The planet known as B15 is a planet within the Galactic Milieu, designated B15 due to being regarded as a British planet and being size 15 (15,000 tile surface map).

It is a multi-civilisation planet, having been home at one time or another to British, Singaporeans, Slovakians, Austrians, Libyans, South Africans, Iraqis, Georgians, Malians, Indians, Turks, Aztec, Kenyans, Gauls and Estonians, all of which still existed as civilisations on B15 as of 1280 CE.

As of 1280 CE

As of 1280 CE the British on B15 were at war with the Austrians, Libyans, Georgians, Malians, Indians and Turkish and at peace with the Aztecs, though they were not actually in contact with the Georgians.

What was happening on B15 in 1280 CE has become of particular interest recently due to that being the currently active year of a temporal nexus whose importance and extent is not yet known. The effects this nexus might have upon other active nexi that are not as far into the past have begun to attract the attention of various parties involved in later nexi, especially the British and, due to the presence of Indians on B15, the Martians.

At this time the Indians were allied with the Georgians at war with the British and Slovakians, at peace with the Turkish, Aztec and Estonians and had an armistice with the Kenyans.

The Gauls were allied with the Libyans, had an armistice with the Aztec and a ceasefire with the Singaporeans.

The Kenyans were at war with the Slovakians and South Africans, had cease-fires with the Turkish and Aztec, an armistice with the Indians and an alliance with the Estonians.

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