Twitter tools to grow your business

Twitter is the second largest social network available to you today. It is a little tricky to get started but works a charm once you get used to it. There are literally hundreds of tools that you can use to build your network, schedule your tweets, track your growth, and more. I will share 5 of my favorites that I use almost daily.


Five Great Twitter Tools to Grow your Network

  • Tweepi
  • Buffer
  • ifttt
  • Twuffer
  • Twitterfeed


Tweepi has a funny name but is most useful for growing and maintaining your Twitter network. I give credit to Michael R. H. Stewart of Jerichotech for inspiring me to master Tweepi. He describes its importance in great detail in his new book, Trajectory.

Tweepi is a tool that comes in both free and paid versions. I have used both both and the paid version is worth it. The main features stem from a dashboard that lets you track things like how many tweeps you are following that are not following you back, tweeps that you should return the follow to, and… Here’s the awesomeness, you can easily follow friends of other people on Twitter or follow folks that they also follow. Confused? It’s really easier done than said. Check out Tweepi and get yourself an account.


Buffer is a long-time favorite tool of mine. This brilliant piece of software allows you to queue your tweets for future posting. The free version of Buffer allows you to add up to 10 posts to your queue. The Pro version accommodates 50 and the Premium version is currently unlimited! Link tracking is handled via your account. There is a number of browser plug-ins, mobile app versions, and even integration with your Twitter account.

Now you can schedule your content posting for your Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn accounts. New features and capabilities are added regularly so keep an eye on this one. Read on for a genius way to automate things further.


ifttt is pronounced like “gift” minus the “t.” This service provides you with recipies that have actions and triggers which leverage two or more social networks or web services. A trigger could be “When I check in on Foursquare” and an action could be “post a status message to my Facebook profile.” Recipies are organized into channels. There are 81 channels such as Facebook, Evernote and LinkedIn. You can even create your own recipies and add them to ifttt.

For even more automation you can choose your favorite posts from all of your RSS feeds and add them to your Buffer queue using an ifttt recipe. I use a recipe that checks for items I have starred in my list of RSS feeds that I follow regularly. As starred items are discovered ifttt automatically adds them to my Buffer queue.


If you a want an easy way to schedule your tweets using a calendar then Twuffer can’t be beat. It is also free and has some similarities to Buffer. The difference is the way it allows you to schedule tweets that you may need to repeat over time on certains dates using a handy calendar feature. I like to use Twuffer to schedule weekly reminders for my favorite Twitter chats to my list of followers among other things.


Using another free tool called Twitterfeed you can leverage RSS feeds for even more automation. Just add your RSS feeds and the tool will do the rest. Analytics are also provided to track the number of clicks per item shared on Twitter.


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