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Villages Online was an exploration of the suitability of a so called “Travian clone” for use in the Galactic Milieu.

Although the software was supposedly open source, many of those working on it started putting all kinds of wild claims into it whenever they modified it, trying to claim ownership of all the files when making a change to one or a few files for example. Thus trying to keep up with development proved impractical, most of the new work being, basically, not intended as free open source and being in fact attemptws to appropriate the entire project as proprietary software.

Thus that stage of development lacked many of the “features” one would require in order to actually “clone” Travian, but that was not really a problem for a generic villages system for use in the Galactic Milieu.

A worse problem was the fact that it did not appear to have its own free open source graphics. Thus to actually make use of it a complete new set of graphics, appropriately licensed, would have been required.

The online instance at has been closed to new registrations, for basically the same reasons that Galaxies Online is also closed to new registrations: the propensity of random passers-by with no “stake” in their initial village to quit. Establishing a new village takes quite a bit of training and quite an amount of resources, and providing startup loans to random passers-by to permit them the stuff needed to create their initial village was simply not looking to be an efficient deployment of resources.

Accordingly potential players are now being advised to first develop a CrossCiv character with good Oratory skills and enough resources to finance the establishment of such a startup village before considering getting into the village-scale colonisation business.


The Devanic instance previously known as Devanic Online has been moved to become the new Villages Online.

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