Trouble in Terrorist Town

Trouble in Terrorist Town (TTT) is a game mode in Garry's Mod. The game is about a group of terrorists, but there are a few traitors. The traitors want to kill every terrorist who is not a traitor. The traitors know who the other traitors are, but the innocent people have no clue who the traitors are. The traitors will win if they kill all the innocent people, the innocents will win if they kill all the traitors. There are only a few traitors amongst a big group of innocents, so the traitors have to be very careful.

The traitors have to kill innocents when they are alone, otherwise people will see they are a traitor and they will get killed. They can also buy special equipment like C4, knife's, tripwire mines and more to kill innocents.

The innocents have to find out who the traitors are by looking for suspicious people (e.g. people sitting in a corner with a sniper, when people are getting sniped), look for clues on corpses and be observant to find out who the traitors are. They can't just go out and kill everybody, that is known as Random Death Match(RDM), and is against the rules. This will get you kicked or even banned from the server, and it also spoils all the fun.

Besides innocents and traitors, there is also the detective. He counts as an innocent. There will only be a detective when there's a large amount of people in the game. The detective has a DNA scanner, which can be used on corpses to find DNA, and may lead to the killer. Since the detective is always innocent, he is the only person in the game that can be trusted.


If you get killed, you will be dead until the round is over. The others won't know you're dead though, they have to find your corpse and identify it first. This is why it's smart to hide bodies as a traitor. If you identify a body, you will find essential information about his death. You will see stuff like weapon used to kill him, time of death and cause of death. This information can be used to track the killer, the traitor.

The traitors and detective can also buy special equipment. At the beginning of the round, you will have 2 credits. You will earn more credits if you kill others. Credits are used to buy items like a radar (see image below), body armor, C4, knife (instant kill) etc.


Every player has karma. Your karma starts at 1000, and if you have 1000 or more karma you will deal normal damage. If you have less karma, you will do less damage, thus making the game harder for yourself. Your karma will decrease if you shoot innocents as an innocents, or if you shoot fellow traitors as a traitor. Do not do this!!

Quick Tips

  • A microphone is recommended. If a traitor is shooting at you, use your mic to shout out his name in case you won't be able to kill him. At least your teammates know to kill him.
  • As an innocent, do not shoot people randomly. RDMing will get you kicked or banned. Be sure you are shooting a traitor!
  • As a traitor, discuss with your fellow traitors! Tell them you are going to plant a C4 somewhere, so they can help you gather as many innocents as possible to that place (be sure to use the traitor only chat).
  • As an innocent, identify every body you find! This will lead to vital information. It is also helpful to know how many people are still in the game!
  • As a traitor, hide bodies! If innocents find the body, they might find you!
  • If you find the body of a detective, you will pick up his DNA scanner, use it!
  • As a traitor, don't be a hero. Don't run in and start shooting like a mad men. Take your time and find innocents who are alone. Don't let anybody see you kill people!
  • As an innocent, question people! Where where they when this body was killed. Why do they have the same weapon as the one he was killed with? Kind of suspicious they don't answer and start running from you, isn't it?


  • Q - Drop your weapon so you can pick up another.
  • C - Open the Equipment Menu (Traitor or Detective only).
  • Shift - Sends voice chat only to other Traitors (traitors only).
  • F1 - Opens the Help and Settings menu (includes tutorial).

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