The planet known as B29 is a planet of the Galactic Milieu, designated B29 due to being regarded as a British planet of size 29 (29,000 tile surface map).

It is a multi-civilisation planet dating back at least as far as 4000 BCE. Civilisations that were located there at one time or another are the British, Danish, Japanese, Indonesians, South Africans, Swedish, Estonians, Vikings, Norwegians, Sami and Malagasy.

As of the very late 19th century, the Japanese and South Africans had numerous cities on B29, despite being seemingly-implacably at war with the British. This presented a problem to the conception of B29 as the British galactic capital planet, inasmuch as it provided enemy footholds on their primary planet. One could even think that the refusal of these enemies to make peace is a good thing for the British because ultimately it will lead to both enemies being conquered by the British.

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