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Many weeks ago I won a prize that came with my McDonald's french fries. It was a free month of the streaming entertainment service, Hulu. I know what you're thinking: Big deal; they offer the first month free anyway. Right?

The thing is, just like with Netflix, you usually have to give your bank card information first, and if all you want is the free month, you have to be sure not to forget to cancel it. With my fries prize, I only needed to supply a name and email. Today was my last day to redeem it. Luckily I remembered and registered.

I started browsing and I came across a film with the title, Good Dick. A few weeks ago, I streamed a movie on Netflix called, Bad Johnson, and found it offbeat and entertaining. So I figured if Bad Johnson was worth my while, perhaps Good Dick would also be a good fit, so to speak.


Bad Johnson is a concept film based on an absurd notion. The actors totally sell the absurdity, making it easy to go along with. It's a pure comedy, good for lots of laughs. Good Dick has some absurdity among the characters and story points, but it's not an absurd concept.

I suppose it bears to mention, since the movie is titled, Good Dick, there are no sex scenes and no nude scenes. The dialogue, however, broaches sex and sex organs, rather often.

The characters in this film are real; undoubtedly unique, but real. I found myself laughing quite a bit, but not so much at jokes delivered in the dialogue. The script isn't filled with punchlines. Situations were funny, in a nerve-racking sort of way. I was mostly laughing in pure delight, though, at how the lead characters interacted, and how they would react to rather surprising actions or statements one would give the other.

The word that kept coming to mind as I was viewing was, charming. The entire production reeked charm. The dialogue was charming. Even the awkward lead character who was prone to say mean things, had an underlying charm that would come out when I'd least expect it. In fact, it wasn't until toward the end of the movie until a character was introduced who left me with a feeling of anything but charm.


With the exception of that character, everyone in the movie is likeable. I couldn't help but like them all and find myself rooting for them, so to speak, even though the script may not have had plot points for all of them that would be conducive to rooting for them.

I'm careful not to be a spoiler, so I'm just going to give one tiny example of the level of charm that is in this film. There is a scene where an elderly gentleman is telling the four clerks in the store about the need for all of them to go out and find someone to fall in love with. He keeps repeating himself, not in a senile way, but for emphasis.

The camera cuts intermittently between him and a four shot of all the clerks looking at him, paying complete attention and seemingly agreeing with him and soaking in the wisdom of his life experience. Nobody looks sideways at another clerk in a way that would be letting us know they were just humoring him, but really making fun of him.

At one point, he asks if they know what today is, and one of them says, “Your anniversary.” Another one motions to the character who answered, as if he was telling him the best response would have been to ask what today was, so that the man could tell them. It was just a quick little moment and it passed, fleetingly, yet it revealed so much. It showed a profound sincerity and level of caring between people that is not often seen or expected in a clerk-customer interaction in a film. No doubt, many people would miss the subtext, and many others would get it and not care or be impressed, but to me, it's that level of writing and acting that makes this movie so remarkable.

Obviously, everybody reacts their own way to things, so there is no shortage of online reviews that seem rather mean spirited. To each her own, I guess, but I just keep thinking I'd like to see their list of movies they find extraordinary, because I'd probably laugh at a lot of big budget, mediocre, formulaic redundancy. In fact, a number of the negative reviews had me thinking they were written by people involved in film making, who had never done anything as original as Good Dick, and they are merely jealous.


The movie stars the writer and the director, Marianna Palka, along with her real life love interest, Jason Ritter, a very busy and accomplished young actor, who happens to be the son of the late John Ritter (who had a recurring role on the Waltons, and starring roles in 3's Company and 8 Simple Rules For Dating My Teenage Daughter, among his body of work – which included a role in what might be my all-time favorite film, Slingblade.)


Good Dick is a small film about relationships. It's as offbeat a story about people connecting, as you may have ever seen, containing some laughs during the story telling, and really interesting drama, but without a lot of on screen heaviness. It left me smiling 1) and in a state of hopefulness.

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