The planet known as Earth

“The planet known as Earth” is a mythical planet so obviously impossible that its occurrence as a common feature in the mythology of many cultures and worlds can only be explained by an innate mythmaking tendency in humans, or a widespread secret society of some kind sufficiently advanced long long ago to have visited virtually every world where humans developed civilisations thousands of years ago or, as some theorise, a common origin of humans on some original planet where they evolved: the planet known as Earth.

That humans evolved on one world and somehow spread out throughout the galaxy or galaxies from there is not so far fetched; what makes “the planet known as Earth” far fetched is the proposal that all cultures of humans all existed there at some point in time, and many of them still exist there.

Let us be clear here, we are talking about all the many civilisations of humans of at least this galaxy. That they all could co-exist on one planet is hardly credible. No known planet has more than perhaps 128 or so civilisations on it, and the majority have fewer than thirty.

In fact it was the lack of any planets having as many as thirty civilisations that led to the Freeciv software initially restricting the number to thirty. It was not until the first Galactic Diplomacy Planet was established that it was realised representing in Freeciv the number of civilisations invited to that planet, if they all showed up, would necessitate increasing the maximum number supported by the software.

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