Transcendent Meditation and Psychic Phenomena - What it is

Psychic phenomena has been reported and observed for thousands of years. It is a subject that means different things to different people. When we generally talk about psychic phenomena it may have a wide range of techniques to consider. It consists of a large body of different beliefs and ways of performing what they are trying to do.

From astral projection to new age spiritual beliefs, there are many roads to set out on ones journey to enlightenment. Various systems of transcendent meditation mean different things to different people. From a large point of view we can positively conclude that there is no widespread or consistent agreement to transcendent style meditation definitions or practical scientific evidence. Even if transcendent meditation is supported with practical scientific evidence the results will still be analyzed and interpreted from the understanding and point of view of the analyst trying to make sense of the results. Often the results or conclusions reached are the opinions of the analysts.

In this writing we will get a broad based view on what general Transcendental meditation is and also be introduced to other interesting basic metaphysical subjects. This writing is not intended to be an instructional guide but more of a basic analysis of these phenomena. Understanding elements of what they are and what they do can give us a good overview about these mental disciplines and how they are used.

Transcendental meditation in its base form originated in India. The modern word “meditation” is derived from the Latin word meditation. “Transcendental” refers to beyond ordinary or supernatural, and it is sometimes used to specify a more specific style of meditation. Forms of transcendental meditation are related to modern general meditation styles which are worldwide and share a great number of common beliefs. In explaining transcendent meditation here we also will discuss many other various forms of the practice and not specifically focus only on the Indian culture form of meditation. The Indian cultural form of transcendental meditation is a very important cornerstone to make reference to when considering various styles of meditation because it is a form that is very established and well developed.

In the past meditation was primarily thought of as an Eastern religion belief or practice. Meditation as a form has a widely defined variance in style and practice. One can think of a Western religious style prayer as a type of meditation with a different procedure and focus.

Furthermore, different groups have different beliefs that may enhance or give new meaning to common traditional techniques. For example, some Hindu yogis believe that yoga is more of a mind science and practice. Other yogi group insists it is more of a physically centric exercise practice. It has also been well known some yogis believe in a purely spiritual and meditation focus based lifestyle. Some yogi gurus are like teachers who give their own interpretations, personal details, and techniques to enhance the practices or beliefs to be used for meditation and other mental exercise.

We can conclude a common truth in the fact that what works for one person may not work for another. Everyone has their own personal way of looking at the world. What is reality for one is not reality for someone else. As you expand who you are in the universe trying to reach a type of higher self, do not worry about details because the closer you get to enlightenment you will have your own truth.

When we use meditation as a tool for self reflection there are not really any true variables to consider, because the answers should present themselves through the intuition. We do not need everyone to be a theologian, philosopher, professor, or scientist. There are people who complicate many issues with unnecessary details and questions that they have the answers to already. This is usually true because they are the authors of the question they are asking. It is best to keep things simple and straightforward. No fancy style or technique is required to be used unless someone wants to incorporate it in their own practice.

It has been said over many thousands of years by many people worth listening to and respecting that true genius, enlightenment, and understanding is not complex. True genius of enlightenment and understanding is making complex concepts easy to understand; therefore the solution comes into fruition by the simple truth revealing itself as self evident. This concept often goes hand in hand with things like intuition and precognition.

When referring the mind various teachings can really be referencing several possibilities including the brain, a specific part of the brain, mid brain, third eye, the ego, the super ego, higher self, intuition, conscious mind, unconscious mind, inner spirit, soul, and many others. It is not important to quibble about what specific mental capacity is or is not used. Many references to the mind and consciousness are based on style and what the teaching focuses on. Mainly for general use here the part of the mind used in one way or another will be referred to as the unconscious mind unless a more specific term is deemed necessary.

After time and study examining and analyzing various meditation styles from various cultures and communities one will see many parallels and common practices. These common factors among different styles may claim they are working only because of the ways explained by the belief. Quite often the results without all the details come down to a matter of faith. If you believe a certain practice done in a certain way will work then it has a better chance of working.

An interesting example of the power of the mind to make something work a certain way is “the placebo effect”. In a clinical study ten people with an illness were told they would be given a new medication that would help them with their problem. Five patients were given a sugar pill and the other five received the new medication. Often when this study was repeatedly done and analyzed the results were that a great number of patients given a sugar pill had an improvement in their health whether or not the medication they were told could help them had any benefit or not. Why would these people see improvement in their condition from a sugar pill? Possibly it was because their mind was convinced it was a benefit to them. Perhaps meditation in some ways is similar to the placebo effect. When the mind is convinced that something will be of benefit then it becomes possibly beneficial with measurable results. That’s why maybe regardless of the meditation style used there is often a benefit that is not dependent on procedural details. Of course a basic meditation procedure must be followed for sure or else it is not really meditation but something else.

Meditation will be described in a basic way that anyone can understand. It is really quite easy to do. One only needs to make an effort and positive results can be achieved.

Beyond basic meditation techniques used everyday we can observe that some individuals are exploring a much more complex transcending of general focus. The goal of extending the mediation to enhance ones spiritual goals is a personal choice. It may be confusing with all the transcendent meditation techniques being used today but these are only options to help someone achieve the meditation experience that is important to them.

Not everybody will value or agree on every meditation variation introduced and expressed. Use your own conclusions and see that all of us have our own way. Quite possibly we are all just considering different methods of meditation that work like a language to support what is important to us in our own way as a person.

Basic Meditation

Basic meditation is the easiest thing to understand, and from there one can find the techniques and enhancements that work for them and make sense. It may be preferred to close ones eyes to focus attention, but many people can concentrate their own focus without closing their eyes. Closing ones eyes is only recommended, but it is not necessary. From here a person will focus their attention to what they believe will perform the desired outcome.

For some it can be as simple as relaxing ones own body and mind. Just carefully focus on calmness and peace, while letting go of the unnecessary worries and thoughts that can complicate our life. This type of basic meditation is an example of mindfulness meditation.

Many people like to concentrate their focus on an object, like an ocean or pool. They focus attention on the object and become open to a greater awareness. This type of basic meditation is an example of concentrative meditation.

A desired outcome from meditation is a personal choice made by the person who is meditating. Sometimes other enhancements to the meditation experience maybe used like a chant, affirmation, or prayer. So really, meditation is not hard to do. In its most basic form you will find that it is very easy.

Considering mediation enhancements

Going beyond the basic forms of meditation may include enhancing the techniques used to further ones spiritual goals or plans. Think of additional elements of meditation added to basic meditation as expansion modules. Enhancing the basic meditation practice is easily accomplished by additionally including these and other new elements.

A meditator will often consider meditation enhancements that relate to their own personal beliefs and goals. For example, a musician may choose to play meaningful background music during their meditation or perhaps even perform the music themselves. An artist who paints pictures might paint and use the meditation to help guide them through the production of the artwork. Someone like a writer may wish to use meditation before sleep to help inspire them in writing their next new novel or future story.

I have heard of people fond of making clothing especially for meditation. A friend told me they made their own shirt and robe. The shirt they made was a tie dye tee shirt with fantastic colors that had a large meaning to them inspiring love and peace. I have even seen people create shoe designs with canvas tennis shoes marked with creative ink pen designs. All these ideas can not only help enhance meditation, but they also strengthen the belief in what they are trying to accomplish as the goal of meditating.

A place like a meditation room is fine or a special location like in the mountains, the desert or the beach can be great too. A church or temple can be a wonderful place to meditate or pray. Often a church or temple will already have enhancements for mood like music, group prayer or chant, archetype statues, colored lighting, scent, and nice surroundings and visuals.

Techniques can be a good way to help tune in your meditation the way you would like. Someone might feel comfortable to add their own cultural enhancements to the style of meditation. A great aid to people of Hindu culture is their beliefs already include very nice ways to use Hindu teachings in meditation. Even people of an Atheist belief can enjoy enhanced meditation using the scientific prayer style, which can be practiced non denominationally as a meditation contacting the unconscious mind.

It may be very helpful for a meditator to focus on a pleasant thought or goal exclusively and block out or ignore all unnecessary thoughts. The Buddha when meditating was said to be fond of emptiness. This really can be very helpful to focus on emptiness because it wipes the slate clean to start on a new focus. Emptiness can be tricky to use and may lead to falling asleep because without a maintained focus you will not necessarily maintain your concentration on accomplishing what it is you are trying to do.

If you are looking for peace and emptiness then you can follow the Buddha. He was not attached to earthly things and was more interested in the inner world and inner planes of existence. It has been known that at times he would even neglect food. The Buddha’s attention was so greatly fixed on the inner world he would often have to take donations to sustain himself because his activities were mostly of an inward nature.

Do not be possibly put off from the teachings of Buddha relating to emptiness. Many wise masters believe that finding emptiness brings one to a feeling of being completely full. Also recognizing the emptiness can be a good starting point to begin the goals of the meditation successfully. Buddha in his time made great strides and accomplishments in the development of meditation.

There are many styles of Buddhist meditation from various cultures like Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Vietnamese, and Thai. All Buddhist meditation styles have their own cultural formalities, goals, and beliefs. Some Buddhist meditation practitioners follow the Buddha as a person and do not follow any cultural belief. In summary there are a great number of wonderful Buddhist teachings to learn if one so chooses.

Similar to the Buddha teachings, some Hindu gurus also believed it was most important to meditate all the time and forever if possible. They believed in meditation so strongly that they almost may never have had any participation in the physical world. Even basic things like maintaining a place for their care was often mandatory because they would not go out and earn a living. These individuals had a very strong belief that meditation could create or manifest for them in the physical world the help they were looking for.

Some of these important early ways that meditation was done would lead to more complex methods of meditation combining both the power of the emptiness and peace with an intention to create, manifest, or get some type of physical world action accomplished. Explained generally from this point, these early meditation and spiritual leaders helped create the ground foundation that modern transcendent type meditation has evolved from. There have been numerous ideas and very important methods detailing various procedures to expand upon early basic meditation style.

Variations in modern transcendent meditation style can be seen as unlimitedly branching off from the beginning. At this point one needs to consider the ideas and options beyond the basic, and then decide if there truly is a need for them to use additional meditation techniques. With so many different ways to meditate there is no wrong or right way because the style corresponds to what is important and works for the individual.

Intention and meditation

It is believed the father of Yoga Patanjali lived sometime around 500 and 200 B.C. The teachings of Yoga originated in India. Patanjali was somewhat a mystery and many people have different understandings about what he did and what Yoga is or is not. Some believe Yoga is just an exercise discipline, others find his teachings to be a powerful basis of mind science. The Yoga Sutras are a collection of teachings said to have been authored by several individuals going by the name Patanjali but many scholars and masters of Hindu knowledge say it was just one person called Patanjali who developed everything. The writings written in the ancient Sanskrit language are very valuable works of knowledge giving us a starting point for understanding the mind and modern meditation techniques. Complex and for many hard to understand and follow, bits and pieces of the Yoga teachings have been used to form new concepts and ideas for guidelines to perform various meditation styles.

Not to forget any of the Sutras, some of them have received more attention than others. Although all Sutras are important, there is a concept of them used by many in modern times called Dharana, Dhyana, and Samadhi. They are the last three rungs of Yoga.

Dharana refers to concentration and this can be illustrated by an example of a mantra of words or a word used to focus the attention of the mind. For example someone might chant the word “prosperity” over and over again with all their attention focused on this concept. Dhyana refers to meditating with an intention to sustain the thought and perhaps bring it about in the physical world. Dhyana might be thought of as a way to bring something into fruition and make it happen. Samadhi is the last step where one can think of the object or mind concept as perhaps come into being or existence of some kind.

The last three rungs of Yoga are often used as theory or as a guideline in meditation style development. The intention is set and a suggestion is made, then the concept is further developed further through meditation coming into existence somehow, then the object or concept is finalized into existence. From here various methods have came into existence over the years following these guidelines to bring an intention forth into existence.

Great masters have been said to use teachings like these to make their intentions into reality. A modern guru may be known to take an intention and perform steps like these to bring about a miracle or a meditation performer may be said to use their mind along these lines to manifest a desire into being. Various methods and styles have been developed in modern day and there are countless methods using similar techniques to set an intention and bring it forth into the physical world.

Mind over matter, maybe this is possible for some with metaphysical talents. For some it may be along the path of using the third eye talked about in various groups to do these tasks. From a non denominational point of view we can see parallels between the last three rungs of Yoga and scientific prayer. Certainly it must take a very powerful talent to manifest something out of nothing and most people would probably find it rather difficult to do so.

It might be easier to manifest an object or concept by influencing surrounding conditions to bring about a result without it originating from itself out of the blue. Some believe manifestation is like a suggestion put forth into the universe with faith to get a result. A popular way of thinking about these concepts is from the psychological point of view. In most life forms there is a subconscious mind that is said to know everything and bring about results in an abstract way without physical communication.

The theory is that life forms have a conscious mind and a subconscious mind. For example honey bees build a complex nest with honey combs and places to live. How do bees with no apparent form of language or complex brains build elaborate nests that are community based with no architect or plan? They are said to have a collective subconscious mind intelligence that they use to influence each other to bring about events like building their nest or hive.

The theory in physiological studies conclude it is possible humans also have a sort of shared unconscious community mind. Some believe that when an intention is put forth the unconscious mind will possibly adopt the suggestion and bring about a result personally or collectively. Although just a theory this might explain why so many denominational and non denominational prayers, meditations, and intentions do often come into being.

For instance faith healers can demonstrate healing taking place without traditional physical action being performed to aid the healing process. Some people have experienced various results including things like finding a new job in a way they never thought about but it was offered to them after meditating on the intention they wished.

Perhaps the suggestion to the unconscious mind received the message and either personally or collectively brought it about. We may never know but by examining and considering the theory we may see things from a different and new point of view that may be useful to understand the phenomena.

To use the theory of a scientific prayer in meditation to bring about an intention might be easier than one may think to influence results to occur. One can separate three main points of meditation in this style. The first is sort of an affirmation called a mantra. Traditionally it is thought about or repeated over and over to help bring in the desired condition. The mantra can really be most anything like a repeated set of words or thoughts and it does not have to be in any particular language or tone.

For example a person wishing to bring about good health may have a basic mantra repeating the word “health” several times. The mantra can be said most anytime and some people expand upon this with more specific and complex affirmations. Some believe the affirmation should be generally true in the way that it does not express false belief. The point here is to express a possible truth and stay away from obviously false statements if possible. If you do not believe in what you are saying chances are your subconscious mind will not believe what you are saying either so keep it practical and be able to conceive what you say or think.

A good general rule for a mantra is to keep it fairly simple and something you have faith about. Faith is important because for various reasons and explanations the mantra has more effect if you believe and are confident about what is expressed. If there is no belief then there is not much point in proceeding to use an affirmation.

Secondly the father of Yoga believed in more than just affirmation. It is sort of a type of particle thinking that helps things come together in the second step and a facet of a divine mind. The last and third step is a condition where only the object remains. At this final step all is completed. Your mind and body is not there and only the object or concept remains. The object is not necessarily a physical object, it can also be a condition or state like being healthy.

Certainly this is not the only way of looking at meditation. As mentioned before it depends on what teachings are important to a person. The father of Yoga’s general meditation model concept is useful to understand other elements and techniques of meditation. Anyone can see various meditation methods and consider what to believe and what makes sense to them.

Another general belief is that you are asking for help with something in a way. Similar to a prayer the meditation for manifesting may be denominational or non denominational depending on ones point of view or choice. A modern belief becoming more popular in recent times relates to the mid brain or the pineal gland. Some find it analogous to refer to the pineal gland as the third eye. It has been said that the guru puts the idea into his third eye to create it in the physical world.

A more psychological point of view would be to put the idea into the unconscious mind. Many believe there is a relationship between the mid brain or primitive mind and the unconscious mind. The mind goes to sleep at night but really is still awake in the mode of the unconscious mind. This part of the brain is believed to influence the physical world in a large number of ways. For example the brain does not entirely shut down at night when someone is sleeping because it controls the body functions that continue even if there is no present focus telling it to do so. The unconscious mind heals the body and makes repairs. Some believe we rebuild the body while at rest from start to finish every eleven months.

The unconscious mind also is related to the intuition. Intuition is a guide to what should be done and what should not be done. For example, it is like finding yourself in the right place at the right time with the right people. In regard to meditation the intuition can help put things into the right place at the right time through feelings of certain actions being more correct than others.

If one believes that through meditation one puts an affirmation into the unconscious mind, then we can possibly use the great wisdom of the mid brain to make things come about with a certain result in the physical world. For example we can see a suggestion made by hypnotic suggestion can create a possible effect. Combined with a belief backed by an affirmation one might be able to accomplish something they wish to happen. In some ways this is asking for help from a higher power (higher self, super ego, soul, etc). Perhaps one can think of the prayers a person might do as affirmations requesting help from the unconscious mind or a higher power.

General beliefs may also include the unconscious mind producing an effect of mind over matter. Many people are familiar with the placebo effect explained before. This strong type of belief combined with the unconscious mind may manifest in various ways like increasing health or influencing ones motivation and drive to become wealthy.

Credible stories of people using affirmations for motivation have been confirmed and certainly worked for a great number of people. Was the effect achieved by the specific procedure or meditation style? Did things happen because of a higher power? Perhaps all or none of these things can be possibly verified as the cause. One thing we can be certain about though, the intension was made known and a result most likely occurred because of it.

One person’s story I was told was they had a hard time remembering facts on their school exams. This resulted in bad grades and low self esteem and they were not up to the task of being a graduate. This person came up with their own affirmation like “I remember all I read and study because I am a smart person”. This was not entirely true for them at the time but as days went by they did vastly improve their recall of facts to the point of increasing their grade point average to a impressive high level.

The unconscious mind when given a suggestion seems to influence things by amplifying the intention of the affirmation. This part of the mind must be convinced that what is suggested is true or else visible results may never happen. This is one reason why the affirmation or words must be carefully thought through and prepared for. Certainly just and good thoughts would be the best to consider not wanting to take a chance on something not working out well.

Someone may suggest to their unconscious mind something that the person knows is greatly not true like “I am the richest man in the world”. This style of affirmation may prove not only untrue but it may not work because the unconscious mind has great intelligence and just will not believe or accept it. A more preferable suggestion may start out and spoken or thought repeatedly as something simple like an affirmation mantra saying a single word like “prosperity”. This approach does not go over the top with an impractical statement. The word prosperity is positive and modestly indicative of what is a practical goal to accomplish.

Remember what is to be made true needs to come from basic truth. If the unconscious mind is told something undesirable it may believe it as true and in the background bring about that which is requested. Also the mind will amplify factors it believes to be true and unexpected or opposite results may occur. A true and conceivable intention is a best choice to avoid unexpected results. Avoid negativity at all costs in daily life. For instance, if you say things like “I can not do this”, you may train and convince yourself this is true when it might not be true.

The thoughts to be meditated on for manifestation must be conceivable. It may be the best choice here to envision possibilities that can be achieved and worked from after they come about. For example if one can conceive they can someday live in a mansion it may be brought into being but if a giant expensive castle is suggested this may be too far of a reach for the current time. It might be possible to manifest a castle in ones future but the thought must be practical to some extent at that current time.

How long will it take?

Meditation is a process. If somebody wishes for reasonably possible things the time can be rather short to wait for a result. Depending on conditions and circumstances time can vary greatly depending on what is the goal. For example DNA has a blueprint of the body and can use it to heal and restore the body. If the unconscious mind receives a request and it is accepted, the body will take time for the cells to regenerate to restore health. DNA is constantly rebuilding our body’s everyday and takes time to grow.

If someone meditates on the goal of prosperity the intuition of the unconscious mind will take time to send messages to the conscious mind in order to bring about the proper events to line up the right way. Perhaps somebody wants a better job but their conscious mind does not know what to do. The intuition of the unconscious mind will help them be where they need to be and possibly with the right people. This is like the saying in the right place at the right time. If the intention is true and sincere the unconscious mind will be like a guide to bring you to where you need to be.

There was a man who wanted a mansion but did not have the money to buy one out right. As suggested by a friend they put a thought into their mind with a strong belief and vision through meditation. While working he met a person who was moving away and looking for a person to take care of their large luxurious home. They asked that man if they knew of someone that might take care of the home and pay a modest fee per month to rent to own. Bingo! The man who dreamed of a nice home like this one said he was very interested and he became the resident of the mansion shortly thereafter. There are many ways of receiving blessings and this guy went for it by putting his intention out to the world through meditation and affirmation and things worked out very well.

A person with lost eyesight was said to never be able to see again. They were experiencing total blindness from a bad connection of the optic nerves inside the eyes. The person planned to visit a holy place on vacation and prayed for a miracle to be able to see as normal. With damage to the optic nerves of the eyes this was considered impossible. After a period of time they were able to see again after prayer and visiting the holy place.

A doctor’s exam showed the nerves were restored and that’s why they were able to experience sight and normal vision again. Was this a miracle? Perhaps a possible theory might be after an intention was made by strong faith and prayer their own body was instructed by the unconscious mind to perform repairs to the nerves in the eyes. The DNA has the blueprint to build our body and maybe it used the plans as instructions to eventually grow the nerves back.

A lady who was very ill and told they had no hope purchased a Hindu ritual to restore her health. The person did not even practice this denomination of faith but by believing very strongly that it would work as a remedy it was successful. But why was it successful?

There was a man who had a concern about money and purchased a magic remedy ritual from a new age shop. They were given an affirmation mantra and told to be faithful and meditate on the future results as favorable. They did not see any immediate results but after a period of time they received unexpected financial help.

Why many of these stories were successful in their outcome, was it all just luck? Maybe the explanation is simpler than first thought. All these people had several things in common and several things not in common. Some common things they shared was a great faith things would turn out for the best, they took some kind of action to bring about a result. Some things not in common were the steps they took in order to bring about a favorable result, and none of them shared a common denominational faith. Another common pattern is they had a strong intention to accomplish a desired task. Through envisioning and intention a task was completed.

Everyone can have a different story, and everyone will possibly experience manifestation in a unique way so there are no strict procedural rules or time frames that something will happen. Some things may manifest and some things may not. Various reasons and mysteries occur for many unknown things. Fate can have a lot to do with matters too but if an honest intention and desire are made there can be a real possibility of good results.

Chakra Systems

Chakra Systems originally came from India but are often used for many types and styles of meditation. Chakra Systems date from about 1500 - 500 B.C. They correspond to energy centers of the body. Different numbers of chakra points may be recognized and used. The flow of body energy is symbolized by the chakra points and “Chakra” means turning or wheel and analogous to the flow of a wheel. Most commonly referenced are seven chakra points. The root center (red), spleen center (orange), solar plexus (yellow), heart center (green), throat center (blue), brow - third eye center (purple, dark blue, black), and crown center ( white, purple).

Chakra points are associated with colors, and color varies depending on belief or system used. Also some systems use minor chakra points, twenty one reflections of the major chakra points. Some chakra Systems refer to the energy centers as lotus flowers

Lower chakra points exist below the root going down the legs in some systems. They are the Atala (the hips), Vitala (the thighs), Sutala (the knees), Talatala (the calves), Rasatala (the ankles), Mahatala (the feet), and Patala (soles of the feet). Meditation can focus on various energy centers for special purposes. For instance, the Ah meditation moves energy from the root chakra up through the different energy points to the third eye chakra to be used to bring about an intention.

A background or advanced spiritual teachings are very helpful to understand how to use these chakra points for specific meditations requiring their use. Not all meditation involves using the energy points specifically. It is good to be aware they exist to have knowledge for more complex concepts in meditation and further study.


In the realm of beliefs relating to meditation there are often archetypes, these may be understood as light beings, gods, angels, saints, higher powers, spirits, or source energy soul beings to name just a few. Religion has prayers, meditation, and affirmations; they also may have higher powers of some kind being contacted. In Hindu beliefs there are a large number of gods and goddesses. For instance, in Hindu faith one might ask for additional help during meditation from a god or archetype specializing in the matter of concern.

If one is a spiritual person of faith they may request help from higher powers to help their meditation or prayer be successful. Some higher powers have names and specific purpose that may relate to what is being meditated upon to happen. For example Hindu style meditation may request help from goddess Lakshmi to help manifest blessings of wealth.

Although not a requirement for successful manifestation by meditation one may feel they need additional assistance from an archetype to accomplish their goal. It is a personal preference and thus totally optional to include in the meditation being done. Some people believe this additional act of faith will strengthen the intention. It is good for them because strong faith of some type is often needed to bring things about in entirety or in an expedited manner.

Hindu religion has many interesting and advanced enhancements for spiritual workers that practice that religion. It is not considered necessary to be a member of a particular religion to ask for assistance by archetypes. Only a belief in the archetype is required to use their help. Otherwise there may not be much point in asking for help from an archetype if no belief is present.

Catholic religion is practiced often with prayers to saints for assistance. For example to accompany a prayer or meditation one may request help from St. Jude. The prayer is considered enhanced because some believe St. Jude can help heal health related concerns.

In many ways we can see parallels in common between prayers and affirmations. Prayers include requests from higher powers to assist in bringing about the desired results. Meditations can also use help from archetypes if desired.

Some specific sounds or words in Hindu religion are directly related to the deity. These sounds or words can be chanted or used in prayer to accomplish or enhance the message. The word Aum or Ohm can also help focus or plant a seed to accomplish a goal. These words or sounds are often referred to as seed mantras. Sometimes it just feels good to say Aum and meditate on peace and oneness with the universe. Other times, some people practice dividing the words up into simple syllables.

Aum can be divided into three parts. The Ah sound, the Oh sound, and the Um sound. The sounds can have specific meanings. The Ah and Oh sound can be recited to activate both the right and left sides of the brain. The Um sound is believed to be related to mid brain activation. All together the Aum sound or word is considered by some as a word naming God or the Source.

The chosen individual sounds are carefully considered because some believe certain words or sounds do different things. They are chanted verbally or mentally while in a meditative state. The words or sounds are often systematically changed around in various orders.

The Ah meditation is like a prayer or affirmation based on one word. Often it is chanted over and over to bring about a result. Many believe a meditation can be done with a visualization preformed in the mind, and then the Ah sound is spoken to help bring the prayer into fruition. Some say these are power words of great spiritual use. In the Catholic and Christian belief the word Amen is often used with the prayer or affirmation. Many think the word Amen is similar to the word Aum and both share similar sounds that may be directly related in meaning.

Many believe great words of power were used in the creation of the universe to bring all things into existence. Almost everyone is familiar with the magic word Abracadabra; this word is said to also be related to some important words of creation. It is not mandatory to use archetypes or chants, but many times it can help reinforce the belief in a successful meditation practice.

It has been believed the word Abracadabra is a word of bringing something about. In modern times we have all seen popularized by western culture the magician pulling a rabbit from the top hat after the word Abracadabra is spoken. In history it is believed the word Abracadabra is derived possibly from biblical times and modified to make it catchier. Doctors in past ancient times were said to use Abracadabra in their practice.

Most words of power are considered secret and not common knowledge. Some say the words or sounds are most effective if given to a person by a master or guru. Most any words and sounds can have a special meaning depending on who is using them. Carefully think about and use only words you believe in and have positive connotations and meaning.

Depending on what is believed there are many choices of archetypes and words of prayer from many places and cultures all over the world. It is a personal choice to include sounds, chants, or deities. Often a background or advanced spiritual teachings are very helpful to understand how to use these meditation methods.

Form and posture for meditation

To help things along with the meditation progress there are recommended forms and postures to consider. These matters relating to physical forms of meditation are open to interpretation and personal preference like most forms of modern meditation. One of the most popular forms to assume the correct posture while sitting and performing meditation is the full lotus position.

The full lotus position is rather difficult for most western people to perform and requires flexibility of the legs and limber joints, it is also a little difficult to describe. One would sit cross legged then sort of move their legs upon each other in a kind of locked position. The half lotus position is easier to assume because both legs do not have to be positioned in such a stretched way. If you can get into a full lotus or half lotus position it is really quite an accomplishment and a great way to sit down and benefit from meditation. This really is a great position to meditate in because you can focus very well with your mind sitting this way.

Physical positioning of ones body can be misleading sometimes. There are pictures of people sitting in the full lotus position seemingly levitating while performing a meditation. While not saying levitation isn’t possible be aware there is a technique where some people sort of hop around the floor while sitting, then take a picture like they are levitating in the air.

It is best to sit on a large pillow or blanket if you have one. This will help prevent your legs from becoming numb while you relax and meditate. Often it is preferred to have a quiet and peaceful place to begin a meditation. You can choose soft music or any other options that help you relax and remain comfortable. Remember the meditation may last from several minutes to hours long so make sure you are comfortable, this is important.

Some prefer darkness or a shaded area to concentrate. A lot of people like being in nature like sitting in a garden, at the mountains, near a lake or body of water or just sitting in the shade under a tree. Many people practice meditation while closing their eyes so a dark room is not entirely necessary. A more modern and rather interesting way to meditate is lying down to rest. You can lie down on a comfortable bed and close your eyes to meditate. Be careful you are not too tired while lying down to meditate because it can be very easy to fall asleep in such a relaxed and peaceful activity.

Meditating in a resting position lying down is very good for some because you can get close to sleeping without being asleep. Being close to falling asleep can be a great way to make a nice connection to communicate with your unconscious mind. If you like, after meditation falling asleep is just fine because your unconscious mind will work on what you were meditating on while you are at rest. The unconscious mind is always at work and possibly you might have meaningful dreams or ideas come to you. Even daydreams or conscious visions may be very helpful or interesting.

If you do fall asleep be sure to wake up slowly and as you recall what you were meditating about before resting begin to renew the meditation before you rise out of bed. During the day you can think about affirmations or chants as you work or relax. Many believe thinking about your meditation all day in repetition is best. If you meditate effectively do not worry about meditating all day because the message you are sending to your unconscious mind will be there. There is really no need to be over repetitious but be sure to allow the proper time to focus and convey the suggestion or affirmation to you.

Sound can be very affective when meditating. Voicing an affirmation or chant can send important energy that is needed to make the meditation effective. In contrast to sound, silence can also be a powerful way to meditate. If you can easily mentally concentrate on your visualizations and think about your affirmations it’s also very good. Many spiritualists believe language is sound and your thoughts are also a form of sound and language therefore it is also beneficial to use only mental concentration during the meditation.

Running while meditating is possible. In general it might be best to be relaxed as much as possible. Definitely it would not be recommended to drive, operate machinery, or do something where you need to put a lot of thought into other than meditation. Simple tasks might be OK like sweeping the floor or working lightly in the garden.

Be sure to assume a good posture to speak words if you so choose. For example laying down on your stomach is probably not a good meditation position if you want to chant out with your voice. Maybe consider sitting up but usually standing is not relaxing enough for longer meditation sessions.

Visuals and lighting

For an enhanced meditation experience lighting and visualizations can be very helpful depending on what you are focusing on accomplishing with your session. Yantras are complex symbols representing archetypes or concepts. Other symbols that can be helpful for meditation include the Cross of Jesus and the Star of David. Prayer beads and rosary’s can be very good to keep track of chant or prayer repetitions. The beads or symbols can be made of enhanced materials that help give meaning or additional aid to the meditation. Popular materials for objects include gold, silver, crystal, and fine wood. Sometimes even coins can be specially made or ordered from a vendor with meaningful symbols or pictures.

Beautiful statues can be very nice to have nearby or on a table. Often they can be wonderful focuses of attention for the meditation or convey a special meaning. Saints and deities can be good to help one feel energized by the presence of their spirit. Statues can really add a lot to the meditation experience whether religious or just contributing warm feelings to the atmosphere. Some like to use flowers or plants, they can often add a special meaning or tranquil effect.

Lighting can be greatly significant in important meditation sessions. Think about and choose carefully the size, shape and type of lighting used. Light color can bring great meaning to the meditation room. Red or pink light can symbolize love. Green or gold colored light is often symbolic of wealth, and the color white is a symbol of purity and goodness.

Special meditations can be performed with lighting where the eyes remain open and attention is focused on different colors. Darkness in the meditation room when combined with the light can bring a feeling of inspiration. It can be very heart warming to see the dark room filled with the beautiful light. Interesting patterns of light can be seen from reflections of glass or crystals. Black neon lights enhance certain colors and look very nice in some settings.

Lighting for meditation can be decorated with special significant symbols and deities if desired and a scented room can provide a beautiful smell to the air in the meditation room. Scented spray can also be wonderful to add mood and atmosphere to a special meditation or prayer. Many times a certain scent will have a particular meaning.

Some lighting may have special meaning according to the shape used. Other lights may be made from special materials other than light bulbs; party lights can add a nice touch. Be sure to be careful using lighting in a safe place and way. Consider a safety lamp or a chandelier made for electric lights. Be cautious and careful when using any lighting including novelty lamps. It is always best to be safe and cautious.

Using electric novelty lamps are a new way to safely have the benefit of adding subtle light to the meditation room. Many times the lamps can also be fitted with many optional colored lights to add an interesting effect. Using visuals and lighting can be a fun and rewarding experience to add unique meaning and significance to any meditation place.

Psychic Phenomena

Parapsychology is the study of many amazing forms of psychic phenomena. Sometimes it is referred to as psi phenomena and is a type of Psychology specializing in the paranormal. Psychic phenomena became more recognized in the scientific world in the late 1800’s and then it was more formally given recognition in the early 1900’s.

Various topics include psychic prediction, astral travel, phantasm, mental telepathy, divination, planes of existence, reincarnation, and NDE (near death experiences). It is a mysterious science based on perceptions and feelings to a large extent. Many subjects are shrouded in question and superstition but many observable and investigated psychic phenomena is valid. Quite often it deals with either spiritual subjects or studies of the mind and brain.

In modern times we sometimes think of movies like Ghostbusters where a zany team of guys hunted down cartoonish ghost spirits, but in reality Parapsychology is a very reputable field of study and research. As more advanced electronic and computerized equipment specifically designed for psi study becomes available these devices can become a great way to analyze the phenomena in more detail. New forms of testing and research methods give fresh meaning to seemingly intangible subjects. Interesting topics in the field of Parapsychology vary from the modest and practical to the macabre. Certainly any general discussion of psychic phenomena is a great learning experience and a wealth of valuable knowledge to be considered.

More information on the subconscious mind

Taking a closer look into the study of the subconscious mind is very fascinating and entertaining. A whole other world of consciousness exists that remains relatively elusive, little known and misunderstood. The power of the human mind has yet to be fully studied by modern day science. Many interesting theories and conclusions can be made with current findings and interestingly compared with both legend and science fact.

As we go about our daily lives the subconscious mind works independent of our conscious thinking. The subconscious mind is believed to be responsible for various functions of the human body that operate around the clock without any of us having to give instructions or directions of any kind. This part of the mind is responsible for things like healing and maintaining our health, breathing, dreaming, intuition, long term memory, and has ability to access vast knowledge and amazing psychological functions.

Benzene (C6H6) is an important petrochemical and hydrocarbon. The chemical structure of Benzene was credited to a vision received in a dream by Friedrich August Kekule. He saw a hexagonal ring formed by snakes in a pattern where as each snake was connected to the next in the pattern by biting each others tail.

Although not the truly accurate atomic model solution of Benzene (C6H6), the main idea behind the ring of connected snakes was the interconnection of the 6 carbon atoms being the key feature for this structure. How did this subconscious part of the mind have so much intelligence to deliver a complex message like this? This is just one amazing example of the vast knowledge that can be accessed and given fourth by the subconscious mind.

An important pioneer in understanding the human mind was Sigmund Freud. He had great contributions to modeling the human psychological mind with his theories introduced in 1923 with his book “The Ego and the Id”. According to Sigmund Freud the mind that contained our repressed anxieties was the unconscious mind. His psychoanalysis theory introduced the human mind divided into three parts. These were introduced as the id, as the source of psychological energy related to instinct. The ego was the organized conscious mind. And the superego is the internalization of the conscious mind. These concepts of the human mind in the Sigmund Freud model were though to be most useful for advancing and developing psychoanalysis but peers had disagreements with how the boundaries and divisions of the mind were done by him.

Dissatisfied with the teachings of Sigmund Freud and his model of psychoanalysis, Carl Jung would be a founder of his own new model used for psychoanalysis. In many ways the new psychoanalysis model developed and promoted by Jung was similar to the one from Sigmund Freud except Carl Jung had differences in detailed understanding of how the mind works. There was difference in the understanding of the Id or “instinct”. Also a new concept was introduced that added further complexity to psychoanalysis and this is the “collective unconscious.” A guide and advisor with all gathered knowledge and human experience is a good general explanation of the collective unconscious.

Carl Gustav Jung, was founder of analytical psychology and was also a great psychiatrist. Introducing an emphasis on the collective unconscious brought about new ways of understanding the human mind. In some ways people believe Carl Jung to be an inspiration for scientific prayer because he was making large strides analyzing spiritual topics and dream analysis but did not favor any particular denomination of religion in his teachings.

Scientific prayer also at its base does not favor any denomination of religion. There was a special quality and understanding that a person could analyze, understand and believe in spiritual phenomena without being favorable to a specific denomination or any denomination. They could just appreciate the subject of the mind and spiritualism as a concept.

New teachings and mind theoretical analysis adds to the continued popularity of the concept of a collective mind where all share a common thread of consciousness from one person to the other. This theory has also been expanded upon in some ways being expressed as subconscious and not just a trait in the unconscious mind. Therefore you now have a popular belief in many modern psychology models that there is a subconscious collective mind type that is not present in full consciousness.

Also further theory expands the model that there is a subconscious collective mind, and a subconscious mind that is not collective. Although a subconscious collective mind would have shared thoughts common in all people, a regular subconscious mind could be thought of as personal and private to the single person. The subconscious collective mind and the subconscious mind are either shared thoughts or private thoughts, and of course both share the same common trait of being subconscious.

An important thing to make note about in regards to Sigmund Freud and his original theories is he believed in a type of unconscious mind, Carl Jung believed in a collective unconscious, and now in newer models we can make note of a subconscious type of mind. In many ways a subconscious mind type was a more believable mind type than a mostly unconscious type of mind. An unconscious mind is unaware and possibly vulnerable, where in the new theories we see an admirable subconscious mind which is latent and not entirely revealed but it is a strong all knowing type of mind that is available at a lower level conscious. Also available is the subconscious collective mind with a similar store of human experience as the collective unconscious.

Some believe Sigmund Freud was perhaps not a good understanding person, but we need to realize Sigmund Freud originally developed his mind models for analyzing the sick that needed help. Possibly his mind models were not meant to describe and understand a normal mental condition, thus many disapproved of the introduction of an unconscious mind. Carl Jung led the way to a more advanced mind model with his collective type of mind style that helped us explain and analyze psychic phenomena and human behavior. In modern times we can see that a good mind model type to consider as the most advanced right now is one that combines elements of both a subconscious mind, and the concept of a collective mind. More mind model styles related to the subconscious collective mind include the universal mind and the hive mind.

Astral Travel

Another interesting subject worthy of note is generally described as astral travel. It is kind of a transcending of spirit that enables one to travel to upper and lower spiritual worlds. Variations in method, definition and experience vary greatly between styles and beliefs in the astral world. Some spiritualists believe in a vast existence beyond the traditional universal model. In traditional science we can observe and prove that there are planets, stars, solar systems, and galaxies that comprise a known universe. Many scientists believe there is a universe and there is no other realm of existence beyond it because the universal concept literally encompasses “everything“.

The astral plane is like outside of a universal concept. A universal point of view would lead itself to additional dimensions of existence and reality but astral existence is sort of like a concept of limbo between the universe and other undefined planes of existence. Here is one concept of the astral plane as popularly believed. An unlimited number of dimensions exist in the universe, each having their own laws of physics and rules of reality. Although there may be different densities and rules of particle density that correspond to the different dimensions in the universe they all share a common style of physicality. In the astral world it is more spiritual and a less regulated place where laws of physics may not have any existence at all.

The astral plane of existence seems to be a place where it is like another type of universe unto itself totally existing outside of this known universe. Like doors to a different environment “gates” of a sort exist or can be opened in various ways to allow travel and passage into the astral universe or astral plane of existence. Furthermore if this non physical universal existence does in fact really manifest itself in some way we can not entirely prove anything one way or another.

There are many models or maps showing complex diagrams suggesting order to a theoretical astral universe. Like a shopping mall with multiple levels and places to go, arrangements have been suggested that the physical universe is in one location and a path exists to another astral plane or universe. Similar to dimensions in the physical universe the astral universe contains many planes like dimensions that are non physical in nature.

These astral planes lead to other planes of existence indefinable as universes but best described as planes of existence. The outer planes of existence sort of connect through an astral path and can be accessed. Heavens of both non alignments of spirit co exist on many levels in the outer planes with good and bad places. Legends and mythos suggest places there like the seven heavens of absolute good, the happy hunting grounds of neutral good, planes of Gladsheim ( Asguard, Vanaheim, etc.) of neutral good, layers of Pandemonium of neutral chaotic, Limbo, Nirvana of absolute neutrality, planes of the Abyss, and also descending down to very dark places such as Hades and Gehenna.

How far does one travel to these places and how? Perhaps through leaving this physical universe through expiring would be one way. Another way people believe they can access the astral universe is through a type of meditation or lucid dreaming state where they are attached to this psychical universe through a silver cord. Mythology says that if the silver cord is severed or breaks you are literally lost there and life ends on the physical plane.

Astral planes of existence are said to include elemental planes of air, water, earth, and fire. They are further subdivided into planes of combinational elements like ice, dust, vapor, and heat. Most astral travel by humans that has been told to have been experienced did not go very far into the astral universe because it is so vast in scope. Many believe the farther you journey into there it may be very difficult to leave. Adding to the complexity of astral journeys would be encounters with astral beings which may be a good thing or a bad thing depending on whom or what is encountered. Accessing what is believed to be an astral universe or plane would most likely be accomplished by the unconscious mind although memories retained could be possible similar to the way dreams are remembered. Different theories exist linking the mind and the astral existence. If the astral universe is a place of no laws of physics like time and age, some believe the mind, soul or consciousness follows these rules and lives forever in a sort of afterlife after the consciousness leaves the physical body. Lucid dreaming can be thought of as entering a place of existence beyond the physical universe sustaining one self in a pure mind or spirit state. Reports on experiences regarding lucid dreaming can be described as being quite realistic but not bound by laws of psychics from the physical universe. Some say they can see a silver connection cord helping them return to consciousness after dreaming and others say they have never seen any type of attachments. Ethereal travel may be related to the astral or realms of dreams and less data on ethereal phenomena is available than with astral.

Several assumptions have been concluded from studying findings from common themes describing astral travel journeys. The universe as we know it here in the physical is not real in the way you might think it to be. In theory this physical universe we exist in as humans on planet earth is just like many now describe it, and a large number of people believe as absolute fact.

The physical universe is a form of hologram, a dreamlike illusion that has very real rules and laws of physics. Some say its all energy, and this is true but millions of particles exist in this space vacuum and the energy projects a reality onto the particles animating them like pixels in an LCD. The mind sees the colors from the energy through the eyes and the consciousness interprets what it sees into something you can believe makes sense.

This all relates back in many ways to the birth of this physical universe and the theory behind it. In the very beginning there was one mass of physical density and an infinite vacuum of space. The physical density dissolved and expanded away from the source similar to a explosion, some call it the big bang theory. As pieces of the physical density expanded through space particles combined to form groups of stars and planets, then life forms.

If we were robotic and had no soul or consciousness, it is probable if we looked at our universe we would see nothing but debris and particles constantly in motion expanding out into the far reaches of space. The movements of the particles create an illusion of time when observed from a stationary point in space. Energy animates the particles forming shapes and structures of particle combination's. The consciousness we possess and recognize, gives animation details and life to what is all just particles of matter.

The astral universe is similar to how the physical universe is except there is little to no physicality at all in the astral universe; therefore little to absolutely no particles of matter exist there. Astral experiences are all about consciousness in its purest form. Some look at pure consciousness as spiritual, others with scientific background see pure consciousness as being just like this universe but with no physical objects. Science also sees the astral universe as two observable things, a type of vacuum in space of some existence or dimension, and energies. The different astral planes in the astral universe many be comparable to dimensions in the physical universe. Like in the physical universe, energies manifest life forms and intelligent consciousness in the astral existence.

Some very interesting astral theory needing more research and study brings these questions to mind. Are places like heaven in other physical dimensions or on an astral plane? Is expiring on our physical world just moving to another physical dimension or do we go to the astral universe? Perhaps sometime in the near future we will have more answers to these and other similar concerns.

Claims of experiencing astral travel personally describe it as a type of “astral projection” where consciousness is projected from a physical layer plane to an astral layer plane. I heard of a story about a man who fell into a state of astral projection during sleep under a tree in a forest, while fishing near a lake and waterfall. The account of what happened was rather fantastic and I will never forget the information I heard because it was all so detailed and I resonated very much with the content. Since that time I know of several new astral travel journeys I have been happy to hear about.

The man who fell asleep under a tree never knew he was sleeping. He proceeded to stare at the waterfall and look for fish in the deep clear water. He was planning on a good catch for dinner when the waterfall turned a bright white color filled with light. He got up quickly to get a closer look and the water extended itself away from the mountain rocks and pulled him in. He started to swim thinking he lost his balance and fell into the lake, then he realized he was under the water in a way but not in a way he had ever experienced before. Floating in outer space was what swimming in the water was like and a swift current or astral wind pulled him along a path that seemed to go on forever in an infinite direction.

The experience like being in space was obvious but there were no planets or stars and a feeling came over him that he had drowned and was in a NDE or near death experience. His intuition told him although near death he was not dead yet but in between existences. More intuitive messages came through his mental thoughts revealing details where he was and where he was going. This was one of several paths to the astral universe he was on, like a black hole he had fallen through somehow the only way he could go forward was to keep moving with the trend taking place.

Then it all ended and he was sitting under the tree again thinking he just woke up from a dream. Then a second later he was back again in the path to the astral. A mental message told him he was in an ethereal plane between the physical universe and the astral universe. Now it all changed and he was sliding down a long path of invisible energy that seemed to have no end. In the distant horizon of the ether he saw random physical existence replays of his own life events projected like movies into the sky with no rhyme or reason. The visions danced and floated around him like visions in a sphere of glass, and he was miniature like a piece of dust floating in the middle of it all. Energy spheres floated around like clear glass marbles of every color in the rainbow, some of them were far away and some were very close. He reached out while sliding around and grabbed them instinctively. As he grabbed more and more spheres of energy his body became more pronounced and defined but did not seem physical at all but more like a mass of energy formed into an exact model of himself. His consciousness was maintained and resident in the light body just like it was his physical body. Time seemed to pass not in a normal way, it felt like millions of years floating around like this but the time went by like it was nothing at all.

Then it all ended again and he was in a bright area of crossroads four paths to follow were choices to go down. They were fire, earth, air, and water. In such an odd situation there was no logic used to follow any particular path and he chose to go on the earth path. In an instant he felt like he was very large in spirit and he could see an unbelievable vision of trillions of miniature universes and a infinite number of small lights that he knew were stars of some kind. With his mind he again received a message, this time it was a demanding voice asking him to “choose”.

Looking strait on at the light in front of him he recognized a calling of a sort to his soul that seemed to be his soul family calling out to him and he knew that was where he wanted to go. His body changed into a great eagle and he flew away through the space toward a universe he knew nothing about. Interestingly enough he saw space ships around him but knew they could not see him. They were revealed to him by messages from his soul family to be lower life forms that did not have the power or ability to travel through space without a spaceship. It was understood at certain levels of existence space ships are only used by primitive life forms for travel and he would not need one.

Now he approached the universe he was called to. Still flying as an eagle of energy through space he heard voices singing like angels in the sweetest song and melody he had ever heard before. The songs were communication between souls and some welcomed him to the new reality, others called specifically to him to come to where they were. He followed the songs through the astral space to a galaxy that was miniaturized. The light body automatically adjusted scale to match the functional scale of where he was.

Now in the distance he felt drawn to a large blue star, beautiful and bright. It was possible to look directly at it without burning his vision. It was a giant conscious sphere and conversed with him. It announced warmly and friendly a welcome home.

He saw spheres like planets of energy, translucent and semi solid. Although they were all made of light the details blended together to give a vision of being solid physically. Then a beautiful planet of light appeared more glorious than anything he had ever imagined. In every perfect detail the beauty was indescribable and perfection was obvious in every detail. A strong feeling of love overcame him and he became like air and flowed like a mist toward and into the sphere. Instantly he was walking in a great forest of incredible sights beyond imagination.

Many floating balls of light like glass marbles were floating everywhere in the air and when looking at them straight on they became entities absolute with bodies of light. Some looked like people he knew, others were grand and beautiful. An intuitive message became clear in his mind that a great party was planned for his arrival home and celebration would follow in joy with all who attended. Like a carnival of angelic nature every form of amusement was available and he participated in the celebration of song, dance and happiness like he never believed was possible. Time seemed to exist in a way but did not seem to be of any concern or relevance to the current environment. Ascended masters were available to talk to and he spent what seemed like millions of years learning from their teachings and becoming familiar with the new existence he found himself in. A transformation from one existence to another had happened to him but was not completed. He was almost at a level exactly the same as the other beings, and he knew in his heart feeling that this visit to the astral world he was in would not be forever. However long it lasted it was a temporary condition even though time felt like forever was spent in this great new place.

He decided to explore this new place and soon realized it was infinite in scope. Unlike a physical planet this world did not have any boundaries or limits. And unlike a physical planet he was not bound by gravity to the outside of it but the world was like a sphere of unlimited energy and he was inside it, not on the outside. Knowing he would need to return back to the physical universes sometime he inquired to the ascended masters about the possibility of other places to be other than where he was.

A type of spiritual technology was available where the astral universe could be explored and sampled quite easily. Like he had experienced before he saw a waterfall and he understood walking into it could take him in some form to sample other places and astral planes. Although where he was at he never wanted to leave he had curiosity to experience more. So he walked into one of the waterfalls of light. He appeared at another level of existence and heard a voice in his mind that his spirit guides were with him and would guide him back from any astral journey he chose to venture upon.

In an instant he was inside a red sphere. This was another astral world he was trying out. It was an awful place of sadness and crying. Voices moaned in the air and the wind blew uncomfortably. The sky was all dark red and the earth on this alternate existence was red, the water was red and the mountains were black and dark. He saw frightening visions of every imaginable terrible entity he could ever dream about. The terrible entities of this red astral plane did not see him and it was like he was there but invisible. His spirit guide told him in his mind the souls that occupied this plane he was sampling wanted to be there and for them this was their ultimate heaven. Unable to bare being there in this unnamed place any longer he asked his spirit guide to allow him to leave. He turned to go and saw an opening he could walk through in just a few steps to go back to his area of paradise he wanted to return to, then all went black and he heard silence. A voice said loudly in a terrible voice, “Got you!!!”

An ascended master from the dark side had cut off his escape. An arena appeared similar to a gladiators fighting place. Over the distant black mountains a dark purple colored being known as a dark ascended master threw a chain at him that flew through the air and bound him unable to move. Panic filled him with fear and all hope seemed lost like he was condemned to never be allowed to leave. Then a large wall appeared from the ground and his chains flew with him into the air and bound him high in the air. Laughing and crying filled the air. Gossip and ridicule of every kind seemed to be voiced from every direction. He regretted his wish to leave his paradise and felt every feeling of hopelessness and despair. A matrix of doors appeared like a geometric puzzle in every direction and the dark master challenged him with an offer that behind one of the doors was his paradise and behind all the others was nothing. He opened many doors and saw the same place he was as an inescapable reality.

Continuing to open doors he felt a great blessing coming over him, and thought this was the help he had hoped for. With unbelievable speed he opened millions of doors a minute looking for the way back to freedom. Then the whole arena caught on fire. As the fire burned he knew time as he knew it was running out and if he did not escape soon there would be no hope. A loud voice came from the dark master yelling out, “You have five minutes” “Five minutes!!!” Then a door glowed in a bright light and the dark souls turned away from the light. He broke the chains and jumped through the door happily.

He awoke from what seemed like a bad dream and was back in the forest fishing again. Tired and exhausted he sat back against a tree and started to rest. Then closing his eyes he felt a burning feeling and opened his eyes and he was back again on the dark astral plane. He felt like he had escaped from the dark master but it was all a trick, and nothing had changed it was all a dream.

Defeated and lost forever he did not think he could ever solve this dark puzzle that seemed rigged and impossible to solve. His light body became consumed by the astral flames and he heard a voice. It was the ascended master from paradise telling him to look into the sky. The red sky ripped open and a staircase of clouds appeared. He again broke away from the chains binding him to the wall and ran up the stairs of clouds burning on fire. A message came to him to climb up the stairs into the sky as far as he could go and as quick as he can. The dark master saw his attempt to escape and flew over the mountain trying to grab him. By this time he was high into clouds in the sky and felt trapped. He braced himself to be captured again.

An angelic woman appeared in miniature form like a fairy. She was splendidly colored in a green bright light flying around with her golden wings. She whispered to him to run along the rainbow before it turned to black. A giant rainbow like a road appeared before him and he ran forward across it with great haste and speed. The next moment he felt a pulling on his light body from behind then he was back in paradise at the waterfall of light again.

Upset and recovering from fear he again saw the good ascended master standing along side of him. The man yelled “you let me down and lied.” you said nothing could harm me on my journey to explore. The ascended master laughed and explained he never really completely left the paradise, and he had a hold of him from the astral plane he left from the whole time. The mood totally changed and all started to laugh and great love and joy became filling the air.

The ascended master explained the dangers of astral travel and revealed the need for the technology used to only sample the other astral planes. If the tech was not used there probably would have been no escape or return to paradise again. This was one of many lessons and experiences lived out in the astral world he visited.

Although travel to other planes is possible in the astral universe it is risky and dangerous for one to do so if they don’t have experience or know what they are doing. The only way to show this truth was to sample the experience. A technology developed by the light was created to allow travel to places in the astral universe. The tech could fully reverse negative experiences by partially rewinding the journey through an alternative path or dimensional gate. Additional protection was unknown to the dark and they also could not see he did not completely leave paradise. The rainbow was only the light from paradise tearing through the darkness.

But who was the green fairy like woman who came to his aid in his hour of need? He pondered this for awhile the felt a soft hand on his shoulder while looking at the waterfalls of paradise. He turned to see a beautiful woman and he instantly recognized her from the vision of the fairy. His soul mate came for him to bring him back to her.

A soul mate is like a traditional mate in the physical universe but in the astral world it is your true love that matches your soul essence as your other half. Like a miracle he now realized who she was and felt a love like he had never known for her. She explained to him they could only be together in paradise and when he left back to the physical universe he would not fully remember her again till he returned. Other members of his soul family came to him in paradise and he again understood all he had forgotten while living on earth in the physical universe. It became clear that soul family members go from reality to reality and incarnate in different forms. Their mystery could never be fully understood while alive on earth. Only by crossing over somehow could he recognize and reunite again with his soul family.

After considerable time on an astral plane, on the planet like paradise, he knew it was finally time to make his return to earth in the physical universe again. He said to everyone in paradise he did not want to go back. It was explained to him that in time he would return again and not to be sad. Much sadness from leaving the paradise would never be known and most all he had experienced would not be remembered after his return.

All he had learned would be recalled at a later time, so he made his transformation back into a sphere of light and floated back into the astral universe he chose. His eyes opened and he was back on earth, in the forest by the water he was fishing in. The experienced seemed like millions of years was now done. He realized some of what had happened and checked the time on his watch. Five minutes had passed by what he could gather. It all seemed like a dream and a great deal of important information that detailed the experience he just could not recall. This story of what he recalled was only a very small portion that he could remember. As the ascended master told him he would never be able to remember all about what he experienced. He felt grateful for his experience anyway not sure if it really was a dream or not. One thing he came away with was a confidence that there way much more to reality than what it all seems to be.

One more other interesting experience I have been told by someone was similar but happened in a different way. The man went to sleep with an intention to experience the astral universe. They fell asleep one night and awoke in a lucid dream. They were in a light body with complete consciousness and awareness in the room they were sleeping in. They wanted to explore and went to the door in their room to go outside. At the front of the door they realized they were in miniature form, perhaps less than a quarter inch tall. He could see a light shining through the opening under the door and proceeded to walk under the door without opening it.

After walking under the door the whole room on the other side was filled with a bright white light. Not like a dream all this occurred like it was very real. The light became brighter and the house and all surroundings disappeared. The light then ceased and surroundings appeared that were unlike anything they ever experienced before. It all appeared to be like a world made of energy. Not even walking felt like a solid surface.

The details of a new world appeared and they were standing at the gates of an Asian style royal castle. A decision was made to make a journey through the gates to see what was on the other side. The courtyard of the castle was large like an ancient garden in the orient. Masters appeared that were dressed like hero’s of legend from ancient Asian lore and appearance of it all seemed to be like a royal dynasty.

It was explained that he would need to find a lost mandate from heaven to restore the kingdom once again. He was awarded a sword like a samurai style weapon. It was explained this kingdom existed in an astral plane invaded by dark forces. A demigod, half human and half god was holding the artifact that was causing havoc and bad things to be allowed in the kingdom of great good and virtue.

The royal emperor was a being of light and asked him for help to recover the artifact that would restore the rule of heaven and goodness. He said please help us Tyr (tear), then the man looked at his body and he was no longer a male. His manifestation in this astral plane world was not anything like he was before. He walked over to a pond in the garden and saw the reflection of his face was an attractive woman about twenty years old.

A general appeared and requested he immediately report for tactical training. Although no longer himself he felt this was his true identity and destiny. During the training great ascended masters taught him many mystical secrets and ways to perform in battle. He was given a horse that was said to be the fastest in the kingdom. Also it was revealed to him his samurai sword was enchanted with all good powers of the light. In the morning they would go to the holy temple and meditate for divine guidance.

When they arrived at the temple they encountered zombie like warriors of the dark army. A great battle was fought and as the army’s soldiers were slain they would just disappear into spheres of light. Outnumbered and losing men he fought and killed many members of the dark side’s army. The samurai sword began to glow and he raised it instinctively into the air, lightning filled the sky and great bolts of lightning struck all remaining enemy slaying them instantly.

As the battles continued over time many lives were seemingly lost but the troops recovered somehow and reappeared again on both sides. A great dragon appeared outside the gates of the kingdom and spoke to the people that all would parish unless Tyr would come forth to accept a duel. He went out from the kingdom and said he was who the dragon was looking for.

Accepting the duel Tyr started to fight the dragon by himself bravely. All alone they fought and when the night fell everything disappeared and the dragon declared there would be no escape because in that reality he was god. Then the dragon increased in size one hundred times larger than before. The battle seemed hopeless and he thought to himself what could a little samurai sword do against such a great opponent?

The sword started to glow and the weapon transformed into a giant mechanized warrior. He faded into the giant warrior and it became activated. The battle continued and the two giants battled till finally the dragon was beheaded.

Tyr returned to the kingdom again and a mission was planned to invade the demigod’s castle. The dark forces were assembled in an astral plane that was in another galaxy and there was no easy way to get there from their world. The village mystics told of a powerful holy man with knowledge long forgotten. It was hoped that a way to the other galaxy could be revealed and used to send a force to eliminate the rule of the demigod once and for all.

Tyr went to the village and was told to climb the volcano because the holy man lived in the volcano in a secret hidden place. The contact to be made was necessary to ask the holy man for advice on how to proceed in elimination of the demigod. The holy man found out about the plan to free the kingdom and he appeared in the village eager to help.

It was believed the demigod was a once great king that fell from grace and was cursed to live out an existence in exile in the dark galaxy he now resided in. Once the demigod was a benevolent ruler before the curse turned him into a monster. He had stolen the artifact of heaven and opened a gate from the dark astral planes that allowed the dark side to enter planes they were never allowed to enter in the past. When the mandate of heaven was restored it was explained that duality of good and evil would no longer be allowed to exist. Magic would be used along with technologies to bring about the battle objectives and plans successfully.

The holy man was also a wizard and genius that had both knowledge of technology and magic. Certain astral energies could be used as a solution by enabling a dimensional portal in the sun of the good kingdom. The portal would open after a period of time after being activated and create a shortcut like passage to the galaxy and astral plane of the dark forces. Special lightships would be created to enable battle support from a space platform needed to successfully deploy the needed forces. A way to get back to the good light astral plane would need to be set up and used at just the right time so the forces of light could leave the dark galaxy behind forever and seal the portal so it could never be used again.

Ceremonies were performed and the dimensional portal was ready to open at sundown. It became a top priority to prepare for the final battle that would bring an everlasting separation of evil from the good. Once the demigod was dealt with the holy artifact could be recovered and prosperity for all would be assured forever.

Meaningful conversations were exchanged the days before the great battle was planned. A vast feast and celebration was planned after the battle was one. It would be a monumental event that would be legendary and would probably be one of the most important actions of any kind ever taken in the astral universe.

Tyr found out the emperor of the kingdom was part of his soul family and there was reason that this reality came about in this time and place in the astral world. The ending of duality would settle not only the battle to be fought but would possibly end all fighting between good and evil in every level of existence in all that exists. For this reason the victory planned was something that needed to occur to separate good from evil totally once and for all.

All was ready to go then everything disappeared. He awoke from the very realistic lucid dream when he heard his radio alarm go off in the morning. The disappointment for him was very upsetting. To have such a great experience in a dream about an astral world then suddenly be pulled out of it was not good at all. The experience never was resolved and he remembered a lot of detail about it but nothing ever came of it again.

Do astral realities bring about realities unknown or since the astral universe is just energy perhaps we see what we want to see and make our own reality there. If these people had experiences that they believe to be real then for them they are reality in many ways. Some say we make our own reality; it might be true that astral reality is what we make it to be.

At least two other types of viewing an astral type universe with the mind exist and both are called “remote viewing” Methods of remote viewing are described in different ways. Some describe remote viewing as being similar to astral travel but exploring the physical universe. Like being a ghost or phantom able to explore places undetected with total consciousness. In this experience a remote viewer would still exist somewhere physically but like using a remote camera able to appear anywhere they are able to use their mind to observe places.

Another description of remote viewing involves a less spiritual experience using methods and protocols to perhaps sketch out a condition or place on paper with intuition or suggestion provided by the unconscious mind. Clues and objectives might be provided to help suggest accomplishing an objective or goal to complete the remote viewing experience. Some stories relating to both types of remote viewing have proven quite realistic and accurate, other tales were less accurate in what they predict or describe.

Perhaps alternate realities based on events in the physical universe give these remote viewers impressions through the mind that may be accurate or inaccurate and of course talent or skill in knowing what they are doing helps influence things too.

Interesting tests have occurred by psychological regression through a trained hypnotherapist to conclude amazingly accurate results. The action through the unconscious mind might be responsible for such experiences because subjects often seem removed and in a trance like state when participating in therapy with hypnotherapist’s. As with most similar methods, results will often vary in accuracy of subjective “facts” obtained by participants.

Mind over matter

Many types of mind over matter experiences have been observed or practiced both in ancient times and modern times. Valid conclusions have results in both scientific fact and subjective spiritual beliefs depending on the point of view of the person considering the examined events. Various spiritual leaders and gurus in the past are reported in stories to perform miracle like events. Just about everything you can think of out of the ordinary has been told at some time throughout history. People flying through the air, walking on water, changing one form of matter into another, and manifesting physical objects or events out of thin air are widely believed to have occurred. Maybe these events happened, perhaps they did not. One can believe or not in these physical and spiritual powers but some events have been observed as proven therefore worth taking a closer look at and considering.


Levitation seems linked to meditation and there are many teachings and theories about performing this task. Why is levitation such a popular subject? One can only speculate why levitation would be so interesting to so many people. It might be a mental exercise of mind over matter or just a parlor trick for entertainment purpose. Depending on who is trying to levitate their own reasons for going for this as a goal are personal to the practitioner.

Gravity as a physical force is not revealed fully at this time to be fully understood. We can see that gravity is a law of nature that is a certainty and can be observed as a fact. Bizarre bounties or rewards were popularly offered in British India during the late 1800’s to pay Yoga gurus to publicly demonstrate the levitation discipline. These types of enticements must have brought about interest in levitation not just to demonstrate the belief in the discipline but to generate income.

The effect was generally thought to be brought about through the mind and body in a Yoga practice. Other existing methods included mental power disciplines and reports of magic. History shows these spiritual powers really performing levitation in some circumstances and also some demonstrations were most certainly illusions created for money or for other reasons.

Obvious fakers have been seen using the temporary meditation style trick of seemingly taking off from the ground and flying small distances through meditation. The trick was performed through assuming a full lotus meditation position and with expert dexterity performing a weight shifting of the body to sort of throw oneself into the air. Many believers saw these fakers as legitimate and describe the people as seemingly loosing their body’s connection to earthly gravity. Other people describe this style of temporary levitation as obviously untrue and ridiculous. As mentioned before, this is often how pictures are produced of some levitation. The practitioners hop into the air and use special photographic techniques to snap a photo of the person in the air before they fall back down to earth again.

Other elaborate fakes include methods like attaching a pole of some kind to ones back area and hiding it with props or clothing. In this mechanical type method the levitator would sort of advance their height on the pole with an incremental rise notch by notch on the pole, similar to using a car jack to raise a vehicle in the air. Depending on the angle of view and quality of method used these levitation's might appear quite realistic, especially to the faithful believer.

Depending on the audience these public displays can be very convincing if done in the right manner using a mechanical method to levitate. To primitive people and cultures the faith was often assumed to be fact and always accepted. In the past the levitation type effect was popularly performed and maybe the secrets of some methods were lost. In ancient Britain during the thirteenth century Friar Bacon was believed to have walked in mid air. Why would a seemingly virtuous person like this Friar fool an audience intentionally? Might this be a true report of a lost art no longer observable in our time? Since this miracle happened so long ago we may never know if it was just legend or an amazing true event.

Friar Bacon was also said to be quite intelligent and had knowledge of a flying machine that was like an airplane that would flap its wings and fly through the air. One thing for sure about Friar Bacon is that he was a very intelligent visionary that foresaw future ideas and related technologies that would eventually appear far into the future through the design of the modern airplane. He had great wisdom and insight using his visionary mind.

In other legends French missionary holy men were said to have observed Native American shamans of the North West tribes levitate and walk inches over grass land unaffected by natural laws of gravity. In other legends, Eastern masters were believed to be familiar with teachings from ancient Egypt that explained sorcery that would allow for walking on air. These Asian masters warned about possible dangers of using Egyptian teachings of certain types of magic and mental discipline.

In other legends of ancient times it was believed magic ointments could give powers of flight or levitation to those eager to levitate or enhance their meditation powers with the skill to fly. Much like a lot of so called magic potions when people bought them they did not work at all. Potions that did supposedly work were seen as from the dark side and brought about ridicule. Magic potions to levitate and fly never really seemed to catch on even if they really did work and thus their popularity was low and reputation controversial.

In India the pursuit of a levitation discipline is popular and a great and respected guru named Maharishi Mahesh Yogi claimed in 1977 that he could levitate and he teaches his students the discipline. Ancient teachings do say opening the heart chakra can give someone the ability to walk on air. Furthermore the teaching promises further heart chakra development could also bring the practitioner the power of invisibility and an ability to walk across the sky. Maharishi Mahesh Yogi was well known as a guru of quality and virtue. His statements were not pressed by further interview detail so it is not clear if he was possibly referring to ancient teachings of the mind and body in regard to performing Yoga or something else. Perhaps he recognized levitation as a possibility according to the ancient teachings, or he might have been referring to an abstract concept like “the light body” having this capability.

The light body is a complex subject but sort of like an astral counterpart to the physical body. Great abilities of fantastic description are attributed to the light body so in this way it might explain some questions about the mystery of levitation. Many ancient teachings from various cultures are written in obscure cryptic languages, their interpretations are widely open to discussion and without clarification by the original authors many of the teachings remain as good as the ability of the modern translation.

An ancient Samarian levitation master was Simon Magus. It is believed he was one of the earliest of early levitators and there was great interest at the time in his work. He presented himself as a god and his female partner was said to be the reincarnation of Helen of Troy. Simon Magus encountered great debates and controversy from the early Christian community. During this early time the subject of levitation was not at all popular and he had a focus of being a trend setter with so much talk about him.

Simon Magus traveled to Rome and grew attention to his promotion detailing his possible powers. He announced that all would see him fly the following day over the gates of the city. Legend tells of his great feat of flying over the gates so quickly he seemed to magically appear in the crowed after his flight. Other ancient folklore tells a tale of him levitating in the air from a stationary platform. His actions were observed and he was well known at the time as being a great man who could fly at will. Many believe he was great but not a true demigod of power, some clues from his writings reveal he was one of the world’s first master illusionists.

As is the nature of a great number of mysteries and ancient teachings the methods of masters, gurus, magicians, and illusionists are almost never written in a way that tells exactly how to perform a feat of incredible nature. The style of writing in this way is said to be written within and without. His early method of levitation was told to be related to adjusting his breath in a way that allowed him to rise in the air. His writings mention he spoke to the earth and asked for its breath that he might inhale to give him buoyancy that would raise him into the sky.

In these early writings we can see parallels to more modern teachings. For example the teachings from India speak about using breathing methods combined with meditation that will give a Yogi practitioner the ability to have the body become lighter than air. Some say the breathing method is related to the electrical forces of universal power related to the magnetic force of the earth to manifest gravity. This ancient explanation is one of the earliest beliefs for explaining Far East practices of levitation demonstrating being able to fly or levitate.

The electrical energy or spiritual energy in the air is believed to be controlled to allow control of gravity on a Yogis body. The Yoga technique of Prana is said to be responsible for directing the energy flow of the air that is breathed by the body to allow the effect of weightlessness on the body. In India this is kind of thought of by some as a technology in science, a spiritual science.

An explanation and demonstration of this theory would be observing in nature the ability of insects and animals to fly. Certainly birds are rather naturally aerodynamically formed in their body design but it is maybe not enough to give them full flight capability. Some believe birds breathe a certain way to help give them a way to defy gravity and assist them in flying in the air. Additionally birds are believed to have a fast heartbeat that may in combination with their way of breathing give them an added boost to sustain their flight.

Look at the honeybee, a rather clumsy plump and non aerodynamic insect. The honeybee has rather small wings in proportion to dynamic design that will support the flight they perform yet they defy laws of aerodynamics, and seem to fly quite well despite the way their body is shaped. Could these natural factors of air and breath theory also apply to what allows them to successfully fly?

All these teachings may be completely true. They could also be other factors involved that influence the whole levitation process. Mind over matter may come into play here where the practice of a procedure may only be strictly ceremonial and faith combined with belief has a lot to do with it all. It may all fall into a combination of factors lining up in just the right way to produce an incredible effect. And gravity may have a lot to do with levitation and flying. We still do not fully understand the physics of gravity, or if the answer remains undisclosed. These techniques and concepts might be indirectly or directly responsible for the belief of spiritualist’s ability to float on air.

Other theories talk of rare gases in the air unknown and immeasurable by modern equipment. Many believe natural bodies interact with the atmosphere and produce a weight depending on the animal or life form. Gravity exists in a limited form and diminishes the farther something moves away from a planet. Space is a vacuum and no substantial atmosphere exists to possibly create a determined weight for an object with density.

Prana is taught as a energy in the air and is controlled through the practice of pranayama. Swami Vivekananda wrote Prana means “force”. He also says Prana is related to gravity and is a major factor in the practice of levitation. Hydrogen when inside a balloon is lighter than air therefore the balloon will rise in the sky. Helium also has a similar effect inside a balloon and when a balloon is filled with helium it will also rise. Hydrogen has a different atomic number than helium. Hydrogen has the ability to store more energy and can explode so helium is used because it is more stable than hydrogen. If gravitational energy interacts with atmospheric molecules this either is in balance with the surroundings or out of balance. Depending on the balance of energy a gas will rise or fall in comparison to what the atoms are surrounding it. In this way Swami Vivekananda implies the balance of what type of gases and the amount one breathes with the pranayama method of breathing so it does have some scientific basis in fact and is not only just a spiritual superstition.

Sir Isaac Newton theorized in his laws about the physics of gravity that something rising in the air has a raised energy level and when the energy level comes down to a lower level something will come into balance energetically to lower it down. Does pranayama breathing affect the balance of the body’s energy levels allowing levitation? If breathing in the pranayama method is done does it distinguish between what types of gases are taken in through the breath? Again we can see here the teachings as within and without. Within the theory of the pranayama method we can see a possibility but we are left without the details of scientific facts and data.

Some teachings seem to imply using a method of meditation to activate a type of light body. Like a visualization exercise you would imagine your body becoming lighter and lighter till you are full of light and you might float. Visualization seems to be the main point to using your mind to be able to be lighter than air. Many believe that levitation in this way is just a relaxation exercise. It is very interesting to make note of levitation, it really does seem to be an advanced technique probably to remain a great mystery for a long time to come.


Telekinesis is the practice of psychokinesis. In the Psychology world the term psychokinesis is the preferred term because it does not imply spiritualism but describes more specifically the power of the mind to perform a task in a way out of the ordinary. Some popular examples of this type of psychic power would be bending keys and bending spoons. Like many psychic related abilities some events have merit and many are for entertainment only.

Bending spoons is a common demonstration exercise to show the power of the mind to influence an event. Research in this area has shown some events seem to be provable. The explanation for bending objects is not well known. Using pure will to influence something to happen can be possible but often the question arises of why this ability? Other demonstrated abilities have been more useful like pushing or pulling objects without physically touching them.

The many studies related to the powers of the mind have shown the real possibility of using the will alone for demonstrating mind over matter events. A display of force like moving objects is somewhat rare. Many spiritual gurus do not work only with the will of the mind and some shy away from psychokinetic phenomenon. A psychokinetic ability is considered quite difficult and only very special mind mediums have been able to do this.

As one would imagine a large number of well promoted flashy psychokinetic events are for entertainment purposes, performed by professional magicians and illusionists. A great number of these types of events are also believed to be caused by ghosts or spirits like poltergeist style haunting. Spiritual haunting can be creepy and frightening to think about. Luckily this dramatic and quick psychokinetic phenomenon is not an every day occurrence, and when these things do occur they attract a lot of attention if legitimate.

The Hollywood movie the Amityville Horror was said to be based on a true story and the occupants of the home were probably very shocked by what happened to them. Spirits closing and opening cabinets and doors or turning lights on and off can be rather frightening. A poltergeist phenomenon can occur when psychokinetic events happen. Mysterious ghostly activity is often associated with strange events and moving objects with little or no explanation found.

Some famous psychics with apparently psychokinetic abilities have a mix of believers and skeptical fans. Uri Geller is very well known for bending object with the power of his mind like spoons and keys. He is also known for getting clocks and watches to start and stop at will.

One question from most people that are skeptics is if these people do have such quick and absolute powers of the mind then why are their abilities limited to small tasks that can be forged like bending objects or starting and stopping clocks? If one could really have such abilities like mind power why not perform a variety of tasks like starting a cars engine without a battery, making it rain from the sky, opening a lock without a combination being used, or doing something practical and useful?

Even with great beliefs in these types of psychic phenomena by spiritualist devotees, it is usually discouraged or not recommended to use the will alone to manifest something in such an absolute way. Some believe using will of the brain only to perform mind over matter can possibly bring about reverse effects not worth the effort. This is also a difficult subject to verify or completely discount one way or another. More research and study is needed on this topic before good information and results are made known, till that time the topic seems to be more in the mystery category than completely understood.

The intuition

The intuition is the ability to have knowledge of something without explanation or reason. It can be widely illustrated by examples or defined in many ways by various people. Sigmund Freud defined a part of the mind as the id, a source of psychological energy related to instinct. When analyzing the id, we can see this is somewhat relative to intuition. Instinct is also a type of knowing something without an explanation or reason but may be more related to a basic function in the primitive mind.

Divining uses the minds psychic power to locate things. A rod or stick may be used to help trace what direction the item or object being located will be found. The divining process can be used in conjunction with the mind as a channel to find lost or missing items. The source of the minds power used in divining may be considered as involving the intuition and the instinct at the same time to arrive at a conclusion about the matter of concern. We can see both the intuition and instinct are closely related and are often used at the same time.

Predicting the future tends to be more a matter of intuition. For instance a card reader may use a tarot deck and choose cards using the intuition that seem to give an insight into a question about a matter that needs looking into further. Intuition could also be an important factor in choosing tarot cards that have a feeling of relativity about them.

Tarot cards only chosen for reading randomly would not necessarily give as much insight into predictions. Intuitive messages or visions about the future imply a quality of effort is being done to find insight into possible answers. Intuition is almost never received as a complete answer or idea.

Psychic prediction in general tends to rely heavily on the intuition to bring forth well thought out conclusions. The intuition gives a feeling of doing and knowing the right things even if options and variables are not well known. It guides us to be in the right place, at the right time, with the right people.

When using the technique of scientific prayer the answer we can receive back from the subconscious mind can be evaluated immediately by intuitive feeling. Sometimes actions just feel right, like the proper thing to do. The intuition often can quickly evaluate whether something is a great idea or a bad idea.

Intuition can work together with prediction methods like using a crystal ball. When reading a crystal ball one may get insights to questions or future events and the intuition is a tool to evaluate and sort out the messages received. An intuitive feeling may be used to evaluate a dream and idea as valuable or nonsense. Therefore intuition is valuable to make proper decisions in saying something and taking an action, it may not be the answer straight on but it helps in the decision making process to sort out information received. Intuition is a tool that builds confidence and good judgment if we use it to our full benefit

Scientific Prayer

Not necessarily considered a true prayer in the way that a deity would be directly involved. Scientific Prayer is more of a tool for results when involved with communicating directly with the subconscious mind. Like a blend of different elements from many of the best efforts you can make on a personal level it uses things like intuition, affirmation, manifestation, prayer, self improvement and psi phenomena in a very simple way that is naturally good and effective.

The subconscious mind is a counterpart to the conscious mind. It can also function collectively with other people in a type of universal mind for everyone’s greater good and your best interests. The subconscious mind is the key component in scientific prayer. Suggestions are processed by the mind and come about in our reality over time.

This is a phenomenon that seems to have a lot behind it. A large number of people believe in this and studies have shown the results are impressive. For example a woman that worked in sales had problems with her boss always putting her down and not supporting a positive work place to get sales in. Before sleeping she recited repeatedly an affirmation like this “I forgive my boss and know he is frustrated by low sales in the office at this time. I hold no animosity against him and know in his own way he is supporting making me a better sales person by taking the time to help me along in his own style. I am a great sales person and will continue to increase my sales and benefit my company all I can.” After doing this repeatedly after a few weeks her boss apologized for his stern behavior and the whole office experienced a great increase in total sales.

Another person had a problem with relationships not working out. They had been married twice before and after time passed the relationship would go sour. All they really wanted and needed was to find the right person for them and not keep getting stuck in relationships with people who were not a good match for them. Since relationships can take time to develop and more time needs to be spent finding a person that they could do well with, this person was very eager to get things going so all could work out without taking forever to bring about.

This person knew about scientific prayer but discounted the idea and chose to join in a local community group to meet new people. Again disappointment would repeat itself over and over again. Finally they gave in and practiced a sincere affirmation before sleep every night. It was a basic affirmation that declared they were ready to meet the person they could settle down with and never have to worry again about various relationship problems that could not be reconciled.

The affirmations were practiced for several days with no results at all. Then the affirmations continued for weeks with little to no results. When talking to friends about what they were doing they confided their belief that nothing like this could work for them and they wanted to try something else. A friend made it a point to explain that they needed to be confident, have faith, and really believe the affirmations and scientific prayer could work.

If no belief is present or the method is done halfheartedly results certainly will be poor. An affirmation must be done with confidence because the subconscious mind needs to believe in what is being said. Obviously the subconscious mind was rejecting the suggested affirmation and it was not delivering any results. Nothing is a sure thing but if a sincere action is made then great results are possible.

This procedure has worked for so many people that it is definitely worth doing. If a person just gives up then this is even worse because the subconscious mind will pick up on the suggestion that nothing will work and this will create an even more undesirable situation. The subconscious mind helps bring about anything it believes to be true. Negativity is not good to keep inside a person and will just lead to more negativity and a worse situation.

As the saying goes if you fall off the horse do not give up, get back on and continue. Giving up is a sure way to bring about defeat. They went back to reciting affirmations with encouragement from their friends. This time an unstoppable effort of faith and confidence was used and only positive thoughts were entertained in any way relating to find the right person. Again after a few days there was no result, then several weeks later still no results, but they never gave up and continued doing the affirmation work needed.

While visiting the family home of their parents in the old neighborhood they ran into a person they knew in the past from childhood who was also divorced and single. Right away everything fell into place and till this day they are together, married for several years now and very happy.

It is believed that the theory for this kind of prayer being successful is because there is a communication through the collective subconscious mind that is propagated to all through the collective thinking we all experience and are influenced by. If it is sustained and a positive attitude is present then incredible results can be achieved.

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