What I Think I Get

I work as a company physician of an international oil company based in Houston, Texas with branches worldwide. Through it I am able to travel to 48 countries across all continents plus 36 states all over the U.S. on board 34 different international airlines for a total of 278 flights, as of the moment. Since I have this itch for frequent travel and riding jet planes, I even program for a work schedule of 28 days of duty abroad and 28 days of paid vacation in the Philippines. Every foreign duty comes complete with airfare, 5-star hotel accommodations and meals while abroad and all that at company expense - just like any expatriate multinational personnel. This means leaving and arriving at the Manila International Airport (NAIA) almost every month and reaching the farthest points on earth so near.

Because of my innate curiosity and sense of adventure, I always want to try something new. So I program in my mind every next country of assignment, especially those I haven't been to yet. And sure enough, I would get assigned to the country visualized. I even program the airline I want to fly with and expectedly, when I'm handed the ticket, it is exactly the same as what I thought of. “What I think is what I get.”

And on one occasion, I was handed a plane ticket with an airline which our company very seldom used. So, I immediately thought of a cousin who is an international flight stewardess of that airline and whom I did not see for years. I thought of contacting her so that she could schedule her duty with my flight but I was not able to. Incidentally, when I boarded the plane, the first stewardess I unknowingly bumped into was my cousin. What a surprise! It was incredible. Coincidence?

I remember my first experience with the Mirror of the Mind (M.O.M). As an exercise, we were told to program, a goal through the Mirror of the Mind. So, I jokingly programmed for a townhouse. I wasn't even serious about it, since I'm still single. And because I was still half believing I just let go … and forgot all about it. About 3 months after I couldn't believe it that I had enough money to have a townhouse. So, I got it! It's amazing and incredible.

That townhouse I bought had a promotional raffle. The first prize was a trip to HongKong and Bangkok. The subsequent prizes were a variety of appliances and housewares. I did not like to go to Hong kong or Bangkok for a prize since I travel so frequently and those places are the usual stopover points. As for the other appliances … ! had planned to buy them at the Duty Free. I told myself, if ever I win, I want to win a new colored TV because it is the least of my priorities and I don't want to pay for it. But if it's free, it's alright. And true enough, when I arrived from duty abroad - I was handed a letter, informing me that I won a colored TV. “What I want is what I get.”

Now, I'm still enjoying this youthful and vibrant attitude … restless and always on the go … programming and programming … materializing and realizing … going deeper and deeper … moving higher and higher … seeing farther and farther. .. feeling better and better and perhaps later, there's still something I have to program … a soulmate. And maybe, that's where the next action is! Tinton Javellania

All those who take mind technique course and complete the 4-day training are Graduates . . . but how many are Graduate-Practitioners?

THE GRADUATE: is one who

- attended the course, investing time and money.

- found it “so-so”, “good”, or “terrific”.

- never practiced at all during or after the course, or practiced one or two techniques once or twice, or goes to level in emergencies only.

- has dabbled in the techniques occasionally commenting, “I tried it once and it didn't work,” or “I know it works but I don't have the time,” or “I don't need it really, it's my spouse (or the other) who needs it,” or “I don't know if it will work for me.”

- seeks other courses looking for more and more techniques.

Along the years, it has been determined the main reason why people don't practice: “The techniques are so powerful and effective that they are afraid that they will work to change them!”


- took the course, investing time, money and effort.

- makes time to use, experiment and hone the skills daily in every opportunity available.

- goes to alpha daily and master the techniques one by one.

- returns to class for review to absorb more, derive greater insights since course concepts and skills are revealed in layers of meaning and profundity.

- participates in Graduate Meetings to share and support and inspire others.

- continues learning by listening to review and other relevant tapes, reading books about mind, attitude and human potential.

- encourages and refers friends to take and learn the skills, recognizing that to empower others is the greatest gift of care and love.

- creates benefits through actual growth and change for self and others continuously and persistently.

Writing Dream Realized

I am one of the lucky ones. My “first success” came on the second day of the seminar which I attended. The speaker was then teaching the class how to use the “Mirror of the Mind” in attaining our short term goal. At that particular time, my immediate goal was to complete writing within three days, at least seven legal stories, none of which I have started.

I’m a lawyer by profession, but I have a passion for writing. I already had an agreement with the newspaper Manila Times for me to write their legal stories based on the decisions of the Supreme Court. They wanted to start printing my stories two weeks later. But I just could not start my writings as too many other things kept coming my way.

And so during the class exercise on how to use the “Mirror of the Mind,” I programmed a picture of myself submitting the required number of legal stories to the editor-in-chief of the newspaper on that Friday. I also imagined that he got so impressed with my stories that he asked me to do a legal advice and information column for their newspaper, too. I pictured every little detail in my mind, bathing them in the most vivid colors I could imagine, including the way the conversation would go.

In the next three days, I was able to write seven legal stories smoothly without feeling any pressure on my part. I was writing as if somebody was dictating at the back of my head.

True enough, when I submitted my legal stories to the editor, he got so impressed that he invited me to do a legal advice and information column for them. It was exactly the way I programmed it to be.

Thanks to the “Mirror of the Mind,” my writing career is now going full blast. Not only am I writing legal stories and legal information column for Manila Times but for Women's Journal Magazine, too. Perpeta Tandok

Feedback On Journey Through Time

It's like getting in touch with my inner self. It feels very good. I like myself better now. It has made me more prepared to face life. Ma. Welmina C. Honoria

I know I was cleansed and energized for success. Thank you. Charie Soriaga

Wonderful! It has given me a new insight in life. More power to you. Felicitas Manaloto

I came to solve my problem on procrastination, a trait I urgently wanted to be rid of. It renewed me as a go-and-get-it girl. Anonymous

The experience can only be summed up by one word: “WOW!” Lester Lim

I felt something new in me, something I could harness to bring out my full potential and develop a better quality of life. Vic Rosales

A very good experience, full of unexpected happy feelings. It broadened my horizon and purpose in life. Lex M. Matriguena

Dynamic, heartwarming, beautiful and enlightening. It made me love my future so much I can hardly wait to get there. Brenda G. Samson

I felt relaxed, my whole body was very light and the former dark spots were all brightly illuminated. .. I have a different outlook on life right after the session. Fe A. Costales, M. D.

Marvelous! Uplifting! More spiritual. Specific attainment of future goals enhanced. Erlinda Mantaring

I have learned to open the channel of my conscious to unconscious realm. Luciano Atillo

Fantastic! Relaxing! I was able to detect particularly what I need and how to achieve it. Lourdes Narciso

Terrific! Time seemed so short but I enjoyed it and felt the change inside. Ma. Teresa Perez

I thought nothing happened during the workshop. But the change was truly subconscious. I really love myself after the experience. Anonymous

The experience I just underwent gave me feelings of peace and exhilarated me. It was great. Jane Llabas

Excellent! I've never experienced this feeling before. Rosario Cabahug Dreamlike. Spacey. A real different experience! Karen Reina

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