The planet known as C29 is a planet in the Galactic Milieu, designated C29 because it is regarded as a Canadian planet and is size 29 (29,000 tile surface map).

The planet known as C29 is a multi-civilisation planet, having at various times been home to Canadians, Latvians, Slovakians, Welsh, Ukranians, Afgani, Estonians, Vietnamese, Koreans, Argentines, English, Portuguese, Westphalians, Malagasi, Libyans, Chinese, Finnish and Vikings.

This planet is the home of the largest known nation of Canadians in the Galactic Milieu, thus effectively their galactic capital. The Canadians of C29 are basically controlled by the Canucks clan.

The capital city, Ottawa, of the Canadians of C29 is also featured, albeit very sketchily, in the CrossCiv server, along with a few other sample cities that were created there as initial sktches exploring how one might go about representing Freeciv cities with the Crossfire RPG system.

As it turned out though development of such representations got put on a back burner so to speak as it emerged that players found it more convenient to all meet up at one city on one planet, which led to the much more fleshed out galactic diplomacy planet city that is now the default start location for players entering the science-fiction portion of the CrossCiv server.

The timeline of the planet known as C29 has been developed all the way up to 1862 a.d. at which point the Canadians there are very close to sending out their first interstellar colonisation mission; since there are other civilisations in the Galactic Milieu that developed interstellar travel in the 1600's C29's timeline has been placed on a back burner pending resolution of what had been going on elsewhere by that point in time. In particular it is expected that by that point in history it will be important to know what the Martians and Egyptians had been up to for the previous few centuries; it seems likely that one or both will turn out to have settled many many planets by the time the Canadians of C29 establish their first interstellar colony.

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