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What Are The Latest Dental Procedures In Dentistry

Do you know what dentophobia is and do you know that in the world of dentistry, there is a huge concern from both sides, the dentists and the patients themselves when it comes to dentistry or any dental procedures? Dentophobia, in simple terms, is a type of phobia or fear that most people has when it comes to dentistry. People with dentophobia are afraid of dentists or dental procedures. They are even afraid to go to a dental hygienist. This person, the dental hygienist, is responsible for educating the patients on how to take care of their teeth and gums, will constantly remind them of their scheduled appointments and is a reliable assistant to the dentist. But, in spite of his simple duties, a few patients are even afraid to go to a dental or dentistry hygienist just for those purposes.

That is exactly right. A lot of different people are afraid of dentists and they come from all walks of life. Well, actually, it’s not the dentist that they are afraid of but the way the dentists will pull out their teeth or do any kind of dental procedures. Even the bravest of all soldiers can develop a phobia or fear of dentists because of this. Even a champion boxer can soften like a banana when he is sitting in a dentistry chair. That is the reason why in the world of dentistry, dentists have gathered their heads to come up with other alternatives to make tooth-pulling an enjoyable (sic) and pain-free procedure.

Even dental schools are cooperating with the dentists to come up with dentistry procedures that will surely help patients have a good dental and oral health. They are also very concerned with these because of two main reasons: dentistry specialist or dentists and hygienists can only earn small dentist wages since there will be only a handful of patients who are brave enough to even come near their clinics or offices. That is the reason why everyone in the world of dentistry will have to work hand in hand. If dentophobia can be overcome, dentists will have their dentist wages increase and the number of patients will also be increased. Most of all, people will surely have a very healthy dental and oral health.

So, what have these people from dentistry have come up with lately? They have actually come up with many different types of dentistry procedures that are effective and at the same time, as what they say, “patient-friendly”. One of these procedures is what they call as laser dentistry. Actually, the laser assisted dentistry procedure is already in existence for so long now but only few dentists ever offer it to their patients because of financial constraints on the part of the patients themselves. However, with this type of procedure, it lessens the fear that patients can experience. There is lesser blood, lesser pain or no pain at all and laser can perform with pinpoint accuracy leaving the healthy tissues untouched or unscathed. All over the world, the use of laser in the world of dentistry is already getting very popular. But, as what has been mentioned, there are only a few people who can undergo dental procedures like this because of lack of funds.

This kind of technique utilizes laser instead of needles. Laser dentistry offers patients several important benefits. Laser dentistry is less painful or even painless at all. By using laser, a patient don’t have to go through the use of anesthesia. Patients with other oral health issues like TMD or temporomandibular joint dysfunction,, especially those with low pain tolerance or have developed dentophobia or ordontophia, may prefer laser dentistry over other surgery or other type of dental treatments. This is also so much advantageous to dentistry patients who are diabetic or who is suffering from diabetes and those who have great intolerance to pain. If you are a diabetic person, the use of laser for performing dentistry procedures is highly recommended since there will be no wounds while this type of dentistry procedure is being done.

So, who can be qualified to undergo this type of dentistry procedure? Can anyone be qualified to undergo this procedure no matter what his health condition is? If you are a patient and would like to undergo any dental care and you have this kind of phobia, dentophobia, you might want to consider your dentist using laser for dentistry procedure. You might consider yourself somewhat a very anxious type of individual seeking for extreme comfort and safety whilst sitting on your dentist's chair.

Actually, anybody can be qualified for this type of procedure. However, it is still highly recommended and strongly advised that a person should seek consultation first from his personal or family doctor and tell him all about the plans for undergoing laser assisted dentistry procedure. Once the doctor gives the go signal, then, there is no reason for a person not to go to his dentist and ask for laser assisted procedure. The only thing that can hinder a person from undergoing laser assisted dentistry procedure is his lack of money.

The other advantages of laser in the world of dentistry are: minimized bacterial infections because the high energy laser beam can sterilize the area being worked on, damage to surrounding tissues is minimized, there would be no need for stitches or sutures and most laser assisted dentistry procedures does not require a dentist to use anesthesia on this patients.

Another one of the best and latest technologies that is of great advantage for both dentist and patient is sedation dentistry. This kind of development was concocted by professionals in the world of dentistry to address the concern of patients who are very afraid to go to their dentists and have their tooth extracted or even just to have those fillings. It can’t be denied that there are other people who have this phobia for dentists or dental procedures. So that they can also enjoy going to their dentist’s clinic without having that usual fear and anxiety, sedation dentistry is encouraged.

How does sedation dentistry performed by dentists? This type of procedures uses medication to help patients relax while sitting in a dentist's chair. It is also, oftentimes, called as sleep dentistry. Actually, the person is not actually sleeping but that person is just sedated enough not to feel any pain or feel less pain. They are usually awake during the course of this procedure. There are several levels of this type of procedure being used depending on the state or condition of a patient. Minimal sedation means that a patient is awake but is fully relaxed.

If you are moderately sedated, you may slur yoru words when you talk and most of all, you will not have any recollection of the procedure. Once the procedure is over, you feel as if you have only sat on the dentist's chair for a couple of minutes and you will not even smell or feel anything while you are moderately sedated.

Some dentists require their patients to be deeply sedated. This means that the patients are on the edge of consciousness but are still awake. Lastly, a patient will be completely unconscious if general anesthesia is decided. Because of this, sedation or sleep dentistry is also one of the most popular and most sought-after type of dentistry procedures that both dentists and patients would love to experience. It will be easy for a dentist to perform any type of dental procedures from putting dental implants to tooth extraction and it will be relaxing and comforting for patients. If you are wondering who would be qualified to undergo this type of procedure, it is good to know that anyone can undergo dentistry procedure using sedation or sleep technique.

There are some patients who have this extreme type of dentophobia that it is even fearful for them to go to the dentist or to a hygienist just to have a simple dental check up or even putting dental implants or even just to have their teeth cleaned. With this kind of fear, it will surely worry dentists and hygienists since that can only mean that they can only help a handful of people to have the best and healthy oral and dental health. So, that is the reason why they would suggest to their patients to undergo either laser assisted dentistry procedure or sleep or sedation dental procedure.

As of today, some dentists are undergoing a lot of dental courses that various dental schools are offering to them that will teach them how to perform these newer dental procedures. That only goes to show that everyone in the world of dentistry is doing what they can for everyone's sake when it comes to dental and oral health. Every professional dentists right now in the world of dentistry are also very much concerned about their patients’ welfare that’s why, some of them have come up with these solutions. Try to go to your dentist today and ask him about these developments and for sure, he is more than happy to talk and share to you all about these different dentistry procedures.


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