Introducing The ThinkPad 8

Throughout the beginning of this New Year there have been a lot of new releases in the computer and tablet category but one tablet that is catching everyone's eye is the ThinkPad eight. This is a beautiful tablet with a full HD display and there's really eye-popping for everyone because that is something is not normally and tablets. There's also a beautiful two-megapixel camera on the front an eight megapixel on the back of it. Eight megapixel is really high for a tablet and is not something usually found. The amazing thing about the ThinkPad eight is that it has windows 8.1 running on it so you can have the full computer feel in a gorgeous tablet! Having this tablet is really useful and great because you can save files and run it like a computer on desktop mode and can have a nice tablet feel too!

The back it is also really nice with a nice leatherback, which makes it really comfortable to hold and make this product so nice. There are also so many really cool features that have to do with the beautiful ThinkPad 8 like that it can run full windows office. So this means you can be playing Angry Birds and then the next minute be writing a proposal on Excel. This is an amazing idea and will really expand what the ThinkPad 8 can do. The great thing about this tablet is that it is much better than the other tablets because it screen displays much better and it has a much faster processor and looks nicer as a better Feel. All of the Windows 8 tablets honestly are mostly the same; it's just that this one has some features like it can turn into a computer and a tablet. Most of them can do that this was especially nice because it has it's nice to play and it's nice processor. The other ones don't have as good as processors and/or better for use of tablets. Is also convenient because you could also put on a keyboard for your computer/tablet so then you can go from a tablet and then click it onto the keyboard and them now you have a computer this is a really nice feature because some people are going to have situations where I won't point they'll need a tablet and one point a computer. For example, this is a great idea because let's say that you're taping Allport and want to take a break.

All you have to do is go and take off the keyboard and then Bam night of the tablet using go into your games and play all sorts of games. This is a very innovative idea and more companies start to do things like this. Everything about the windows line is that they have their multitasking modes. Unlike the Apple iPad tablets, the windows tablets can be used as a desktop mode too. They can also be put as when I was next to another so you could have Internet Explorer app and a mail at the same time to check your mail and do work. This is Ill be so nice of his unlike the iPad you can download files that you need. Something that the iPad lacks and will hopefully pick up in the future. There are also some really cool features on the Windows 8 tablets that are nice think you could have multiple accounts for your tablet/computers. This is a good thing so if you want to one count family and one account for your business keeping separate inconvenient for you so then I'll still get messed up. This is really important for families when they have multiple members and each needs to use the tablet. But having to have a tablet with all those accounts on it needs to have a lot of storage.

That is why this tablet is jam-packed with the water storage and you can save a lot of files with more than plenty storage. You to take this on a plane and other places and easily be able to access your files on your desktop mode and threw any other things. And is also great because on the tablets you have flash. This is a great thing because on the iPads you don't have flash and you can download things will play games with/. This is a big crate thing about the windows eight ThinkPad 8 tablet because now they finally have flash on a tablet the possibilities are endless! Will be great because if you're working on a presentation and someone sends you a key part of that they could just easily send it to you through email and the new download it onto your desktop and easily drag and paste onto your presentation. Is amazing great features will really help you out and this is why you should be getting the ThinkPad eat Windows 8 desktop/tablet.

This is a great device and is definitely worth the price starting at 399 this is an amazing deal because having have Word Excel PowerPoint and all the office teachers and being able to go to desktop mode regular computer to tablet is a genius! So you should really go out and get this product because you won't regret it this is an amazing idea and will really innovate the future. So you should really give this product a try, because you never know you and if UR an Apple fan just trying out with these products and you will be amazed to see what the windows line of products can do. So get ready to see what this tablet is going to be able to do because with all this amazing features, is really going to change the tablet really is so just dawning wait to see how amazing this tablet is going to be all the great features that Apple is lacking and that this tablet is doing well to make it the best tablet there is out there with that speed storage and amazing display. This is something I do not want to miss out on I won't be released in the near future so get ready to see what is going to come.

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