Top 5 social media Android apps

The top 5 social media apps for Android are all available for free on the Google Play store. These are just the basics, but a must for your device. Although the selection of Android apps is somewhat more limited than iOS apps, you will find more flexibility in what apps Play allows rather than the iTunes store. Without further ado, let's get started.


The top 5 social media Android app list

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Twitter
  • Vine
  • Pinterest


The Facebook app for Android devices makes it easy to keep up with your friends. You can also track the Facebook pages that you manage as well from this handy tool. In addtion to notifications, you can keep up with your friends messages, posts and requests. Also look at Atrium, Flipster, Friendcaster, and PhotoDownloader.


Instagram is now owned by Facebook so it is becoming more integrated every day. But, you still need this separate app to maximize your social experience. Share, comment and like photos with over 150 million users. You get some cool effects to use on your photos when sharing too. It is ver easy to share across multiple networks including Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, TUmblr, and Foursquare. There a rea ton of add-on apps for Instagram too. Look into Aviary, Afterlight, Snapseed, and Slow Camera Shutter Plus.


The Twitter app for Android is rock solid and fun to use. They do a great job of keeping the app updated and optimized for mobile. Interact with your followers and keep up with Direct Messages (DMs) too. Photo sharing is a breeze too. In addition to posting photos in your tweets, you can also share them in your DMs. If you favorite a profile, you can also get a push notification sent everytime they tweet. Also check out HootSuite, UberSocial, TweetCaster, Carbon, and Plume.


Vine is nothing short of awesome. The app is owned by Twitter and works great with their social network as well as Facebook. You can easily record up to about 6.5 seconds of video which will infinitely loop. You can also ad a caption and use hashtags. Snapchat is actually more popular, but with the recent security breach and theft of user information, I cannot recommend it at this time.


Pinterest is the visual thinkers dream app. It is great for sharing images and organizing them into boards. The app version is much like the original website, but slimmed down and optimized for your Android device. Two cool things you can do with this app is pin using your camera and send pinboards to friends for inspiration. Don't forget PinHog for Pinterest and PinDroid.

Grab the apps and get started

Make sure that you have all of these free apps installed and get started. Mobile is quickly taking over both computer usage and social media networks. Once you are comfortable with these tools, stay tuned for more updates on for even more great apps to let you maximize your social.


Image by Jim Trottier, CC via flickr

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