The Prestige a movie review   Recently, I rented a movie. It was titled,” The Prestige” . It is the story of two stage magicians during the late 1800’s. These two men were motivated by mutual hatred to attempt to best each other professionally as well as personally. One magician, “Borden” creates an illusion where he is magically transported instantly from one side of the stage to the other. The other magician, Angier contracts the scientist, Nikole Tesla to build him a device that will out do the transport trick.   However, Tesla’s machine is not a trick. It really works. But instead of transporting the subject, it creates an identical copy. Angier uses the machine to confound the world with his instant teleportation on stage. Of course the problem is that Angier has to destroy the copies. After watching the movie, I suddenly realized that Angier was stupid. Instead of trying to outperform his rival, he could have been making copies. Copies of gold. Copies of diamonds. Copies of money. He had an instant wealth machine. But he was too blinded by his hatred to see the opportunity.

Reference The Prestige (2006)


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