Three Reasons Millennials Should Stop Looking For A Job and Make Their Own Way

1) The Entire Job Paradigm Is A Feckless Dinosaur

I remembered the word feckless but had to look it up to confirm I was using it correctly, so I will explain that when I say a Feckless Dinosaur, I mean an ineffective, incompetent, indifferent, lazy system close to extinction. For this to be understood you must ask yourself, as many Millennials have (perhaps sensing an inborn dissatisfaction around the entire job program as offered to us from the beginning) Why Work?

Our parent's generation doesn't really ask this question all that often, if at all. It's pretty much presumed that the standard issue 'get a job, go to work, pay your rent, buy stuff, still be in debt' consumer cycle will work for everyone, without even considering the health and happiness of the actual human being enmeshed in that vicious cycle of often extremely tedious or otherwise exhausting work without joy or meaning. Sometimes it's so bad there isn't even any purpose- filler jobs created simply to have more jobs, to be a statistic quoted for some politico's purposes.

The entire paradigm is wrongheaded. Some say that the Millennials are “entitled”- I would argue that, although some certainly are, others are merely able to think critically about the situation they find themselves in. Let's not confuse the two. There's a difference between being spoiled and realizing the entire system is upside down. Realizing that if you have only your labor left to sell to someone else who will profit on your life energy, you are in a somewhat desperate position indeed. Many of us look for a way out of this trap, traditionally not an easy road to travel.


2) If You Can Find One, You Don't Really Want Any Of These Jobs Anyway

Does anyone really want to work the burger line at fast food corporation X? I highly doubt it, yet in some places these are the only type of jobs- that is, minimum wage and highly crappy- that are actually hiring. That's just one example, though it doesn't much matter what the actual job is. The majority of the workforce (in post-production America, anyway) pushes paper or gives change, neither of these are creative activities fulfilling to the vast majority of human beings. The so-called “service” economy. As Bob Black mentions in 'Why Work?', “if you do boring, stupid, monotonous work, chances are you'll end up boring, stupid, and monotonous.”

Expending a ton of time and energy (resumes, searching, interviews) to end up doing something you know you will hate for what you know is not enough money? No, thank you. Let's get real, the only reason anyone fills these positions is because they want to survive, and the all-mighty bio-survival token of “money” seems required for that survival, we have become dependent on it. It is the standardization and mechanization of a populace, the rendering useless of living beings with dreams of their own, if only they had a moment to catch their breath in this frantic rat race, and remember them.

3) The New Economy Is Hiring And It's All On You

There's a new game in town, a deflationary, decentralized, peer-to-peer economy without borders or controls, now in the process of being built. They call it Bitcoin, and Bitcoin is first among an emerging new asset class of Cryptocurrencies. We could call the opportunity here one of self-employment, though i'd rather not- these are the type of words used to classify real people as “taxpayers”. I don't know about you, but I don't want to be “employed” if it carries that kind of baggage with it. Let's put it another way: if you want to make your way in this world outside the traditional constraints of a generic job cycle, there are now more options than ever, thanks to this new technology.

So what are these options? Think entrepreneurial. Think, what am I passionate about?


If you have any skill, product or service to offer, you can now bring them to a local or global market with less friction than ever, utilizing Bitcoin. Here's an example pulled off by children (with a little help from mom and dad, no doubt). You'll also pay ridiculously low fees to do so, compared to any traditional payment processor.

If you're good with computers and have some startup capital, you can get into the competitive arena of securing these Cryptocurrencies: Mining. You don't even need actual hardware to do this if you invest in Cloud Mining.

Or, if you're good with market trends and trading (or just plain lucky and have good timing), the barrier to entry for “day-trading” various cryptocurrencies is just about zero and can be extremely lucrative. There are many sites available for this, including BTC-E, Cryptsy, Vircurex, and more.

If you're a creative person, look into Devcoin! The stated mission of Devcoin is “to support open source projects by programmers, hardware developers, writers, musicians, painters, graphic artists and filmmakers worldwide.” The project pays people for the creation of many different creative works. This very wiki- Devtome- is a great example of that. If you're a writer, you can get paid to write!

If you want to grow your savings, or to get a loan for your next big project, you can even leverage Peer-to-Peer lending with Bitcoin.

And maybe you missed this one, but even if you are Homeless, you can get a leg up with Bitcoin that you would not otherwise have.

This is by no means an exhaustive list, in fact it's just scratching the surface. There are so many opportunities within the Bitcoin ecosystem it's really a bit insane, more are popping up all the time, and some of the best, most lucrative, and world-changing ideas are waiting for you to come up with them and make them real…

In this light, who the hell needs a job? Who would want one?


(If you are happy with your job I congratulate you as one of the lucky few!)


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