What Drives Excellence – Part 2

A huge investment in effort, both from individuals and teams, is needed to make this relationship continually strong. It needs the best from each of us - time, talent, effort, resources Clearly, both sides don't want this valuable partnership to weaken or deteriorate as it is vital to increased productivity, enhanced employee welfare, and a safe, healthy and peaceful community. These efforts complement speedy negotiation of Collective Bargaining Agreements (CBA), and compliance regulatory standards.

Communication, peaceful and non-adversarial proceedings, and speedy settlement of issues remain at the root Del Monte's over 40-year tradition of industrial peace, strengthened even more in the 1980's. With mounting competition from other Asian countries, rising costs, and globalization, Labor and Management saw the need to restructure and revitalize LMC With the support of the National Conciliation and Mediation Board (NCMB) of the Dept. of Labor and Employment, Labor and Management jointly worked to transform relations from adversarial to collaborative. LMC thus became a forum for promptly and properly addressing issues raised by Company Unions, and for serving as a grievance machinery.

Mitabang ang gobyerno, ang NCMB, sa pag-organisa sa LMC aron magpadayon ang industrial peace sa atong rehiyon. Atong nasinati nga dinhi sa Del Monte miagi kita og krisis. Apan wala nato wad-a ang paglaom. Mibarog kita kay ang atong tumong ug tuyo mao nga maproteskyonan dili lang ang regular ug contractual nga trabahante, kung di ang kinatibukang komunidad. Dako ang nahimo sa LMC a ron dili na isang-at sa pormal nga negosasyon ang mga isyu. Usa niini ang dugang medical benefit nga nahatag kana to. Rosven Galdo, President, Plantation Employees Union

“We would like to express our sincere support to LMC. LMC is the venue of participation where Labor and Management work hand in hand to achieve a common goal, a venue where Management discusses operational problems, projects and plans affecting workers, a venue to resolve issues and concerns. Pinaagi sa paghisgut-hisgut, nadugangan ang mga benipisyong noenjoy sa mga trabahante. Non-economic issues raised in the CBA are also referred to us for discussion. That's why CBA negotiation for our unions are now faster. Pinaagi usab sa LMC Congress, ginahan-ay ang mga plano in each Camp LMC with regards to productivity, improvement of working condition, safety and environment, sports & recreation, and Family Welfare Program. Ang tinuig nga LMC celebration nagadugang kalig-on sa a tong team. Thanks to our LMC!” Berling Acerto, President, Plantation Monthlies Union

Ang mainitong suporta sa mga sakop sa Cannery Union ug sa Del Monte Management nakahatag sa a tong Union Officers og inspirasyon. Atong dungog nga napili kit a sa DOLE, uban sa pipila lamong ka unyon sa tibuok Pilipinas, nga beneficiary sa livelihood program or dugang panginabuhian. Uban sa a tong Cannery Director Frank Molas, a tong gidawat ang seed money nga 260,000 Pesos. Nakapalit kita ug himan alang sa atong Bakery. Gani, gikan sa atong unang ginansya, nakapalit kita ug dugang himan. Isip pahalipay, matag miyembro nakadawat og Chiffon Cake niadtong sa New Year. Ato usab giplano nga sugod 2014, adunay cake nga madawat ang matag miyembro ato sa iyang Birthday. Salamat sa inyong pagpaluyo sa atong Unyon ug sa LMC! Rollen Rocha, President, DMPI-Bugo Cannery Labor Union, Bugo, Cagayan de Oro

A two-way street

The LMC structure encourages and facilitates open and two-way communication between the cross section of stakeholders. This provides flexibilities for exchange of inputs and feedback on a broad range of issues.

Decision making is done thru consensus - among representatives of Labor and Management in the Departmental/Camp LMCs, Executive and Steering Committees, and various Sub-committees. At regular monthly meetings, departmental and Camp LMCs decide on “local” issues gathered by Union Officers and Supervisors and discussed by the team. Consultative meetings with Labor Officials or authorized representatives are done for final resolution of issues that have an impact beyond the department or camp. Top LMC meets monthly for further discussion, review and resolution of these issues. Management retains the prerogative to decide on key operational matters. When major changes are undertaken, labor partners are properly consulted and informed.

Make it happen

Amid a landscape of business uncertainty, the support of employees thru LMC is key to the Company's competitiveness.

Productivity and Efficiency. Improved working conditions and Reduced Absenteeism Rate - by 50 percent, in five years - have upped production output.

Quality of Key Product. Compliance with best practices has paved the way for certification in Global Good Agricultural Practices, (GlobalGAP), Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP), and others required for the sale, distribution and export of our products world-wide.

Customer Satisfaction. High product quality has sharpened our competitive edge, leading to higher sales revenues.

Quality of Life of Employee-Families. Continuous dialogue gives equal importance to the welfare of employees and family life. The pulse of worker satisfaction may not be seen by the eye. It is felt by the heart.

LMC goes full circle. The valuable partnership between Del Monte Labor and Management has produced a cycle of economic growth and goodwill that stretches beyond our corporate walls. Sharing in this cycle are thousands of families in Mindanao that depend on our business. Thru LMC, the Del Monte Family in Mindanao has achieved something greater than any one of us can ever do alone.

Unity in Diversity

At the Plantation, LMC teams celebrate achievements of shared goals thru the annual LMC Day (now on its 4th year) celebrates team achievements. Union members and their families join the Executive LMC led by Management Representative and Plantation Operations Group Head Andre Jaranilla and the two union presidents. Complementing the celebrations are forums where Camp LMC officers evaluate LMC objectives and formulate action plans for the incoming year.

Breakthroughs in LMC: South Bukidnon Growing and Fresh Fruit Packing teams, at Fiesta sa Barangay Philpack held in Quezon, Bukidnon; Camp JMC Team, at LMC Day in Camp Phillips; and Management Representative A tty, Marco Parpan at Plantation LMC Congress.


Plantation: 7 (Camp Phillips, Camp JMC, Fresh Fruit Operations, Camp LFL, Camp 74, Sumilao Operations, and Far East Operations)

Cannery: 10, Preparation, Solids Processing, Liquids Processing, Tropical Products, Can Plant, Packaging and Brite Warehousing, Glass/Plastic Lines, Maintenance, Utilities and RACCA

DEL MONTE LABOR UNIONS: DMPI Cannery Employees Labor Union-All Workers Alliance, Trade Unions (DMBCLU-AWATU), Headquarters: Bugo, Cagayan de Oro

Collective Bargaining Unit for Hourly-salaried employees at the Cannery and Misamis Oriental-Plantation Operations, Number of Members: 7,472

OFFICERS: President: Rollen Rocha; Vice President: Edwin Zornosa; Treasurer: Pureza Go; Auditor: Rio Jagualing

Board of Directors: Renerio Barros, Jr., Reynor Casino, Jr., Paz Gamba, Allan Nacional, Evy Po, Virgilio Vaguchay, Merlyn Zambas, Nelson Biter

DMPI- Plantation Employees Union- Associated Labor Union -Trade Union Congress of the Philippines (DMPIEU-ALUTUCP), Headquarters: Camp Phillips, Bukidnon, Number of Members: 7,253

OFFICERS: President: Roisven Galdo; Vice President: Teodoro Suarez, Jr.; Secretary: Reynaldo Laguerta; Auditor: Ricardo Umbao, Sr.

Board of Directors: Jimmy Manilla (Camp Phillips), Cesar Gabucan (Camp JMC), Susan Rara (Fresh Fruit Opms), Rolando Ratilla (Camp LFL), Elmer Villacorta (Camp 14), Ambrosio Taghoy (Sumilao), Wilfred Tinhay (Far East)

DMPI-Plantation Monthly-Salaried Employees Union-All Workers Alliance Trade Unions (DPMSEU-AWATU) Headquarters: Camp Phillips, Bukidnon, Number of Members: 69

OFFICERS: President: Bertino Acierto; Vice President: Ian Cabunoc; Secretary: Marilou Binghay; Treasurer: Micre Casimsiman; Auditor: Ronilo Caytor

Board of Directors: Adam Aguanta, Rowell Salvanera, Mark Anthony Lagumbay

Cannery employees and service contractors working on the night shift get a taste of freshly baked bread - produced by the Cannery Union's very own bakery. Bread baking is the Union's breakthrough livelihood project launched this year with 260,000 Pesos seed money from the Dept. of Labor and Employment (The Union is among a handful of unions nation-wide under DOLE's Pangkabuhayan program.) and full support from Del Monte Management. Thru the intercession of the Cannery LMC, Management awarded the contract to the Union to supply merienda for night shift employees. This fledgling business aims to grow big, with full support from all stakeholders.

Cannery Union Business Venture: DMBCLU President Roll en Rocha and Board Director Bong Vaguchay, at the union's new bakery, which operates a stall at the cannery mess hall and a bakeshop for the Bugo community.

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