The planet known as D5 is a planet of the Galactic Milieu. It is a size 5 (5000 tile surface map) planet intended to serve as a galactic diplomacy planet. (See CrossCiv.)

This planet is considered to be a Galactic United Nations planet; it was intended at the outset that it would be the site of just one city, a galactic diplomacy city governed by the Galactic United Nations.

An entire world “going to waste” just so that one city, on one planet, would stand alone in an undisclosed location for politicians from all over the galaxy to come and meet and talk naturally bothered some people, resulting in ever growing demands on the part of the inhabitants of that single city and its environs that they be permitted to establish more population-centres on the planet.

Thus it is that the Galactic United Nations has come to seem indeed to be a civilisation itself, not merely an ad hoc population of people from various member-civilisations.


Image: The Planetary Capital of the planet known as D5, Year 5 of the Galactic United Nations. The brighter inner radius represents the radius visible to the sensors of the starship stationed in the city; the outer dimmer (fogged by “fog of war”) regions are those that have been observed from such ships but are not under observation at the time the image represents.

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