.

Other than that core group of loyal supporters who would evidently be there for him even if there were surveillance video of him cannibalizing children, it appears as if the overall trend is for the public to become increasingly critical of him. Thanks, in large part, to social media, the Teflon coating seems to coming apart.


I could be wrong, but I don't believe the taped stand up concert that he did for Netflix will see the light of day. Nor do I fathom NBC reviving the planned sitcom project that they recently announced is nixed.

That is to say, I can not see any of that happening, short of a Cosby come to Jesus moment. I don't necessarily literally mean it would have to be religious. I use the term in a generic manner.

Assuming he's guilty – and at this point, it beggars belief to take any other position in your heart of hearts – can you imagine the interest he would garner if he were to admit that it's all true? I'm talking complete and utter humility. He would need time to sort it out within his own psyche, of course. The incredible creep part of him would need to confess it all to the good part of who he is as a human. No doubt, some detractors will say that anything good about him is all a show, and he is the personification of pure evil, but those people would probably be relatively few and far between. 3)

Most of us would probably not have a hard time believing that he has both incredible good and bad qualities. If he were to cop to the bad shit, and earnestly work on dealing with that part of who he has been, it would probably be his best option, as publicly painful as it might prove to be. What he's going through now, and what seems like is not going to end any time soon, has to be severely painful as well, though.


After the series of conversations with himself, he would need to have them with his wife and family. Then he could privately reach out to some of his victims that he felt were friends before he assaulted them, and tell them that he would be soon making a public announcement and apology, but that he wanted to privately let them know he is genuinely sorry.

This process would lead to leaks, which might lead to rumors of an official announcement of some sort. Then he could get an interview on prime time TV. He could continue his tour, but instead of focusing on his perception of the shortcomings of the black community, he could mix in his own shortcomings.

If he did that, I could see NBC giving him a project and Netflix airing his concert. I could see him touring prisons, speaking as someone who could easily have spent his life on the inside if the breaks had not gone his way, and potentially making a difference in putting a bit of a dent in the recidivism rate.

Perhaps he could set up programs and work with convicts: Go to sex offender meetings with them. I'm not saying he would save the world, but he could make a difference in a lot of lives, including his own, his family's, and many, or most of his victims.

It would probably give him a huge head start on dealing with and ameliorating the karma he'll be dealing with, down the road. On the other hand, if he doesn't choose this option, I wouldn't be surprised to see him contract a terminal disease and leave this world by this time next year.

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…Especially on the heels of the recent allegation from the former facilities manager of the studios where Cosby taped his hit show in the 1980s. Frank Scotti said that a local model agency owner would deliver females for Cosby to tutor who were as young as 16. They would go, unchaperoned, into his dressing room. Cosby would instruct Scotti to stand outside the door and ensure he was not disturbed during his tutoring sessions with the up and coming talent. I suppose you could say that at least Cosby was no Ted Nugent.
Relatively, is the operative term, here. In a world of billions, tens of millions is relatively few and far between. (Not that all the billions in the world know of him, but you get the point. Even people who would never have any forgiveness for him – which by the way would hurt them more than it hurts Cosby – would likely gain some semblance of respect for him, for not taking the usual route of denying wrong doing to one's dying breath.

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