The Only Exercise You Need To Do (Rebounding For Health, Energy, Stamina, Muscle Tone, Bone Density, Weight Loss And More)

In terms of achieving and maintaining vibrant health, the single greatest exercise you can do is rebounding. Nothing even comes close.

Before you grab a basketball and head for the nearest hoops court, you should understand we aren't talking about that kind of rebounding.

So What Is This Kind Of Rebounding?

Look at the word. Re-bound is to bound again. To bound is basically to bounce. So it's a matter of bouncing again… and again… and again.

Ideally, the way to do it is on a mini trampoline. It's easy on the joints, so the injuries that stem from repetitive motions aren't a factor. Plus, for the overall health factor, you really need the trampoline type of surface, that gives way as you jump.

That's because you are exercising every cell in your body. Trillions of cells that comprise your body, are, in effect, jumping up and down with you. They get the most exertion from the force flux as you change direction.

That flux is enhanced when the mat of your rebounder has some give to it, and allows you to sink down a few inches and back up again. Most cheap rebounders are too tight, so the health effects are diminished, compared to the ones that have a looser feel to them.

Why Not Use A Full Sized Trampoline?

You can definitely get great health effects with a regular, full sized trampoline. In terms of the flux force that comes from the changing of direction as you go from up to down and down to up, you can even give your cells more of a workout. (The mat and the springs should not be too tight, but the same is true with mini trampolines.)

A lot of the benefit from rebounding is the sheer number of repetitions, which may be as many as two per second. If you are on a “real” trampoline, you could catch so much air – jump so high – that it could take multiple seconds to jump up and down just one time.

Perhaps it comes out as a wash, meaning, the added exertion in the contracting and releasing your cells are getting with each jump on a big trampoline, is equal to the benefits they lose out of in only getting maybe 1/4 the number of jumps. (This is presuming you are not going to make your half hour routine, a two hour routine, to make sure you put in the same number of bounces as you get on a mini trampoline.)

So that leads up to the other variables, in which the mini trampoline has the decided advantage:

  • They are safer. (This is especially true when you get a model with a stabilizing bar, that allows elderly people, individuals with certain injuries, folks with balance issues and obese people to feel confident in their ability to stay on their feet and not get injured while jumping.)
  • They are not dependent on decent weather, since they are used indoors.
  • You can travel with them to be sure you get the massive benefits every day and never get out of the habit. (Models that fold in half or quarters are better for traveling than models that don't fold. Yes, folding models can be just as sturdy as non folding models.)
  • Since you can't do tricks on them, you're always focused on the up and down, simple, steady repetitions, which is where the massive health benefits are.

My recommendation for people who really like the idea of a full sized trampoline is to only get one after you have a mini trampoline and are in the habit of using it. That is, first prove to yourself that you are making this a part of your day to day lifestyle, as opposed to a temporary personal fad. Then make sure you still use your mini trampoline daily, whether or not you go outside for some added fun and benefits on the big one.

Only One Disease

There is a relatively new concept of health care that is best outlined by molecular biologist Raymond Francis, in his book, Never Be Sick Again. It states that all the diseases and forms of illness, including the thousands of labels that modern medicine has come up with, and continues to create for them, are not actually separate diseases.

They are symptoms of the same disease. In fact, there is only one disease. It is cellular malfunction. When the 75 to 100 trillion (with a TR) cells that comprise your body are functioning as they should, your health will be awesome possum, yo.1)

The incredibly exciting news is, there are a mere handful of simple requirements to bring about proper cellular function. One of the mandatory actions every conscious, thinking person should do to achieve this goal is rebounding.

At Least One In Every Home

Every home should have one. Every gym should have several. Individuals who don't have one at home should join gyms that have them. If your gym does not have any, you need to tell them to hurry and catch up to the 21st century, because none of their expensive equipment can hold a candle to the profound health effects of rebounding. It's not even close. It's not open for debate.2)

If your goal is to be a body builder, you'll need to use free weights to isolate the various muscle groups so that you can build them up to such massive, even cartoon-like levels. You can't do that by rebounding, (although you will increase muscle tone in general by rebounding alone.)

That in no way changes the fact that there is no better exercise for your health, and that body builders, like everyone else, should spend as little as 10 to 30 minutes a day on a quality mini trampoline that has that stretchy feeling when you jump on it.3)

One of the great things about rebounding is you are not required to be constantly pushing yourself to achieve good health. You don't even have to “catch air” (jump up off the surface of the mat) at any point in your routine; and if you choose to go that proverbial extra mile, an inch of air space is actually more than enough.) 4)

You Set The Pace - No Heroics Required

This is especially good news for people who are really out of shape.5) It's one thing to get inspired and tell yourself that you are going to start working out like there is no tomorrow. It's another thing to go through grueling workouts after being a total couch potato for years on end, and maintain your inspiration to keep it up. (The mindset of the tortoise, in the classic, tortoise and hare story, will serve you extremely well.)

You will need to check with the manufacturers of each mini trampoline to see what their weight limit is. They tend to top out at 300 pounds, but I think that may be more for safety and liability's sake than for concern a sturdy rebounder will fall apart.

Urban Rebounder Review - Part 1

When it comes to the Urban Rebounder, I wouldn't be too worried about going over 300 pounds. I say this because they have a promotion where four of their units support the weight of a large truck. Their product is truly well built and extremely tough. (I don't own stock in the company or have any type of monetary relationship with them, other than me giving them money, if that is what you are thinking.)

Since they have the stabilizing bar, I think that if I were considerably more fluffy6) than I already am, I would feel comfortable rebounding quite gently, between 400 and 500 pounds. I would make sure I had both hands on the bar and I would not try to catch air.

[NOTE: Rebound at your own risk, of course. Consult with a legitimate health care professional before starting any exercise regimen.]

A Personal Story

Before I venture deeply into the empirical data on this topic, please allow me to get personal for a moment. My favorite role playing fantasy is when my girlfriend pretends to not know me – Oh wait. Not that kind of getting personal. I just want to relate my experience so far with rebounding.

It is a short experience. My knowledge comes from reading about it, more than using it. I'm just getting started. I've read about it for years. The first person to alert me to the wonders of rebounding was Kevin Trudeau, who is a mixed bag, no doubt.

He's currently doing prison time. The actual charges seem to be extremely skimpy for a 10 year sentence.7)

Trudeau has popularized the notion that the powers that be are purposefully making us sick and suppressing information that we could use to get healthy. Since he has been so successful at getting the word out, they're punishing him.

He doesn't help his case by doing shady things, like claiming he's 30 years older than he is, in an effort to get people to buy his books to learn how to turn back time, but he really does put out information, “they don't want you to know about.” Do not throw the baby out with the bath water when it comes to this man.

My First Rebounder - Saving Money Isn't Always The Best Option

After reading his Natural Cures books, I got my first rebounder. I ordered it from eBay, paying $60 dollars, or so, including delivery. It was really tight. There was hardly any give to it at all. It did not fold up, so it was tough to move it from one location to another.

I don't mean from one room to another. That's wasn't a big deal, but when I moved, I couldn't fit it in my car, so I left it. Someone ended up selling it when I didn't return after a while. So I only used it for a couple weeks and didn't really notice any results, but I wasn't surprised, because two weeks isn't very long.

Then I read the aforementioned, Never Be Sick Again. Raymond Francis, too, is absolutely huge on rebounding for the same reason Trudeau is; which is because it increases the flow of lymph fluid, which is vital for your health. (Yes, Trudeau and Francis like the dozens of other benefits, but if all it did was help your lymphatic system, that would be more than enough for them… (and for me, as well!)

However, Francis said that cheap mini trampolines are not real rebounders. They are too tight and don't achieve the results. He said you should expect to spend about $400 or more, and that cheap models are a complete waste of money. So I did not get another one, as I was in a real cash flow crunch.

Enter Blake Sawyer

A few years later, I came across Blake Sawyer, author of, The Homeostasis Protocol who also is bonkers over rebounding, especially because of its role in helping the lymph flow. While he said that the better a rebounder you buy, the more good you will do, he didn't make it sound like a cheap rebounder is a complete waste of time. The feeling I got from him is that anything is better than nothing.

Urban Rebounder Review - Part 2

So my plan was to buy a cheap one for now, and save up for a better one. I was looking online at a big box chain store website, and when they listed the Urban Rebounder, they had a note stating that it is much softer than the other units they sell.

I had read up enough to know that is what you need. I went to their website directly and saw that, unlike the big box store, which was selling it for $150 plus shipping, it was $120 plus shipping, and they let you make 3 payments.

I knew there were even softer ones out there, but they cost more, and for getting something right away, I was thrilled with the opportunity. I also liked their video where they abuse other types of exercise equipment as well as their rebounder.

For instance, they drop a elliptical machine from a helicopter and show it getting mangled. Then they drop their rebounder. A female fitness model goes over to it, turns it over and starts jumping on it, like it's new out of the box. Talk about being put together well… (And the rebounder too.)8)

Also, you can fold it over twice, not just in half, but in quarters. You'll never have to worry about not being able to take it with you like what happened with my first rebounder.

It was only last week when it arrived. I've been dealing with a significant back pain issue, so I wasn't sure I was going to be able to use it for quite some time. I put on the stabilizer bar so that I could hold onto it, and I find that is allowing me to use it, whereas without it, the back would hurt too much.

I weighed 300 pounds, so I would have used that bar anyway. It helps to have something to hold onto, and I find that it actually works some of the upper body by holding the bar and using your arms. Of course, you can use small dumbbells or sand weights to help get an upper body workout going. You can even just use arm movements and isometrics (flexing) without any added weights.

Gassed In A Minute

The thing that blew my mind the most is how fast I got exhausted and lost my breath. I have been riding my bike, really fast and hard for quite a few miles, including the large hill near my house, so I was shocked when I realized that after one minute rebounding I had to stop.

I not only needed to catch my breath, my calves were about ready to cramp. Blake Sawyer says to rebound 30 minutes a day, but that it doesn't have to be all at once. He says to feel free to break it up in increments. I'm not sure what he would say about 1 minute increments, but he's not the boss of me.9)

The most I felt comfortable accumulating the first few days was 10 minutes. I got it up to going as far as 3 minutes at a time. The muscle tightening in the legs was really holding me back even when I was no longer gassed at the one minute mark. I started doing some leg stretches and kept at it every day.

After one week, I am now going 15 minutes at a time. There are a few times in the interim I need to stop for about five seconds to give a muscle area some relief. I think it's a matter of letting the uric acid subside.

I can hardly believe that just a few days ago, one minute was getting me out of breath and on the verge of cramping me up. I know I'll be able to do 30 minutes at a pop any day now, and that my entire exercise requirement will be done all at once.10)

One Week Results

So, after one week I can report a dramatic increase in stamina. I feel stronger, literally. I don't just feel stronger. I have evidence that I am stronger.

Check this out: A few years ago I had gotten down to 205 pounds. I remember how much easier it was to ride my bike up the hill by my house when I weighed that amount. It was a huge difference; no comparison.

Well, after a week of rebounding, I'm getting up the hill with as much speed and as little effort as when I weighed close to 100 pounds less. It's extremely exciting. I can only imagine how easy it will be when I lose the weight this time.

Since I'm using the stabilizer bar which is working out my arms and shoulders, I may not look different in that regard yet, but I certainly feel more muscular in that area than I have in years. In fact, those muscles are urging me to do more for them, so I'm about ready to break out the dumbbells.

That is the nature of exercise, in general, though. You get moving, and your body loves it and you want to move even more.

The trick for me is to start out slowly and be consistent, because getting all inspired and starting out with big workouts, leads to quitting sooner, than later, (as opposed to, sooner or later.). I absolutely have to like what I'm doing and not push too hard. I'll never be a body builder. That's for sure.

Weight Loss

I have lost as much as 80 pounds, and regained as much as 110. I need a program that is easy to do as well as fun and won't take much time, or I know I'll end up gaining back whatever weight I take off.

Speaking of which, you may be wondering if I've lost any weight so far. Would you believe that after a week, of averaging barely 20 minutes a day, never all at once, I've lost 10 pounds.

I know it's not the same as someone with 20 pounds to lose taking off 10 pounds, but still going from 300 to 290 in a week by doing something fun for 20 minutes a day… and without changing my food intake… How can you argue with that?

I'm feeling good about rebounding being the program I will use to lose weight and keep it off. One of the recurring things I keep reading in reviews is that it's fun and doesn't get old. Indeed I've notice already that the bouncing in rhythm is indeed quite fun, and even meditative.

I've caught myself zoning out, thinking three minutes went by, when it was actually seven minutes. That has never happened to me before. It's usually the other way around. Shifting my feet in different ways helps to keep it interesting.

Bellicon Rebounder Review

Later on, I'm going to upgrade to the Bellicon rebounder out of Germany. They use bungee cords instead of springs. Talk about a soft, spongy, stretchy bouncy motion that allows you to easily catch air, there is nothing that can touch the Bellicon.

The Bellicon costs more. Jumpsport is another bungee brand but all the reviews show that it's not as good as Bellicon. It's in the $500 to several hundred dollar range. Bellicon is in the several hundred to $1000 range. I figure if I'm going to spend that kind of money, I might as well get the best so I never feel like I have to upgrade again.11)

Bungee Rebounders Have Their Ups And Downs

The downside of the bungee rebounders is the cords stretch out over time and lose elasticity. Depending on the brand and model (and how much they are being used, they could wear out within a couple months. If multiple people are using it daily, that will hasten the need to change them. The cost of the replacing the cords on the largest model at the best brand, Bellicon, is currently $98.

I am happy to report that Jumpsport has a bungee model that costs only $199. It is much better than any spring based rebounder, but you may need to replace the cords more than once per year.

In terms of an exaggerated up and down weightless, anti-gravity effect that is the source of the health magic, there is no comparison to the Bellicon brand of rebounders. An added bonus is they are totally silent.

Normal, (spring model rebounders) sound like you and your better half are going at it in the bedroom on an old rusty bed spring sleeping set. If your house is set right next to your neighbor's, as in the case in many developments, and if your windows are open, you'll soon have a reputation for going at it like rabbits. In a normal sized home, you'll probably only want to use a regular (non bungee type) rebounder when nobody is sleeping because it is likely to wake everyone up, otherwise.

Soft Over Hard Equals Health Over Fitness

Bellicon offers you an option on the hardness or softness of the bounce. You can tell they very much understand the intricacies and distinctions between the types of bounces. The harder it is, the less effective for health in general, including preventing disease and healing disease, but the better is it for aerobic activity and muscle toning and fitness

It's not all or nothing. You will get some fitness effects with a soft bounce, as well as some health effects with a hard bounce, but you'll get more of the overall health benefits with the soft bounce, and more fitness benefits with the hard bounce.

As far as I'm concerned, the real reason to rebound is for the incredible health benefits. Any fitness, aerobic, muscle benefits are icing on the cake. There are so many ways to achieve fitness, but only one way to get the benefits of exercising your trillions of cells, and that is what you should focus on with your rebounding activity.

(In other words, go for the soft, yo!)

Urban Rebounder Review Part 3

The Urban Rebounder gives you enough softness to get some of the cellular health benefits, but it isn't as soft as the bungee rebounders, or probably, some of the more expensive metal spring rebounders. The maker of the Urban Rebounder, no doubt, would say you're getting both types of benefits in his product, and he wouldn't be lying, but there are more health benefits to achieve by upgrading to bungee rebounders.

I'm thrilled to have the Urban Rebounder to get started. Even when I get the Bellicon, I'll be able to fold up the Urban Rebounder and travel with it, something you can't do with Bellicon. Urban Rebounder has a feature where you can unfold extra long legs on one end and use extra small legs on the other, so that it is at an incline.

You jump into it from the ground, and immediately jump back off of it to the ground. It's somewhat akin to using a step system for aerobics, and it targets different muscle groups than using it in the traditional horizontal way. There are definitely fitness benefits available with that system that are not available with the way more expensive bungee rebounders.

Where The Magic Comes From

Using it in that manner, though, isn't going to give you the massive health benefits you get from the traditional, horizontal use of rebounding. The health “magic” is due to two factors.

  • Exercising your cells via the anti gravity flux
  • Moving your lymph (fluid)

You experience a micro second of weightlessness, between the up and the down motion. This is true even if your feet do not leave the mat, so don't force it. There is no need, especially for beginners. This anti gravity effect forces every cell in your body to expand.

Then when you go down, there is a pull of about 2 Gs, that is, two times the force of gravity… which is pretty substantial, considering that the Space Shuttle astronauts experienced no more than 3 G force during lift off and re-entry. This force causes the cells to suddenly contract.

Keep in mind, this happens about 100 times, or more, per minute. If you're doing a half hour of rebounding per day, you're giving every cell in your body about 200,000 reps12), day in and day out.

No other exercise gets your cells to expand and contract so many times, except for jumping rope. Relatively rare is the individual who jumps rope for 30 minutes even one day in her life, let alone, every day.

It's an amazing exercise on multiple levels, to be sure, and a good one to spend a few minutes on daily, but it is jarring on the joints and skeletal system. Plus, it doesn't nearly approach the same level of cellular expansion and contraction.

Your Other Circulation System Goes Without A Pump

You may have heard that the blood brings oxygen and nutrients to the cells, and flushes out the toxins from the cells. That's not true. The lymphatic system does that, working in tandem with the circulatory system.

The functions of providing nutrients, including oxygen, and taking out the toxins, is the very essence of health. It can not be understated. Thus, the importance of a fully functional lymphatic system can't be understated.

Sixty percent of our body fluid is lymph, and yet there is no pump, like the heart, to keep it flowing. Of all the things that are recommended to help keep the lymph flowing, (including massage, juicing, exercising in general, colonics, deep breathing, fasting, you name it) nothing comes close to rebounding.

The Ultimate Cause Of Health & Disease As Well As Good Quality Of Life & Premature Death

Arguably, more diseases and deaths are caused by the lack of lymph flow than anything else. Conversely, it's likely that improving lymph flow can cause more people to be healed and come back from what would have been certain death.

There is no exercise, supplement, technique or modality of any kind that can hold a candle to rebounding for good lymph flow. It allows crucial nutrients to be delivered to every cell in your body and flushes out the acid and other toxins.

It keeps your immune system working, which has the ability to maintain your body in good health, and even turn a sick body into a healthy one. This is truly the information “they” don't want you to know about, because it could spell the beginning of the end of the fraudulent medical system.

That means what it says. It doesn't say this type of information can destroy the entire medical system – just the fraudulent medical system. That is “only” about 95% of the established system. Five percent is upstanding, amazing and a real Godsend.

I'm begging you to not be put off by this tough love talk. It doesn't mean your doctor is consciously conning you. She has been defrauded herself.13)

Only The Beginning

If rebounding did nothing else but exercise your cells and assure the proper flow of the lymph, that would be more than enough to be doing it every day. The truth is, those are just two of dozens of direct benefits that come from rebounding.

Rebounding For The Cure

A lot of people are certain they cured themselves of the cancer they once had by following the protocol advanced by health and rebounding advocate, Albert Carter, author of, The Cancer Answer. It's a very simple protocol to understand.

Do not let an hour go by without rebounding, unless you are sleeping for the night. You don't have to rebound very long, 1 to 3 minutes, but you must rebound every waking hour. Carter says it has been shown to work on a lot more diseases than cancer.

It's all about the white blood cells, which rebounding causes the body to produce and circulate. The effect is for about an hour. The white blood cells tend to go back into the lymph nodes, so that is why more rebounding is required every hour, like clockwork.

Other Benefits Of Rebounding

Below you will find a plethora of benefits that come from rebounding. This is not everything that is written in the literature on the topic, but it should give you an idea of how truly vast the gains in health can be.

  • According to a study done by NASA,14) rebounding is 68% more efficient, in a multitude of ways, than jogging.
  • More impressive than the above aspect of the NASA study, they reported that a rebounding protocol gives astronauts the ability to regain bone mass that they lose from being in a weightless state in space. Alarmingly, just two weeks of weightlessness presents astronauts with an average bone density loss of 15%. Since this NASA report come out, many people (i.e., non astronauts) have experienced, with medical testing validation, the reality of regained bone density that comes from rebounding.15) 16) 17) 18) 19) It is surely the best treatment for osteoporosis and is certainly a lot more preferable than the toxins (in the form of pills) that doctors give patients in their usual futile effort to combat health issues.
  • Being low impact makes it much safer for your joints and bones, but adding to the positive effects on your joints, you'll be happy to learn that this fun activity has a natural analgesic effect. That means it helps alleviate the joint pain you may already be experiencing, before you started rebounding. It helps with all kinds of pain, including neck, back, and head. The increase in circulation is what researchers believe creates the natural pain reducing qualities.
  • Rebounding can lower cholesterol & triglyceride levels (when they are too high.)
  • Blood pressure is often significantly reduced. (One of the worst things you can do for your health is to take statin drugs that doctors love to push on their patients. Originally, statins were for high cholesterol, which by the way, has received a bad rap, but now they are selling them to patients with various symptoms. There is so much literature establishing the great harm those toxic chemicals do – usually while not even lowering blood pressure – it's a veritable crime.20) Do yourself a favor and get a rebounder if a doctor is peer pressuring you to do drugs. Or get one before she even has a chance to start in on you.)
  • Rebounding has been shown to enhance such diverse activities as, sleep patterns, digestion, elimination, relaxation, muscle fiber and nerve impulses.
  • This simple exercise has been shown in multiple university studies to bring about dramatic fat loss. Those studies indicate that the reason is related to the increased lymph flow.
  • When you rebound, you are re-training each and every one of your cells to perform like they did in the olden days (your youth). Thus, with the regular use of a rebounder, your base metabolic rate is going to become more efficient, and that is going to result in undeniable improvements in things such as muscle tone, & weight management. After you've actually re-set your metabolic rate (the rate your body burns fat), you'll automatically burn calories at an increased rate, and, perhaps best of all, you won't regain that weight as long as you continue to rebound.
  • Your immune cells such as T-lymphocytes and macrophages, become up to five times more active than they were before you started rebounding. If your immune system is functioning normally, then your body will be able to ward off all manner of disease. Did you get that? ALL MANNER of disease.
  • You should expect improved digestion if you become a rebounder. The rebounding motion literally stimulates each of your internal organs. It moves your cerebral-spinal fluid, and is beneficial for the intestines.
  • Rebounding has achieved great results with seniors. Just holding onto the stabilizer bar and barely bouncing, at their own gentle rate, without trying to jump off the mat or even work up a sweat, has helped many a senior regain a zest for life they had long since been lost.
  • Children who are diagnosed as hyperactive have had tremendous results after just a few days.
  • Diabetics tend to love the results they get from this amazing activity since it reduces many of the causes and symptoms, in part, by regulating their hormones.
  • Rebounding reduces, prevents and aids in cardiovascular disease. All kinds of heart related diseases can be helped and also prevented by rebounding at least a little every day, (or, at least, most days.) When enough people are rebounding, there will be a threshold where untold millions of people will totally avoid heart attacks and strokes as a direct result of rebounding for life.
  • This Godsend of an exercise increases breathing capacity and hence oxygen supply throughout your body. The importance of oxygenating your cells is huge. It can mean the difference between health and illness.
  • Rebounding has been shown to combat depression. Ask the doctor to help you wean off those anti depressants she hooked you on. Replace them with rebounding and Saint John's wart, (the latter of which has been shown to be more effective than Prozac in multiple double blind scientific studies.) 21)
  • It's been proven to increase bone marrow activity, hence it increases the production of red bloods cell (just as we have already discussed it does for white blood cells.)
  • Blood flow is increased, when needed, as a result of bouncing on these mini trampolines.
  • Many people have overcome obesity thanks to rebounding. It also is a tremendous obesity preventer.
  • It has been shown to tone up your endocrine / glandular system and is especially helpful with the thyroid, helping to increase the thyroid output without the use of nasty drugs (which all come with side effects.)
  • It relieves fatigue. You will find yourself rebounding not just when you have energy, but when you need energy.
  • Women love how it has a penchant for making menstrual pains go bye bye, or at least, vastly reduce them.
  • Rebounding slows the the aging process in many different ways and you are likely going to see a younger looking person in the mirror at sometime in the process. Your friends will likely notice as well.
  • You can expect to have less colds and allergies.
  • Rebounding is a great stress reliever. The importance of dealing with stress in a healthy manner can't be overstated.
  • People report being mentally sharper. This might not be noticeable right away, though, so stick with it.
  • People with arthritis, both osteo and rheumatoid, often receive tremendous relief from gently rebounding as little as 2 or 3 minutes a day. They shouldn't get discouraged if help does not happen right away. They should keep at, but not in a way that is going to create more pain. In time, as pain begins to decrease, they may be able to increase the time they spend on the rebounder, a little at a time.
  • People with asthma often report great results as well. They need to approach it the same way as the arthritis sufferers, cited above.
  • One of the signs of health can be found in decreasing your resting heart beat. Rebounding does exactly that, incrementally, in time.
  • Rebounding is the single greatest detoxification activity known to humankind. That is because it works at the cellular level by aiding the flow of the lymph. So every part of your body is being detoxified every time you bounce on your trampoline.
  • Your back is strengthened by bouncing on a mini trampoline. If you have back issues to begin with, let your pain be your guide as to how hard to jump, and how long your sessions should be. Use the stabilizer bar. If you don't overdo it, over time, your back should feel much better. For serious back pain issues, you may need to consult a chiropractor, acupuncturist or other qualified health professional.
  • Natural face lift? Regular use of this equipment will help the quality of your skin. It will firm it as well as increase its elasticity.
  • People with balance issues tend to be helped by using this form of exercise. That may come as a surprise and seem counter intuitive since, after all, it is a trampoline, albeit a small one. With the use of the stabilizer bar, there is not much likelihood of losing one's balance. Whatever the reasons behind it are, people are known to improve their balance, including those with balance issues to begin with.
  • It promotes tissue repair and healing.
  • Rebounding is on record as creating higher equilibrium between tissue oxygen need & oxygen availability; thus, creating greater power (strength.)

Conclusion And Challenge

Many readers will probably scoff at the notion that any single exercise can be so helpful. This information comes from many different respected sources, and not just from rebounder vendors.

It's great to be skeptical, but at the same time, it's important to be open minded. If you have your doubts about the veracity of the claims, why not get one for yourself and find out how it affects you?

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And if they try to debate you, tell them to, “Talk to the hand!”
Some people refer to mini trampolines as bad rebounders. The kind that are hard, and hence, don't provide the sponginess that really provides the 'magic.' Other people say they are so bad they aren't even rebounders. They are fake rebounders. So, to them, the term, mini trampoline is a negative term. In this post, I refrain from that distinction, and use the terms interchangeably, with the understanding that there are gradients of rebounders, and even the worst ones will give you a little magic, as will simply jumping up and down on the ground. It's not nearly as good, and it's not enjoyable, so you probably won't stick with it, though. Anyway, to me and a lot of other people who write on this subject, the terms mini trampoline and rebounder are one in the same.
If you get an instructional DVD that tells you to attain an inch, to an inch and a half of space of the mat on your jump ups, please ignore it. He is talking about fitness benefits, toning muscles and the like. That is the least of your concern. In time, you may find it easy to catch air, and choose to do so, but don't believe for one second that you need that to attain the life changing, disease stopping benefits from rebounding, because you absolutely don't. End of story.
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I was originally under the impression that he was in trouble for his information based MLM business, which I thought was interpreted to be a straight pyramid scheme since there is no physical product. If that were the case, then they picked him from thousands of people they turned a blind eye to. But the charges pertain to not paying fines for past judgements, that seem especially harsh. The book the Weight Loss Cure They Don't Want You To Know About says it is an easy program to adhere to. The court is saying it's not easy, because it's not only severely caloric restricted, at 500 calories daily, but the list of foods you can choose are quite restricted. For all his peccadilloes, it boggles the mind that they would fine him, many millions of dollars to split a hair like that. In fact, it's not even hair splitting. He is right. The HCG diet IS easy to adhere to, because it utilizes the HCG hormone, made from the urine of pregnant women. It tricks the body into thinking you are preggars, and you start producing huge amounts of HCG. I lost 80 pounds on this. It was easy. I was not hungry. Some days I wouldn't even eat the third meal. I was too full. Other days I forced myself to eat the third meal, because I knew I should, even though I wasn't hungry. I lost 40 pounds the first 3 weeks. The first 2 days, you actually stuff yourself with fatty foods, as a way to signal your body that you aren't dieting, (because the body will often go into survival mode and decrease your metabolism when you cut calories in dramatic fashion.) It took my body a couple days after those first 2 days of food stuffing, to fully have the effects of the hormone, so those were the only days I felt hungry. He should not have been fined in the first place for saying it's easy. Please take note that they did not say that the diet doesn't work. It works like nobody's business. They probably started out thinking they would go that route, and then they realized that they wouldn't have a leg to stand on, so they went with the idea that it couldn't possibly be easy. My goodness. How flimsy can you get? And how wrong! The judge should have been required to go on the diet. If it was a jury trial, the same thing goes for them. There is no doubt KT has a history of mixing in shenanigans with his extremely important cutting edge information, but it's not the shenanigans he is in prison for. He educated countless people about what is going on in the medical and food industries, and they did not take kindly to it. If you ever want to know what the New World Order globalists think about a controversial subject – or more to the point, what they want us to think about such, just look it up in Wikipedia, the gatekeeper of what we are supposed to believe. They say about KT; “Kevin Mark Trudeau is a convicted American fraud artist, author, radio personality, infomercial host, and salesman who promotes various unsubstantiated health, diet and financial “remedies”” Here they pretend to take a middle of the road, show all sides approach, but they only do that if something is actually horrible and they want to make it seem not bad, like Scientology. If you buck the system, you better believe they will eviscerate you. For those of you who think that was a fair and balanced opening paragraph regarding Mr. Trudeau, allow me to set you straight with this example: “Kevin Trudeau is one of the more controversial, polarizing characters in modern times. As perhaps the most successful infomercial entrepreneur to date, he has sold millions of books purporting to document various conspiracies involving government agencies as well as the medical and food industries. He has recently been found guilty of fraud, even though his legions of supporters say he is simply being punished for publishing information, “they,” (the powers that be) “don't want you to know about.” He is currently serving a 10 year prison sentence he doesn't think is fair, but readily admits to previous fraudulent activity for which he was imprisoned 25 years ago. He lost the trust of many former supporters when they discovered he lied about his age, adding a whopping 30 years, so that people would buy his alternative health books, to try to tap into the fountain of his fraudulent youth.” Do you see how that isn't a fluff piece on him, by any stretch of the imagination, but neither does it simply invalidate him or demonize him from the first sentence, like they do in Wikipedia?
Get it? The model is put – Oh never mind. Guess you had to be there.
Yeah. I actually wrote that. Not proud of it, but whatever.
Actually, Edwards says if that is all the exercise you do, it is best to do 45 to 60 minutes, if you are planning on following his Homeostasis Protocol. Yet, I'm confident that even people who top at at 30 minutes will get tremendous results. Don't let anything prevent you from doing some rebounding every day. Remember, you're the boss!
But who am I kidding? As soon as I pay a K for a rebounder, there's going to be a new brand just like that one, except this one will create electricity and take your house off the grid, or some such thing.
There is room in this distinction to say that she has consciously repressed the fact that she has allowed the proverbial wool to be pulled over her allegorical eyes and needs to claim responsibility for being in denial. The same is true for all of us. We've been too trusting and we've been outsmarted by some dark agenda folks who are often incredibly good at what they do.
National Aeronautics And Space Administration published their report in Journal of Applied Physiology 49(5): 881-887)
Rebounding has been researched in regard to alleviating depression, and it has had positive results, but by the very nature of the double blind procedure, it can not be tested in that particular way. Alternative health skeptics love to harp on anything that doesn't have a double blind study attached to it. In so doing, they are many times being intellectually dishonest, because they are making it seem like the reason there is no such double blind study showing evidence of something is due to the fact that there have been studies with negative results, or that the proponents aren't willing to have the studies done. They never tell you that the only things that can be subjected to double blind research are things they can be swallowed in a pill or capsule form. You can't double blind study rebounding, because part of the process would necessitate having a control group who believe they are rebounding, when in fact, they are not rebounding. Furthermore, the people administering the study participants would need to not know if the control group is rebounding or not. That's because double blind protocol calls for control groups to either receive a real pill or a fake pill, and for the people giving them the pills to not know who is getting the real ones and who is getting the pretend ones. So there is no way to test an activity in a double blind fashion, because people, obviously know if they took part in an activity or not. The people who harp about no double blind studies being done in things that can not be double blind tested are rather despicable creatures, because they know they are being completely duplicitous. Studies, by the way, do not have to be double blind to have incredible insights and gifts of knowledge for us. If you take two groups of depressed patients and give one of them Prozac, and one of them rebounders; and if the people with the rebounders do a lot better than the people with the Prozac, then that is significant. It calls for more studies from other researchers to attempt duplication, rather than for people with a vested interest in the status quo to falsely claim the study isn't valid.

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