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The planet known as E29

E29 is a planet of the Galactic Milieu, designated E29 due to being regarded as an Egyptian planet and being of size 29 (29,000 tile surface map).

The designation E actually sprung initially from the idea of E for Evil, the so called Egyptians having been chosen to serve as an “evil” civilisation largely because its name begins with the letter E. A large part of why Egyptians, rather than some other civilisation whose name begins with E, were chosen can be traced to the Stargate series, in which Egyptian deities are actually evil mind-parasites inhabiting human host-bodies.

E29 is a multi-civilisation planet dating back to at least as early as 4000 BCE. Civilisations found there at one time or another include Egyptians, Phoenicians, Ethiopians, Greeks, Russians, Mayans, Japanese, Israeli, Argentines, Germans, Illyrians, Taiwanese, Italians, English, Chinese, Ryukyuan, Cornish and British.

E29 is where the events depicted in Mutiny in 1626 took place. What happens between that year and the year 1862 a.d., which is the last year the planet known as C29's timeline has progressed to, will be very important in determining the overall state of the Galactic Milieu by the time 1862 a.d. has been reached by more planets.

Basically so far planets have been largely treated in isolation, and typically allowed to advance their timelines up to the point at which they are ready to start establishing interstellar colonies, however now that it has been seen that both the Egyptians and the Martians aquired warp drive by the early 1600's it has become apparent that going forward there can be expected to be an ever growing chance of any given planet being discovered by interstellar travellers before independently developing interstellar travel capability.

Studying the Mutiny in 1626 campaign one can in fact already see clues that the planet known as E29 might turn out to have been reached by the Martians before the Egyptians sent out their first colonisation mission, if, in fact, they even do turn out to have sent out any such mission at all. That is to say, there are hints that the Martians might turn out to have intervened in the affairs of the planet known as E29 even before the Egyptians sent out any interstellar colonists. The Mutiny in 1626 campaign is thus a potentially quite significant temporal nexus.


       1626ad: Israelis steal Stealth from Egyptians at Tokyo, give it to
               English for all techs English had they did not have. Then sell
               Chemistry, Steam Engine, Bridge Building and Railroad to Argentines
               for 400 gold. Argentines trade same 3 techs to Ethipians for 400
               gold and Magnetism. (Ethiopians complete research of Theology.)
               Argentines then buy Communism, Economics and Industrialisation from
               Israelis for 400 gold. Germans steal from the Egyptians Combined Arms
               at Barinas, Computers at Lara, Gravitics at Cumanam; and incite a
               revolt (cost: 120 gold) at Argentine city of Tachira, gaining Railroad.
               Ryukuans contact Japanese, exchange embassies, make armistice.
               Japanese loan Kyoto to English in retirn for Amphibious Warfare;
               English use Kyoto diplomat to steal Machine Tools from Egyptians at
               Osaka then give Kyoto back to Japanese along with Tactics in return for
               Nara, use Nara diplomat to try to steal from Tokyo but Tokyo is still
               hyper-alert following Israeli's theft of Stealth. Japanese put English
               in contact with Germans, also give English 270 gold, and gain lots of
               technologies in return. English and Germans exchange all technologies
               that they both have. Argentines get Stealth from Israelis in return for
               future considerations.
       1627ad: English liberate Southampton (Ship,Fighter,Marine), aquiring Advanced
               Flight and 74 gold. English Diplomat from Burnley steals Recycling from
               Egyptians at Peterborough. English Diplomat from Stevenage captured but
               one from Rochdale stole Electronics from Egyptians at Hereford. Argentines
               liberated Tintina from Germans, aquiring Gravitics. They also take
               Barquisimeto from them, aquiring Combined Arms. They then give Gravitics,
               Combined Arms, Theology and 250 gold to the Israeli. Argentines sell
               Combined Arms to Ethiopians for 500 gold, which Argentines pass on to
               Israeli. Argentines now owe Israeli only 1000 gold. Israelis give the 500
               to the English in return for Machine Tools and Electronics. English diplomat
               from Lutterworth incites Market Bosworth from the Egyptians for 189 gold,
               aquiring Subspace Theory and two units of veteran paratroopers.

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