The Path to Emotional Wellness

What are the things that make you happy? Is it the large bank account? Or a big fancy house with contemporary design? Maybe the anticipation of the latest iPhone model gives you the jitters and you check the news every two hours. Or you already have the latest iPhone model, but you are waiting for a new job promotion opportunity to get your hands on. Behind all these allusive longings it’s actually the feeling that makes us feel happy. The feelings of abundance, contentment and joy we feel when we know we have a lot of money, a nice home or modern technology devices. At the end, we will realize that it’s still a feeling and that the feeling can be gone once the possessions are gone. The emotional wellness lane can be flowery, bright and shiny or it can be rough, rocky and stormy. It all depends on our needs and wishes. Material belongings tend to wane or lose their value over time. So your feelings and attachments to them will disappear too. Once that happens, you will be on the path to an endless struggle to work more, to buy the things you want, and replace them with new things soon after. The saying, “be careful what you wish for, you might get it” can be applied here. Because once you get the things you want, you will realize there are better things out there than the ones you acquired. And you’ll run around in circles until you learn that it’s all for the passing rush, not for the item.

Exploring the Emotional Wellness

The core of our existence is in our emotional wellness. All of our feelings, mood swings, depression, anxiety, contentment, confidence and etc. encompass our emotional wellness. Whether we feel them directly or we conceal them and wait for them to come out naturally, they are all there making us who we are. And we are all different. Our cores are all the same, of course. We all sometimes feel angry and sad, or we feel self-assured and driven, but those emotional states are all felt in different levels in different individuals. In order to balance your life, your being, and your emotions with the rest of the wellness dimensions, you need to discover who you are. That is not an easy task because most of our perceptions about who we are, are mixed with how other people perceive us. We value ourselves through the trophies we acquired and we label ourselves through the material things that cause us instant happiness. Our jobs also make us who we are, whether we enjoy our occupations or not. If you continue to see yourself through the things that don’t really matter and don’t add up to your emotional wellness, at some point of your life you will experience setbacks, failures, disappointments, mistakes, embarrassments and endless inner ambiguities. Many people follow others’ footsteps. That’s as bad as suicide, because you are, to some extent, killing yourself. A wise man once said that a bad experience is better than a good advice, so don’t be afraid to make mistakes. Making the wrong choices is a lesson that will teach you how to choose the right options in the future. Erase all false fronts you put up for other people to see and reveal the true you. Only there you will find the answer to the most important questions like: who you are, where are you going and why.

10 Minutes Every Day to Emotional Wellness

Reading this article alone is a start and the first step on your emotional wellness path. But that’s not the only thing you can do to feel happy forever. Just as you need love, friends and money, you need self-nourishment as well. Every love starts with you. You can have dozens of people who love you, adore you and huddle you with affection, but if you don’t feel love for yourself, nothing will ever be enough. Be generous with yourself and don’t rebuke your efforts. Every one of your actions has its root. Before you start punishing yourself about something you did, try to find the cause that brought you to your problem or situation. Even if you did something wrong, make sure to find the counterpart of you, that better part that will make up for everything. Take 10 minutes of every day for introspection and analysis. Write down the things that got you angry or sad and then write down the ones that made you feel hopeful and happy. Soon you will realize that there is a hidden blessing behind every crisis or bad experience. You will either change the way you look at things, gain more insight of your surroundings or find a new, unique solution to some old, baffled problem. If nothing bad happened today, even better. You can trace back your steps, see what you did right and remember to repeat tomorrow. Develop some positive habits and positive thinking patterns. Think big, like you are the only person in the universe who has the power to change things. Then listen to your thoughts because they will tell you where the real you is hidden and how to take it out. When you find the core of who you are, you won’t even have to bother to show it to the world, because the whole world will be blinded by your uniqueness.

Share Your Experiences

Sometimes just sharing your troubles with a trusted friend is like an hour spent with a psychiatrist. They don’t need to be gurus to make you feel better because listening and their physical presence will provide you with the comfort you need. You don’t have to wait for bad times to open up, that’s not what friends are for. Don’t wait for anything to happen to talk to your friends about important things. If you want to live a charmed life, be the charm in others’ lives. That will give you a tremendous sense of gratitude and you will start to appreciate yourself and life a little more. Because when you share your joy and your happiness, you double it. Your life will have a little more sense because you’ve helped others to gain a different perspective. They say misery loves company, but if you don’t have any real friends ready and willing to help you out in times of trouble, the World Wide Web is a place where you can find like-minded people. Start a blog and express your feelings. No one has to know the blog is yours so you can write about anything you want without feeling reserved or ashamed about sharing your feelings. And you never know who will come to read the words you shared. There are thousands of people just like you who are maybe looking for a little comfort. Those who are looking to see if they are alone or there are others like them. Maybe it will happen that others share their experience with you and you’ll see how it feels in their shoes.

Face Your Fears

Fear is our biggest enemy. It’s the feeling that holds us back when life pushes us forward. We all experience it, one way or another. Just because someone looks fierce and you think nothing can touch them, doesn’t mean they are not scared. They are usually petrified and the mask you see is just to scare you off. You probably have your own fears too. Fear of change, fear of relationships and closeness, fear of God. That is the trinity that can ruin your emotional and mental state, bit by bit. You have to accept the fact that everything changes and nothing is permanent. Whether you feel good or bad, it will all pass or take another form. But remember that you control the course of your own life, by directing your relationships, your thoughts and actions. There are no bad relationships, because everyone who will come into your life will turn out to be a teacher of some sort. Some will teach you how to love, some, how to lose, others how to forgive. Open your heart to everyone who wants in, because only when you are the most vulnerable you learn how to be strong. Don’t let your bad emotions sink in and create a nest in your heart. Embrace them, because once you have them in your arms, you will find a way to let them go. And at last, don’t be afraid of God and his punishment. People often confuse the love and faith they have for God with fear. Placing your trust in a higher power or truth is something wonderful you can do for yourself. Don’t mix it with fear because that way you are cutting the power in half. It will give you a sense of meaning and purpose beyond your everyday reality. And don’t wait for things to happen to you. Everything in the universe may be accidental, but that doesn’t mean that miracles will happen if you don’t reach out to grab them.

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