The Southern Gentleman, Part Four

We have covered three out of four of the elements that make a man a true Southern Gentleman. We espoused the virtues of the perfect amount of facial hair, the necessity of a honey-laced accent, and the power of a well-dressed man. The last element is a little of all of these and none of these at the same time. It is the emotions, mannerisms, and air about a Southern Gentleman that mingles ever so delicately to form his essence. It can be difficult to pin down the little things that make up this essence. They drift in and out effortlessly and rise and fall in the air like honeysuckle does on a summer evening. In short the fourth element is the Southern Gentleman’s MOJO.

A Southern Gentleman’s Mojo

How to you begin to define that which is indescribable? How do you capture something that is as elusive as a vapor? It is the same way trying to place into a box the sum total of what a Southern Gentleman’s mojo is. It is magnetism, personality, charm, and magic all rolled up in one. Most Southern Gentlemen do not recognize they even have it and a true Southern Gentleman would never abuse his power. The mojo is the electricity in the air when a gentleman enters the room and the cool breeze as he strolls back out. It is the mojo that he taps into to miraculously appear seemingly calm regardless of the sketchiest of situations. It is the spice on pumpkin bread, the lemon in a perfect glass of sweet tea; it is these secret seasonings of true southern fried chicken. His mojo is just out of the reach of the perceivable, but a just like these little extras; a Southern Gentleman is just not the same without it.

Deeper Into The Southern Gentleman

Not all the ingredients of mojo are about appearance, in fact, most are about the unseen. Many of the aspects of a Southern Gentleman’s mojo reside in that area that remains such a mystery to us all, the psyche. The mojo is formed mainly from a state of mind that is planted and reinforced generation after generation. It delves not only into how one should hold one’s self in public, but how a Southern Gentleman conducts his affairs in regards to his relationships, private life, and public life as well. The mojo is entwined with the Southern Gentleman’s heart and soul. A Southern Gentleman knows he is tough, but not a toughness born from proven combat. It is born from the inner fortitude and knowledge that no matter what conflict is waged against you, you can not only defeat it, but thrive against it in contradiction and defiance of all speculated defeat.

A Southern Gentleman, at all times, conducts and carriers himself in a manner fitting for his title. He is loyal to a fault and sincere in his compliments. Above all he values his faith and his family and all who love him rest in that comfort. His woman knows no other feeling than that of being a queen and his children believe in his provision as they do the sun rinsing each morning. He is loved by all, envied by many, and truly understood by few. He is the Southern Gentleman and we are better as a society for his existence.

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