To all business owners who accept Devcoin

I was going to contact some of you via the Bitcoin Forum, but the recent hack forces me to make other plans.

I have set up a directory on my website specifically to showcase businesses who accept Devcoin in payment.

I will be investing in SEO/Internet marketing efforts for the website and with it, the directory, so as to bring quality traffic and give visibility to participating businesses.

I currently need a few early adopters to help me test both the listing submit process and the payment gateway. If you would like to help, please do the following:

1. Go to and submit your listing. The fee for two days is currently set at 100 DVC (obviously nominal and strictly for testing purposes).

2. After your listing expires, please go through the process of renewing your listing–you should receive an email with instructions.

3. Sometime during the four days, please try to edit your listing.

4. Give me feedback (positive and negative) on your experience. You can email me at wiser at creativecurrencies dot cu dot cc I am open to suggestions as well. Some I can implement easily; others perhaps down the road.

5. In about four days, I will add another fee of 10,000 DVC to have your listing up for a month, which you may take advantage of if you choose (or you can wait until later–your listing will still be saved in my database). Future fees will be set based on traffic to the site.

I want to have a directory so that people can easily know where to find Devcoin accepting businesses, and I want to put your business in touch with people who are looking for ways to spend their Devcoins.

By way of disclaimer, I need to be up front that the Creative Currencies website is still largely unknown, so there will not be an immediate benefit to you submitting your listing and you will be out 200 DVC (the only way I can be sure everything is working properly with my payment gateway is to charge something). However, traffic generating activities for the website are underway, and I intend to offer some bonuses to all my early adopters as things progress. Your help and support at this time are greatly appreciated.

I will edit this page periodically as progress is made, so if you don't want to jump in right now, you can bookmark the page and check back for updates, or you can email me and request to be added to my participating business mailing list.

Thank you in advance for your participation. May the success of the Devcoin Directory contribute to your own business' success.


I am having trouble signing up, I will figure it out later. Thank you for activating my account


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