The Southern Gentleman, Part Three

The Suit Makes The Man

The third installment of our dissection of a southern gentleman focuses on the all-important style he must envelope himself in. It has been said that the man makes the suit, but choosing the right suit will go a long way in establishing any person striving for the status of southern gentleman. Let me be clear that although you do not always have to be formal and stuffy, casual southern gentleman gear does not include a green John Deere t-shirt, wranglers, and Georgia boots. This is a look for a southern boy, one who will eventually mature and hopefully blossom into a southern gentleman and grow into the proper attire.

Dress For The Position You Want

This age old advice is not just applicable in the cooperate world, it is extremely relevant in regards to attaining the status of a southern gentleman. It is not just the clothes you choose, but how you wear them. A true southern gentleman can wear a three piece suit in the dead of summer walking the streets of Chattanooga and still look as calm and cool as a winter's morn. Those with southern gentleman status as their ambition should cultivate the ability to appear just as relaxed wearing a suit or slacks as he does wearing board shorts and a guayabera. He must become one with his attire, flowing seamlessly from formal to casual at a moment's notice. Before you hone your accent or begin twisting the ends of your glorious mustache, you must begin the transformation from everyman to gentleman. In short, you must dress for the part you wish to have in order to evolve into the gentleman you want to be.

The wardrobe of a southern gentleman must include everything from the subtle to the sublime. A southern gentleman is a man for all occasions and his closet should be able to tell that story to anyone who peers into the wardrobe. The outfit of a southern gentleman should be as tasty and refreshing as a slice of key lime pie on a summer's day. The clothes don't make the man, but they sure can help!

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