The severity of a toothache can range from a mild discomfort to excruciating pain, which can be experienced either chronically or sporadically. This pain can often be aggravated somewhat by chewing or by hot or cold temperature. An oral examination complete with X-rays can help discover the cause. Severe pain is a dental emergency.


In the case of a mild tooth ache caused by bacteria, gargling baking soda and salt water may treat the problem, if there isn't quick improvement you should see a dentist. Otherwise, the pain of the tooth ache can be numbed, but that does not cure the problem and is just a way to reduce the pain while waiting for a dentist.

Baking Soda and Salt Water

A remedy for a mild tooth ache is gargling baking soda and salt water for several minutes. This will kill most bacteria in the mouth, which may help with some tooth problems. This is also a good practice to prevent some tooth problems. A convenient way to gargle for several minutes without wasting time is to gargle while you're in the shower. Of the two ingredients, baking soda is doing the most work because besides killing bacteria it is also raising the PH of the mouth, so if you don't want to go through the trouble of mixing both or don't like the taste of salt, gargling with only baking soda is still useful. This remedy will only help with a tooth ache caused by an infection that is susceptible to baking soda and/or salt, if you don't feel quick improvement after using this remedy, it means that the remedy is not working and you should contact a dentist.

Vanilla Extract

A way to reduce the pain of a mild toothache is vanilla extract, this will not actually cure any root problem, it is just to reduce pain until you see a dentist. The ingredients along with the subtle alcohol content in the extract help to stop the pain almost immediately. For toothaches that aren’t that bothersome, put some real vanilla extract on a cotton ball or Q-tip and place it directly on the hurting tooth. For extremely bad toothaches (i.e.: ones that cause you to look sleep or you can’t eat or drink) swish around a tablespoon or two of real vanilla extract on the side of your mouth that hurts. It definitely won’t taste good, but it will numb the tooth completely. To soothe burns, dip a Q-tip in some pure vanilla extract and dab it directly onto a cooking burn. This helps to keep it from blistering. Although in both cases these provide immediate results, it is by no means a cure for an aching tooth, it is just a way to reduce the pain while you are waiting for dentist. Because this treatment does not actually cure anything, even if it numbs the pain completely you should still contact a dentist. If your tooth is infected in the gums or roots this method could numb the pain to the point where the seriousness of the toothache is overlooked.


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