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The planet known as M5

M5 is a planet within the Galactic Milieu, first colonised by Martians from the planet known as M4; it is perhaps best known as the site of the city MI5ius, which the initial asset contracts used on the Digitalis Open Transactions server make reference to.

Like the planet known as M4, M5 is a multiple-civilisation planet, inasmuch as it was populated when the first (Martian) colonists arrived; somehow at much the same time as the Martians arrived there Indians, Galicians, Manchu and Canadians also somehow managed to arrive. (The Martian discovery of the Canadians on M5 is shown in the Battle for Wesnoth campaign Mystery in 1596.)

Although MI5ius is probably its most famous city, being widely publicised by its mention in the original set of asset contracts used by the Digitalis Open Transactions server, MI5ius is not the planetary capital of the Martians on M5; on the contrary, their capital city on M5 is named simply “Capital M5”.


       *** Settled by Warbird 1 and 1 settler 1586ad from M4 (hop 1 from M4) ***
       1586ad: Settled by Warbird 1 and 1 settler 1586 from M4.
       1587ad: Warbird 1 returns empty to M4. Democracy established.
       1588ad: Two Warbird 1, each with 1 settler, arrive from M4.
               Martians meet the proto-Canadians, make ceasefire, build Utopia
       1589ad: Two Warbird 1 will return empty this year to M4.
       1590ad: Two Warbird 1 and one Warbird 2 arrive from M4 full of settlers;
               the Warbird 2 returns empty to M4 immediately in this same year.
       1591ad: Two Warbird 1 return empty to M4; Warbird 2 again ferries 2 units
               from M4, but this time it plans to continue on to M6.
       1592ad: Warbird 2 continues on to M6 with the settlers it brought from M4.
               Two Warbird 1 arrive from M4 each carrying 1 settler.
       1593ad: 2 Warbird 1 return empty to M4.
       1594ad: 2 Warbird 1 bring 1 settler each from M4.
       1595ad: Warbird 2 returns empty from M6; 2 Warbird 1 return empty to M4.
       1596ad: Start building pyramids. Warbird 2 shuttles back and forth to M4
               bringing 2 settlers which it retains. Two Warbird 1 bring settlers
               from M4. Manchu somehow guess (or discover)they are not alone on
               this world, thus max their tax to 70%.
       1597ad: Warbird 2 continued on to M6 with 2 settlers from M4. Two Warbird 1
               returned empty to M4. Warbird 3 drops off spy from M4, continues on
               to M6 with 2 settlers from M4. Spy establishes embassy in Toronto and
               returns 'home' to Seaboardia Suderia. Martians give Nuclear Power
               to Canadians. (See Battle for Wesnoth add-on "Mystery in 1596".)
       1598ad: Two Warbird 1 bring Settlers from M4, founding Nordia Piscis and
               Nordia Aurelia.
       1599ad: Two Warbird 1 don't return empty to M4, instead they stay to search
               the planet.

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