Vision 16

In my vision, I see the figure in a cloak behind a pillar shrouded in darkness. He is watching and waiting. He seems in no hurry to confront the man kneeling in front of him. He has been waiting a very long time for such a man and has no reason to act yet. The man has opened the box and events have begun to unfold. He will step out of the darkness when the time is right.

The man in front of him is before an open box. He overheard strangers in the alley last night telling stories about the box and the treasure that it contained. They said it was heavily guarded, well hidden, and securely locked, and they doubted that any one could steal it contents. They were loud and careless with their secret, and they seemed unaware of this man standing in a doorway listening intently. As he crept up to the box, he saw that it was not guarded, nor was it hidden, nor was it locked; and that seemed odd for what it was supposed to contain. The man considered these facts before opening the box, but now the box is open and he sees what it contains.

He has suddenly become aware of the other presence behind him and he is frozen in fear. He wonders how long it has been waiting there – for him, of course. He thinks quickly. Does the other know what lies in the box before him? How could he? Nobody could.

There is a sound overhead. The man must act quickly. He reaches into the box.

Visions are story vignettes based on Everway Vision cards

Everway Visions

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