This Week In GPU Markets - February 13th, 2014

This week in GPU Markets: the price of Bitcoin itself is in flux amidst a host of issues1)- the possible insolvency of Mt Gox and the transaction malleability exploit chief among them. How does this effect the Scrypt mining market, and it turn, the GPU markets?

Being a cyclops was bad enough, and now this?

One of the leading altcoins, the tenacious Dogecoin, has actually gone up contrary to the overall market movement2), gaining over 50% in value in the past few days. Other scrypt coins making gains against the market grain are Feathercoin3), Unobtainium4), and Bitgem5), as well as the non-scrypt altcoin Maxcoin6).

Prices of 7950 GPUs- still the best price/performance ratio GPU given their electrical consumption- seem to be holding at a premium price as the Altcoin markets remain somewhat down in overall average profitability. Spot price checking on eBay for used hardware sees MSI 7950 TF3 Boost Edition going for over $400.00 at auction, Sapphire 7950s going for up to $400.00, and Gigabyte 7950 WF3 in the $300.00 - $400.00 range depending on revision.

Meanwhile, Newegg retains their heightened pricing for their stock of 7950s as well: around $400 after rebate for the two remaining models they have in stock, the Sapphire 3L and the XFX Black Edition. Tigerdirect (accepting Bitcoin directly as a payment method) only has one 7950 in stock, the Sapphire Mac edition, for a whopping $460. This happens to be the only card in stock at BitcoinStore as well, at a slightly lower price of $442.

And, wrapping up the survey of major retailers, the used market on Amazon continues to be on the higher side, with the lowest offer for a quality brand starting at $415 and climbing up from there, with limited supply.

No high-quantity deals on eBay showed up this week, as they did in weeks past with the Sapphire 7950 20G combo from SuperBiiz at $350. That pegs the best overall deals this week with with watching and tracking individual Buy It Nows and auctions, with at least one Sapphire 2L going for as low as $275.00.

Let's remember that the 7950 series was retailing for under $200 just a few months ago, and the used market had dipped as low as $150. Many thought that GPU mining was done for- profitability was creeping towards break-even before the breakout of BTC, LTC, and later, Doge. The market demand for scrypt mining at this time apparently remains huge.

Is it supposed to spin this fast?

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