The Power of Suggestion

Most of the day, not only do we not understand our consciousness, but we actually let our minds fool us. All of us and every other living being in the universe is made of cells. Trillions of cells work together as a team, but you won’t find a single cell, not in your brain, or your muscles or your heart that is conscious. Yet we are conscious about who we are, where we are, what we are made of and so forth. So the question is: how is our consciousness created? The answer is very simple: we create it ourselves. It is a fine blend of our history, experiences, habits, decisions, mindset, memories and etc. Not many of us are aware of the fact that our consciousness can be shaped, changed and rearranged however we want. We change opinions every now and then, we like our haircut now but in 20 years we might laugh at our pictures, thinking how could I have let myself believe I look good. This means that our perception of things is really just temporary, we can change it and rearrange it however we want, at any given time. The best tool to use if you want to create a new consciousness is-suggestion. The power of suggestion is colossal, it’s intoxicating and extremely influential. You use it every day, in most thoughts, you just may not be aware of its effects.

What is Suggestion?

By definition, a suggestion is anything that arouses an action, whether be environmental, external or bodily. Magicians use it, psychiatrists use it, hypnotists use it and you use it, every minute of every day. You may carry a rabbit foot with you for good luck. Football players say prayers before a big game. When you feel hungry, your mind suggests you to take a break for lunch. Your ex-boyfriend cheated constantly and now you suspect your current spouse every time he goes grocery shopping. You get angry, show your mistrust, act unreliably and soon, when you become unbearable, you force your current lover into cheating. Whether asleep or awake, we receive suggestions all the time. Some are negative and destructive, others are positive and constructive. The vibes we are sending out-get back at us repetitively, whether we want them to or not. If you are hostile to the grocery store clerk, he won’t be very helpful and probably point you to the products that don’t sell well. Everything that happens around us is creating our reality but we rarely see the entire picture. Our minds will be in chaos if we pay attention to every little detail around us, so we choose to see the things that make our reality as we want to see it. They don’t say that every story has two sides for nothing. That’s because the reality is different for everyone. That’s why you are loved by one and hated by another, and that’s why you fail at something and succeed at something else. It all depends on where you focus your attention and you can guide your focus with suggestions. Unlike hypnosis, conscious suggestions don’t require therapists. You can learn to use the power of suggestion by yourself and obtain the same results as with hypnosis.

Conscious (auto) Suggestions for Self Mastery

Emile Coue was a French pharmacist and a psychologist who introduced the idea of autosuggestions first, in the beginning of that last century. He never called himself a healer even though he cured many people from sinuses, paralysis, heart diseases, tuberculosis, varicose veins, chronic bronchitis and many other ailments. He used hypnosis in most of his sessions, where he never charged his patients saying that he didn’t actually cured him, but taught them how to cure themselves. He came up with the famous mantra: Day by day, in every way I’m getting better and better, an autosuggestion that has a very powerful healing effect on one’s health if repeated daily. The Coue method is known as Coueism, where the therapy is centered on the repetition of this or any other mantra that works for the patient. For more successful results, you have to repeat the words many times during your day and especially when you wake up and while you are falling asleep. With the help of more recent researches it is now acknowledged that our sub-consciousness is awake and receiving information even while we are asleep. This means that you can record your autosuggestions and play them during the night, which will make them cling to the part of your mind that makes sense of all data at the end of the day.

This auto-suggestive trick works because you can’t think of two things at once. You can either think that it’s good to steal or that it isn't good to steal at the same time. Your consciousness will decide which one of these options is correct and your subconscious mind will later plot the best scenario to make your thoughts a reality. It seems like the easiest thing in the world, yet we experience disasters and frustrations on a daily basis. In his books, Emile Coue wrote that when one believes to be the master of one’s thoughts, one becomes the master. He also said that our imagination is stronger than our will. But the will is still the one that guides us to our demeanors, so you have to be careful what you visualize. If you don’t have any illnesses, don’t think about them because you will create them artificially. Coue suggests that if one plans on succeeding in something, one has to decide that he will, otherwise “he might find himself in the midst of an army of opportunities with heads of hair like Absalom, yet he wouldn’t see them and couldn’t seize a single one, even if he had only to stretch out his hand in order to do so. And if he brings about circumstances, they are generally unfavorable ones. Do not then blame fate, you have only yourself to blame.”

The Power of Suggestion as a Tool to Get Ahead

What do you do every day? How you think? How you ask questions and make conversations? Do you say to your boss: I did the paper, but I should have done it this way or that way? Sarah is making me feel nervous and I can’t do my job properly. Do you use I can’t, I couldn’t, I didn’t more than often? Do you suffocate your partner with questions about your relationship, fears about your future together and his or her loyalty? Do you worry about money, bills, rent and your job? Are you afraid of illnesses, cancer, obesity and hospitals? If you do, you will have to stop right away, because you are using the power of suggestion in the worst possible way. In a way that it will ruin your relationships, health, material stability and overall wellness. As we said earlier, you can’t think that you can and that you can’t do something at the same time, so you have to choose one. Your conscious mind ponders over what you can do and what you can’t do, and once you decide which one, your subconscious mind will find the means to make that happen. When you want that promotion at work, you have to decide that you can get it. Once you made that decision, a huge weight will be lifted from your shoulder and your subsequent behavior and thoughts will bring the outcome to completion. It is the positive vibe and atmosphere you will create in your mind and around you that will force the fruition. You can use the power of suggestion to be liked, accepted and get ahead because the vibes work both ways. When you feel them, others will feel them too. That is known as the Hawthorne effect: an increased productivity caused by singling out the individual, making it feel important and positively stimulated. You can use suggestions when you talk to your boss, your lover, coworkers or your employees. Not only that a positive suggestion can improve your relationship, but it can create a setting where you all feel more effective, productive and successful.

Turn Your Dreams into Reality

Not always a suggestion will turn your life around. At least not immediately. We live in a world with laws and rules, so becoming a billionaire, marrying a Victoria’s Secret model and working for NASA might be dreams that will be little harder to achieve. Still, our imagination is the most helpful mental ability we possess, but most of us don’t use it because it seems like a waste of time. We are used to get up and get the job done, forgetting the fact that not everything is achieved by physical strength and application. Sometimes, our faith, will and imagination can create wonders. If you haven’t heard the story of the three trees, you will now realize that everything that happens is a blessing in disguise.

There were three trees on the top of a mountain and they all had big dreams for the future. The first one wanted to be a treasure chest, where the greatest riches will be kept. The second tree wanted to be a ship, for kings and queens to use its strength to cross oceans. The third tree wanted to be the tallest tree on the mountain top, so that everyone who looks at his high branches will think of God. One day, the woodchoppers came and cut the trees. The first tree was made into an animal feed box and placed in a barn. The second tree was made into a small fishing boat and third one was chopped in pieces and left in the dark. They went on living their lives believing that their dreams were destroyed. One day, the Virgin Mary gave birth to Jesus in the barn. Josef didn’t have a crib ready for the newborn baby so he took the animal feed box to lay Jesus. The tree realized that his dream of holding a treasure finally came true. When Moses led the children of Israel through the Red Sea, he stepped into the fishing boat. The tree got scared because he knew he wasn’t strong enough to endure the sea’s daunting storms and thunders. But Moses stood up and ordered the sea to calm down and the waters obeyed. The second tree found out that he doesn’t need to be a mighty ship to carry the King of Kings. The third tree stayed in the dark a little longer. One day, the men took him out, made him into a crux and put him over Jesus’s shoulder. As Jesus walked through the city, the crowd scorned them, yelled at them until they finally got to a high hill. The soldiers nailed his hands to the tree and left them on the hill for three days. The third day, the third tree realized that his wish finally came true, because every time the people were looking at him, they thought of God.

You don’t have to be a Christian or religious to find the meaning behind this story. It also doesn’t mean that if you imagine something really vividly, it will realize. It means that if you have dreams and visions about your future, you create a foundation on which your reality can be built. And once you have a foundation, you will recognize the means as they come along. You will be motivated to grab them and use them as bricks to build your dream. Nothing will happen overnight because miracles and magic don’t exist. But then again, you need to have dreams, as they can be your wheels that will take you to a magical world where you will live the life you’ve always imagined.

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