The Run Of My Life

I woke up that morning pumped up for the race. I had been preparing for it the whole cross country season and now was my time to shine. It was my second year since I went on my first jog around the neighborhood and I was really getting to be good at running. I had moved from the middle of the team up to the top three. This race is the only thing that mattered to the coach during the season. It was a big invitational that three hundred runners were invited to.

This race was famous for its big hill and great competition. Every runner in the area had ran there and only a select few have won. Last year I came in thirty fifth place and I was hoping to get at least in the top twenty. As I was in school that day I could only think about one thing, That race. I was expected to get a good time but I was still so nervous. I felt like all my training was not enough and all I could think is what if I got a cramp?

As the clock ticked I got closer and closer to the race. Then the clock hit 1:20, the team was released from class. We had ten minuets to get out of class and change and get on the bus. Because the bus ride was so long the coach could not wait for anyone. Luckily non of the team missed it. The bus ride was the slowest thing I had ever experienced, I could not stop thinking of the race.

As we were on the bus the coach took roll and called each team members name. My heart was beating, this is it. As the bus approached the coarse I could hear whispers about how this coarse is really hard. Everyone either felt really nervous or really pumped up. I was nervous. The bus came to a stop and we exited the bus. We all said our thank you's to the bus driver and we went on the corse walk. The hill was bigger than I imagined it. It was about a thousand meters long and was really steep. The worst part is we had to do it twice, once in the beginning and once towards the middle of the race. We finished up our corse walk and went on our warm up. We got our muscles warm and quick stretched. Then the race announcer asked everyone to line up on the starting line.

A really cool breeze chilled my arms and I was getting more and more nervous. I was asking myself, Would I be good?, Will I just cramp up and get a bad time? I had no clue. Then the starter got out his starting gun and said, “Runners to your mark!” This was it, I was either going to do super well or I was going to do awful. The gun sounded and we were off. My heart began beating faster and faster as I got into my race pace. I remember a swarm of hundreds of runners all going off towards that hill. But then I passed a bunch of them, I passed all but fifteen on the first hill.

Then the fun part came, picking people off. I got closer and closer to people then I would surge, run fast as I passed them. This is a technique our coach had told us about. He said it is a lot harder for someone to pass a person that is going faster than to pass someone matching your pace. Our coach also said it made the runner that was being passed feel like they could not catch up. The mid-mark of the race came and I had already gotten in eighth place. Then the hill came a second time, piece of cake. I did not have any trouble going up it and it felt as if I was running on clouds, so conferrable.

The end of the race drew near and I was picking up the pace. I moved into seventh place and drew near the end. I felt as if my legs would fall off. They were working super hard. Then I hit the finish line. Although I did not get first place I was so proud of my time and my performance in the race. Even to this day I can not believe the amount of pain I was in during the race. But it was all worth it.

It was that race that taught me I could do anything and that nothing could ever stop me from achieving my goals. I completed my goal of top twenty and actually got in the top ten of three hundred runners. I was proud the rest of that week and am still proud to this day. I will never give up on running. It has taught me so much about myself that I never knew, as I run I feel like I am unstoppable, I also feel more disciplined.

Going on a two - five mile run every day has made me learn discipline. I may feel lazy or feel like not going on that run but I always pull myself back together and get that run in. I am so glad for my team and coach. Without those people running could never be what it is for me. I sometimes feel discouraged as a runner, I feel like I am not any good or like I can't do the race. My team is always there to encourage me and make me feel like a champion. My coach has encouraged me so much and has helped me to get better at running and to really enjoy the sport more. Running is a sport but it is also a community. It is so helpful to have that team to encourage you and it is always nice to be able to share a love of something with someone. I have gotten a few people in my family to get really into running and it is so encouraging to be able to share it with others. I hope you can learn to enjoy running as much as I do.

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